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Rap Battle Part 2


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I stated that I will not do another rap battle on here because of poor voting, but I will try this again in hopes that it will go well this time. The best of luck to my opponent.

***Rules for my opponent***
Spit 16 bars for each round. It's okay if it is a little more or a little less but try your best to make it at least 16. You must have 4 bar setups. If you are using bars you have used previously, then please source where it came from. It must be your bars, no one else's and no plagiarism. This rap battle will be judged off of 4 criteria: Rhymes, flow, syllabic pattern, and creativity.

Rhymes - Who had better and more rhymes.
Flow - Who had better flow.
Syllabic pattern - When the syllables are perfectly in sync each line, especially the last word of each bar.
Creativity - Which opponent had more creative bars.

***Rules for voters***
Since this is a rap battle, I'd like to take a different approach and make the judging more accurate and fair. As I've said before, 4 of each criteria will be voted for. You must vote in this fashion below:
Arguments - Better Rhymes.
Sources - Better Flow.
Spelling & Grammar - Better Syllabic pattern.
Conduct - Which opponent was more creative.

No bias votes please.

I will explain my bars in the comments if need be, so the voters (and perhaps my opponent) can understand them.

Round 1
I paint a picture when I rap, people say it's like an art show
So I ain't talking razors when I graze him with this Quattro
My wordplay too sick, you will never match my flow
I already smoked you in one round; watch me blow

I'm at your door banging, you should've been alarmed
King_8's name ring bells no intercom
You must be hungry, get a taste of my firearm
Metal round on your wrist, but it's not a charm

Y'all like my art show so far? Take a trip in through the gallery
I came here well prepared to exercise my strategy
Pounds on my hip and I ain't talking about a calorie
I'll leave this dude stretched since my bars cause the casualties

You'll go by the King's rules; obey and abide
The bullets will break your heart you'll be hurt inside
I'll hit a baby back like it's burping time
Once I'm done with you, you'll be at a lakeside

Lightest round, your turn.

Beat, right-click and click Loop (four of the beats is a bar, pace to that as that's official bar tempo):

To help understand my flow I put this between each bar: //
It's choppy-ish flow, this means you need to be spitting 2-2 syllables at the speed you'd normally spit one

For instance in the first line it reads:

I'maty-rantdwe-llinwiththe-sirens-blarin'n'this- GuyFawkes-gentleman's-a-rebel

The hyphen/dash signifies the point to breathe or pause a tiny bit, the rest is spat with liquid flow.

I'm a tyrant dwelling with the sirens blaring and this Guy Fawkes gentleman's a rebel,//
I fare well whenever and wherever I'm present, first-class King stamping on a peasant// measly kid that's an 8th class relic; he'd be my meagre equal of I ever fell seven levels//
It's ever so evident he'll never win, I'm sure as hell; and in that hell, RM's the devil.

Lightest Round? that's your first mistake; blowing me with weak spit like a birthday cake,//
You're a grandma, soon to be the Earth, decayed, my bars too fresh and youthful to impersonate,//
Your gallery's disastrous, needing to explain every pun the comments section, too afraid// of the pun-police not coming in time for this muggin', I already got your purse, too late!

I may be strange and mentally deranged but not a single pun of mine needs to be explained,//
There aint shit you can bring to the table that'll make my strong, thick mahog'ny look any less good, plain.//
Big pain in the anus of gays, I'm fierce and offputting to some but I'm up in your bae's cunt and it's only praise I've gained,//
I aint tellin' fables, I genuinely make your bitch unfaithful, when I pull out the Cain and spank your mother, my Eve-l side is more than Able.

My lyrics come from the heart, lungs and all, in goes oxygen and out comes a fiery flame,//
Go cry and write in your diary how the mighty Goliath's reborn this time no David'll stifle my reign,// I'm so violent with the rap's that your silence is only response that won't turn your pride to shame,//
Word of advice from the devil from my first verse; "You're a King on the board but the Madman's the Gary Kasparov in this game."
Round 2
You're a huge joke, this dude's real comical
Hit this b*tch knock hair from the follicle
Everything about me G down to the molecule
My lyrics are out of this world; astronomical 

My bars invoke veracity and animosity
Them bullets need a barrel with speed and velocity
I'm about to let you have it for real, like generosity
Cause I'm known to kill a cat like curiosity 
(^ These go together v)
Your brain only has a capacity for simplicity 
You'll need audacity to gain some intensity
I'm a monstrosity, and you have no tenacity 
Once I'm done with you, you'll be in deep sh-t; viscosity

So for that green, Madman will be ghost pronto
I'm on the scene, game over, bullets pierce through your condo
Hit you and your crew like Jane and John Doe
But if they trying to run, left right, horizontal
Let the bullets from the 9 cross over; Rondo


"No information" on your profile page, same in your raps, it's repetitive,//
Copy-pasting Round 2 verses sneaking a fifth bar in at the end? Pathetic, kid.//
You're terrified of putting shit in your profile 'cause I'd break you, you're delicate,//
You make me look like a Cheetah, you're a gazelle on a sedative.//
Confusing being inelegant with being competitive,// If you copy 2 verses, at least paste them edited.//
Recycling shit 'cause you can't string the word that compare with this,//
I'm laughing my ass off at you 'King' it's unfair, but don't dare think that I'll spare you, it's// been long you ruled these waters, say hi to the bigger, better fish.//
You're a John Doe alright, that insult to yourself was meriting,//
I'm an alpha hound Round here, you're essentially celibate,// You're a G to the molecule, bring the A-Y out the closet, see a therapist.//
You're afraid of yourself, I embrace that I'm basically an experiment.// I'm a freak with the rhythm, spit it so sick I need medicine,//
Light-bulbs so bright in my head, but I'm more Tesla than Edison.// Keep trying with the science bars, quantum-head you'll never win.
Round 3
Lyrically compared to me Madman, you in a lower set
Me? I'm for sure a vet, this cadet ain't a soldier yet
Them bullsh*t bars you got, dead em and put to rest
Your punches go over heads they be reaching but don't connect

You using beats on your side, it won't be enough
In all attempts to just make you seem more tough
All I need is bars, and that's what really win sh*t
You got presence but I don't need that cause I'm already gifted (presence/presents)

This sh*t is war b*tch, I'm digging real deep just to hurt you
I see you've done your homework on me, that's what nerds do
I don't gotta empty the whole 16 when I murk you
That shit'll have him back before 12, that's a curfew

Who crown you came to take Madman? Not mine
You swear you gone win this battle, stop lying
I refuse to lose to a dude who do not rhyme
Just when I start feeling your sh*t, you f*ck up a hot line


Weak verses, curse words simply there for syllables//
Calling me a 'nerd' as your worst diss, bar was pure-ass filler, fool//
So tell me this, if I am dissed for being the Bill Gates, is this middle-school?//
Or is this 20 years later where the nerd's ruling your turd-brain, get ridiculed.//

Madman's a boss-ass Jester, nerdy Rational's festerin'.//
Look at the join date, medals earned to determine the veteran.//
You're the United Kingdom, I'm goddamn Thomas Jefferson.//
Fuck your tyranny, little G, you're long lost, irrelevant.//
You're feeling safe in your fortress? I'll force my way in your settlement.//
Your ego making you feel secure, 'til everyone in the audience applauds my betterment.//
Every bar hits harder than the ones prior, pun and rhymes so elegant.//
You're gon' need more than that therapist, I scar your mind for pleasure, son.//
I'm a lion that's smilin', you're a tirin' elephant,//
Bringin' the tusks out, ears flared, but look behind at that setting sun,//
My eyes see through you, straight to the skeleton,//
Your flesh is tasty, flavoured butthurt-peppermint.//
Round 4
I'll knock you the hell out, don't avoid & try to stall
Tell your crew to get lost, they don't wanna get involved
You ain't with the racket what you think this 10 is for? (10 is/tennis)
Closed fists, so if I tie the knot, it ain't city hall

So bring your friends I'll leak them, no expose
I'm cold man, that's Different Strokes (cold man/coleman)
This shit will lift your soul like christian folk
For this battle, let's see who wins the poll

The only way you better G, is rumors; allegedly
And f*ck your city, it's Dallas b*tch, here till the death of me
That blade stay next to me, conquer if he testin' me
I'm too seasoned cooking you bad, I got the whole recipe

I'm a rare blood line like endangered species
I always shine cause my rhymes remain the feces
If this lame could beat me, we could say he's the "King"
But my style too raw and his bars are PG

What you talk is cute, you're like a Vinnie Paz underling,//
Think you can spit how you'll shoot me and my heart'll get thundering,//
But see you're spitting some frivilous empty threats, like buffering// video on YouTube or something, just prolonging your suffering,

You talk of a crew, well where are they? I don't see 'em,//
You see my haters show up, envying my undeniably virile style and semen,//
But in the end the Ramshutus end up congratulating me and it's the end,//
'Cause I'm the greatest, the Kenobi to your Vader-ass, heathen,//
Failure of a father in the future, currently yet to be one,//
You'll cut me up? I'll die happily, statue up in a museum,// then I'll come back as a phantom and add you to my Mausoleum,//
You say that my bars are PG, I spit like that for a reason,//
Even the mothers and father who read my shit show their children,// like "that's a man you should aim to be, son!"//
I don't need threats, I just say shit as it is and I'm G, punk.
Round 5
Every time you read this part of the battle, it's gone take a toll
I mean I call this round the grim reaper, cause this when I take your soul
All this real sh*t ima say gone kill all them basic jokes
But the public knew this (nudist), this is when the body gets exposed

Madman is you kidding me? Look at your delivery
Your average ass beats can't prevent the end of me
As far as competition goes, you my biggest enemy
I'm hard with the bars you just hard with your energy

I'm surprised you lasted this long, looks like you're managin'
Cease your shenanigans, one shot will leave you vanishin'
I'm cool calm collected till that pistol in my hand again
I blam till this b*tch is stiffer than a mannequin

King going ham again, and my squad live
You claim you got the juice, but you lack drive
My flow wavy like water, go 'head & take a dive
You say I'm a peppermint, but you won't take my stride (Think about it)

I'm a warrior like Trojans, No remote but I'm controllin', Ain't no police officer at all but I stay patrollin'

I really don't give a shit, them techs is instruments, I calculate more wins and what's outmatched is my penmanship
That means instead of killing you and adding to my victim list, you finish in equivalent
I spit meticulous, your writtens ridiculous, my lyrics gibberish
I'm sicker than pedos who dickin' kids, and victims with syphilis, you witness just what it is, and if I gotta spit this quicker I'm hitting him in the ribs


Sources: - I used a stanza from R2 in that link and put it in R2 in this battle and I also added new bars in R2 as well.

In the description it says: "If you are using bars you have used previously, then please source where it came from." So Con's remark, "Copy-pasting Round 2 verses sneaking a fifth bar in at the end? Pathetic, kid.//" was pointless. It's allowed. There is no violation.

I explained my bars in the comments, check them out!

Thanks for the rap battle!


Copying eight entire lines from own previous bars is allowed,//
The idea that they were written for me is thing that I doubt,//
Giving yourself credit for the unedited raps in the last Round,//
Fucking coward, overpowered, in every way pound for pound//
You talk shit all battle 'bout how my bars 'n' beats sound,//
Zero personals just generic bull, your meat's the beef for this hound,//
Bars so brutal it's futile to get up off of the ground,//
I'll just break your spirit, push your limits and spit shit so profound,//
You're struggling, muttering 'bout pistol-rounds and a crown,//
My beats are sick it's disgusting the way your girl's lusting the sound,//
You tried to impale a legend but you failed and you'll never be found,//
I'm the Rational Anarchist to tear your tyranny down,//
You can't fathom my strategy, try swim my pattern, get drowned,//
G to the atom, your molecule gets ripped apart, nuclear BOOM-POW!//
I'm forever respected, move with a reverent crowd,//
You're a neglectful, rejected relic, back-stabbed from the shroud.