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Jake Paul will be fighting Mike Tyson on netflix. I am watching it, you will be watching it. Nobody is going to be able to resit the draw. However it is stupid. Either it will be an embarrassment because they will do something like strap them in 16 oz gloves which is like punching somebody with a pillow or something much worse. The odds are in Tyson's favor but if the match is taken seriously by both guys, Jake Paul is probably winning. It's a late 20s roid freak with professional boxing experiencs, facing off against a 60 year old man.

The second I see Tyson start to lose, I am turning off the event, but Jake paul cannot win. He either loses to a 60 year old Mike Tyson and embarrasses himself or he beats the shit out of a senior citizen. Either way, no matter the results. Everyone should be done paying attention to this piece of shit who seduces old men out of retirement to get some sort of sick pleasure out of beating the shit out of them. Granted he almost lost to Anderson SIlva, but I think Anderson Silver will be better than Tyson at current age.

10 years ago I told DDO that I could kick Mike Tyson's ass. If I could have kicked his ass 10 years ago, he is no match for jake paul and if you guys plan on gambling on this stupid boxing match, put your money on Grandpa killer. Yes I hope Paul gets punched so hard by Mike tyson that he dies, but lets be honest. Mike Tyson is going down with the exception of some really weird shit like 16 oz gloves
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