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AOC is a nut job and is not fit to serve in the US government


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Redoing this debate since the last one was a full forfeit.

Pro: AOC is Incompetent
Con: AOC is Competent

Round 1

AOC isn't a perfect politician. 

However, in a world where ignorant, racist, and greedy politicians such as Trump exist, AOC is a saint. 

To put it simply, she isn't perfect however several of her policies I feel would help the country greatly. 

Especially since my personal beliefs line up with her progressive socialist ideals. 

So let's review some of her main beliefs and more importantly proposals. 

But before we do so, let me clear something up. 


There's no evidence of her being diagnosed with any psychological disorder whether it be cognitive, behavioral, or mood. 

I've done research and there has been nothing to confirm or deny it, however considering how quick Republicans are to criticize her for being a bartender which really isn't anything to be shameful of and isn't funny. I mean seriously is that all you got? Anyways rambling done sorry, however, my point being is that if she did publicize her mental illness it's likely the alt-right would throw insult and insult at her for it since that's all they know how to do. 

Now that we've clarified my stance and that she doesn't have a confirmed mental illness, let's begin our dissection into her proposals mainly the two biggest ones being the green new deal and her 70 % marginal tax rate. 


Source one has a really great video detailing the tax plan and how marginal tax rates work, pretty great video actually and very simple and straight forward. 

Great video by vox... 

Anyways just to clarify the tax rate would be a marginal tax rate and tax any money above 10 Million 70 %. 

So for example, if I make 15 million a year, the first 10 million would be taxed normally while the 15 million would be taxed by 70 %. 

This tax plan is what is mostly referred to as a progressive tax which according to by source 2 is defined as, 

" Progressive tax is the concept that a taxpayer should pay higher taxes if he earns more income and lower taxes if he earns less. In the U.S., people are taxed based on what tax brackets they fall into, with higher income ranges correlating to a higher percentage. Progressive taxes are the main tool used by governments to reduce income inequality." 

This a great plan for many reasons however the hugest and most crucial one is, 

The amount of wealth inequality in the country 

Income equality has been on the rise in the past 30 years according to

Now the top 10 % make more than the bottom 90 % which is utterly ridiculous and is repulsive to even imagine. 

Many Republicans will brush over this by stating that only poverty matters and not equality. 

Equality matters as well if the top 1 % is making more than the bottom 90 % the top 1 % will be controlling the political system due to them having access to better schools, opportunities, and healthcare. 

And not to mention that with the growth of wealth inequality comes the shrinking of the middle class and without a middle class, there will be less movability within the economic system. 

Plain and simply without movability, the lower class will form an uprising. 

This is similar to the Russian revolution and why the soviet union formed. 

While poverty was key, another prime factor was that while the peasants were staving, losing limbs, and dying of disease, the wealthy capitalists who were exploiting them were eating well and were healthy.

If there was more movability where the poor had a better chance at increasing their economic conditions, it's very likely the Russian revolution would've never occurred. Or at least it would've eased the tension. 

With a 70 % marginal tax rate, schools will be better funded, healthcare would improve, and infrastructure would improve. 

This plan actually benefits the rich also, happy workers lead to a more successful economy and drives up immigration. 

For example, the healthier the population is the less sick days they'll take and the more productive they'll be as a result of them from not being sick. Better educated workers will lead to more qualified and smarter workers which will once again increase productivity. The same concept with better infrastructure, the better the infrastructure is appealing and happier the citizens would be. 

In short, happy workers leads to more productive workers, and more productive workers lead to a better economy.

To summarize, AOC's marginal tax rate would decrease the ever-growing amount of wealth inequality in the country and improve the overall well being of citizens. 

Nextly let's examine another one of AOC's plans. 


The green new deal as proposed by AOC would essentially cut down drastically on carbon emissions and even downright eliminate them thereby easing global warming through a vast amount of government spending. 

The green new deal while not perfect is a fantastic idea that would actually help the world and the economy more than hurt. 

The plan would cost a vast amount of government spending which is correct, however, this argument is a very big misrepresentation. 

This proposal would cost a lot of money however the benefits outweigh the cost. Let's run through the biggest reason. 

This would ease the tension of global warming 

Firstly if my opponent is going to argue that global warming doesn't exist but is over exaggerated, we can get into that if they choose to go down that dark and destructive path. 

However just to save some time I'll assume you believe global warming exists and is caused by humans. 

Global warming would lead to more forest fires due to the,  

 Higher levels of CO2 [which] makes plants more drought resistant, which increases the amount of burnable material.
And would also lead to flooding through the polar icecaps melting as evidenced by this article by Ocean Conservancy

Global warming is an issue, which if not treated will lead to the destruction of human civilization as we know it. 

I don't know about you, but I really don't want to see the end of the world. 

AOC's plan would seek out to replace various fossil fuels with more natural means of achieving energy whether it be through solar power or windmills. 

These methods of achieving energy while less efficient would save the world. 

Economy running less efficient < The World 

By the US seeking out to eliminate the need for fossil fuels, 15 % of carbon emissions from fuel combustion would be eliminated according to UOCS


AOC's two major proposals would actually help the country, and she has no signs of being mentally ill. 

Therefore I certainly wouldn't call her a " nut job " or " not fit to serve in the government " 

- PinkFreud08 


I feel terrible for doing this, but I am not going to debate this topic now that I know you are taking the con position. I thought you were going to be taking the pro because of how the topic was phrased. You also didn’t put that in the debate details section which would have prevented the confusion. I do apologize.

 Maybe some other topic sometime!
Round 2
 I thought you were going to be taking the pro because of how the topic was phrased. You also didn’t put that in the debate details section which would have prevented the confusion. I do apologize.
Debate Description...

Redoing this debate since the last one was a full forfeit.

Pro: AOC is Incompetent

Con: AOC is Competent
no problem for the confusion, kinda sucks that this subject went to waste twice. 
Round 3
Round 4
Very poor debate conduct, vote Con!