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#Mouth Diarrhea

A reference to an unending stream of lies and/or delusions spewing from one's mouth.

I.e., compulsively talking so much shit that it's self-evidently a liquid instead of a solid.

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Welcome to Insults 201!

"Gentlemen, we can rebuild [them]. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world's first bionic [insult]. [Yo Momma] will be that [insult]."
-Richard Anderson

Too often insults are self-evidently worse for the smooth-brained geniuses who speak them, than it is for the targets of such epic sonnets as "you gay," " 🤣🤣🤣," "[leotard]," etc.

We stand at an unprecedented time in history. We can tell Yo Momma jokes instantly across infinite distances. Used right, we can pool our cognitive resources to devise one so good it kills the victim; the very threat of this will enable world domination!

So please share insults aimed at you, and as a community we can deconstruct and reassemble them into superior dialog.
We can also generate comebacks for said improved insults, so on and so forth.

  1. Appreciate Blackadder
  2. Don't be a type two troll (type one is fine... don't get me started on type three)
  3. Have thick skin

This thread is intended to uplift discourse, not reduce it to pure delinquence.

While the word insult is used, it is perhaps used wrongly.
As the Yo Momma reference at the start of the thread should have ever so subtilty hinted, insult is being used as an umbrella term for ease of reference.
Anyone engaged in this thread should not seek to harm fellow site members, even while engaging in jocular exchanges. It's like trolling, in that the goal ought to be to entertain rather than to hurt.

Even with the above in mind, some heat is inevitable.
By participating in this thread, you are (solely within this thread) agreeing to be targeted by a degree of (hopefully light-hearted) trash-talk.
You are also agreeing to heavy-handed moderation, to include deleting or editing your posts (any edits will come with a disclaimer explaining them) for any reason.

Finally, much like how the Catholic church has never contradicted itself, this thread does not contradict anything in Etiquette Expectations.
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