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The minimum wage should be $0.00/hour.  If a person doesn't like their job due to lack of salary, the government could provide them with a job that pays more because there is a lot of stuff that needs to get done.
Life doesn't work like that buddy.

The government can hand jobs to people who are unskilled in those area. Even jobs with minimal hard working labor like Electricians and Plumbers need a form of education. Plus these are privately owned business. Government takeover is overstepping the lines and causing a socialist work force if that is what you wan't. Since you have an American flag, I assume you hate communism/socialism  
I'm not suggestion the government take over McDonalds and other capitalist enterprises.  I don't think this is causing socialism.  Socialism is taxing everyone 100% so everyone can have the same stuff.  Democratic Socialism, which is also garbage is taxing a relatively high percentage and the benefits being socialized.  I instead have 3 main jobs that the government could hire people for, none of which are being occupied by current industries, therefore not infringing on Capitalism:

1. Building solar panels in the South west.  Solar fields the collective size of Vermont could power the whole country with batteries and we have way more then that amount of space in the desert.  If the entirety of the south west desert is filled with solar panels, the US could become independent of the middle east, therefore eliminating the influence of countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran.  This means Shariah law becomes less prominent and influential in energy trade, which is great for freedom.  The US could afford to give sanctions to the middle east and could trade solar energy with Europe, therefore taking influence away from the middle east.

2. Rebuilding the houses in PR.  However much it costs to rebuild the homes, they can be sold for a higher price to mainland Americans who want someplace tropical to live.  This creates profit, therefore reducing taxes.  It also Americanizes PR, making them less likely to break away to form their own country.  Some jobs will go to Electricians and Plumbers but many of the jobs can go towards people that would otherwise work minimum wage jobs.  

3. Using the place and take method against Russia.  Place and take is placing a bunch of immigrants into a foreign country so the form a majority and taking the land they occupy.  Here's an overview of some history:

Russia applied the "place and take" method on the Crimean peninsula.  The peninsula used to be Ethnically Ukrainian.  Once Russia applied place and take to the peninsula during the times of the USSR, the peninsula became mostly Russian.  This allowed Russia to make claims to the peninsula.  If Russia can do it to Ukraine, the US can apply place and take to Russia in retaliation, especially with Russia's open boarder immigration policies (  This would mean that if Russia wanted Russian Majority Crimea, they would have to give up the land that Americans settles in the eastern part of the country.  We only would take land about equivalent in value to Crimea.  This way, Russia can get Crimea, the US can get a big piece of Asia in roughly equivalent value, and Ukraine can get paid by the US for the land that they lost because if Russia hasn't paid Ukraine for the land yet, I don't think they will.  If Russia wants any more land from Ukraine, they would know that the US would be there to make sure it evens out and that Ukraine gets restitution.  For anyone who doesn't like the cold, the place and take method would play out in much of the warm Caribbean.  There are some areas in the Caribbean that I would like to make US states.  This way even the old people who don't like the cold Russian climate can participate in the expansion.

That is the minimum wage. Look at interns and shit
For adults who need the salary, the minimum wage should be $0.00 because of the reason that I stated above.
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