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This is a quickfire style mafia game with special mechanics.

Game mechanics

  • 6 players, 4 town vs 2 mafia
  • Nightless - no nights, no night actions, no night kills
  • Sensor - at the beginning of the next day phase, I will state in the OP exactly how many mafia were on the lynch wagon the previous day.
  • Special mechanic - the first mafia to be lynched gets a bomb ability - he chooses 1 person to die with him.
  • No other roles.

Game rules

  • Normal rules apply, no screenshotting PMs, no outside comms, etc.
  • UNVOTEing is encouraged, not required
  • 24 hour DP cycles; no NP
  • Majority lynch
  • No-lynching results in mafia being awarded a kill

Game starts 2/17 at the earliest.



Oh wait shit there's a QF queue. disregard this thread