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I can understand how "racism" is better than justice right.

Justice can be proper treatment for all and no person is mistreated.

"Racism" is proper treatment for a select people and none of those mistreated.

As long as you and I are a part of that clique, we still have the protections, privileges, comradery, brotherhood, why give that up?

When it is safeguarded by systemic political regime owning everything including those outside the clique, no . Too many benefits to give up.

We call ourselves, aryan, ku klux, capitalists, fascists, you call us racists, Republicans or "democrats" as suggested by another unknowingly. 

So a privileged royalist system to that clique and you think justice is better.

Give up all my royalty and for everyone to be even steven, what does that profit me?

How's that better for me?

I have to lose so you can gain?

Is that socialist?

Give up some of my stature, power and capital, spread it to the precious poor.

Everybody, your thoughts.
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