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Now is the time to impeach trump


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Even fox news is admitting he broke the law so time to impeach trump now

Round 1
What is the old saying strike while the iron is hot, Trump and his crew admitted he brook the law, Ukraine admitted all charges to the Biden's are baseless, if the Democrats blow this? they dont deserve to win or rule, Trump did all the work for them, if that clown car cant close this deal the American people are doomed

The people are heavily against impeaching the president when he only has a couple of months left of his presidency. Only people not living there(Not playing for it) and communists(also not playing for it) say that he should be impeached. The us economy has not been this good for decades and that is because of Trump. 
Round 2
I guess I won

Round 3
REBUTTAL OF MAIN POINT The map you show represents areas areas don't vote people do your point is that impeachment is not timely because people are not for it
Polls show a majority supporting impeachment and that is growing by the day CBS News poll: Majority of Americans and Democrats approve of Trump impeachment inquiry

More than half of Americans — and an overwhelming number of Democrats — say they approve of the fact that Congress has opened an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. But as the inquiry begins, there is no national consensus on how to assess the president's actions.

Round 4
i wish to point out two things bad conduct on the part of my opponent and bad conduct on the part of donald trump every hour more scndal eruprts around his diseased carcas
I actully think that calling people rude is bad conduct. And also Donald Trump is not in anyway rude to people. 
For exemple. Media and his opponents have many times called Donald Trump a Nazi. But what they have not told you is that several people in Donald Trump family are jewish. Why has the media failed to do their job and report this. Because then they can't call him a Nazi.

From the statistics that were released a few days ago webbplats could see that Donald Trump has only made American Great again.

Round 5
As events unfold in real time Trump is his own worst enemy, he admits he has committed impeachable crimes constitutional experts admit he has commited impeachable crimes, free  speech allows me to be rude btw ,The Guy Who Wrote the Book on Impeachment Says Trump Clears the Bar for Removal from Office “It’s as plain a case of abuse of power as one can easily imagine”  Frank O. Bowman wrote the book on impeaching the 45th president. Published in July, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: A History of Impeachment for the Age of Trump seeks to ground the talk about removing the president from office in centuries of history and practice. A law professor who teaches at the University of Missouri and lectures on impeachment at Georgetown, Bowman doesn’t pretend to be above the fray, politically. He describes himself as a “centrist” Democrat. But he insists, “I’ve tried hard to play it straight in applying rigorous legal and constitutional analysis.”  
Also a majority of Americans support impeachment now "
"(CNN)The poll numbers are in on impeachment, and it's not good news for President Donald Trump. A clear plurality of Americans approve of the House's impeachment inquiry into Trump, and they are split on whether they want to impeach and remove him from office.
Americans are more eager to impeach Trump now than they were at similar points in the impeachment sagas of Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.
Impeachment actions usually start off as being unpopular with the American public. After the House voted to start an impeachment inquiry of Clinton in October 1998, a CBS News/New York Times poll found that 45% approved and 53% disapproved.
But with Trump, those numbers are reversed. In an average of polls taken since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal inquiry last week, 51% support an impeachment inquiry. A minority, 44%, are against it.

When it comes to impeaching and removing Trump from office, the difference is even more dramatic. An average of polls taken since early last week shows that 46% support impeaching and removing Trump from office. That's about equal with the 45% who are against such an action.
Clinton vs. Trump
Back in October 1998, the vast majority of Americans were against impeaching and removing Clinton from office. In a CNN poll from then, only 31% favored impeaching and removing. The vast majority, 63%, were against it. This -32 point gap for impeaching and removing Clinton stands in contrast to the +1 gap for impeaching and removing Trump.
At no point during the impeachment proceedings against Clinton did anywhere close to a plurality of Americans want Clinton impeached and removed from office. Right now, you could argue that we're already at that point with Trump.
This, of course, is one of the key differences with the politics of impeachment now and 21 years ago. There is a belief that the impeachment inquiry hurt Republicans in the 1998 midterm elections. That may be true, but this polling suggests the situation with Clinton and Trump are very different. Impeaching Clinton was far less popular than impeaching Trump is today.
Nixon vs. Trump
More amazingly, more Americans are in favor of impeaching Trump now than they were at a similar time during the House's investigation of Nixon in 1973 and 1974.
The House Judiciary Committee voted to start an impeachment inquiry of Nixon in late October 1973. This was following the infamous Saturday Night Massacre, in which Nixon ordered his attorney general to fire an independent prosecutor looking into the Watergate scandal. A Gallup poll taken in the immediate aftermath found that just 38% felt that Nixon should be impeached and compelled to leave the presidency. The majority, 53%, said that he shouldn't.
Even after two dramatic events, the public was apprehensive about impeaching and removing Nixon.
Now, you could make the argument that the fairer comparison for Trump to Nixon is after the entire House formally voted to start the impeachment inquiry in February 1974. A Harris poll taken a few weeks later put support impeaching and removing Nixon at 43% and opposition at 41%. That gap is about equal to the gap we see today and only came months after the inquiry had really already began.
But even if you consider this later date, the 46% in favor of impeaching and removing Trump now is greater than the 43% who favored it during a similar point in the Nixon impeachment process. It wasn't until right before Nixon resigned that close to a majority wanted him out.
Some of the support for impeaching Trump and the impeachment inquiry against him may be because of polarization and dislike for the President. Trump's strongly disapprove rating has consistently been around 50%, and most of the people who disapprove of Trump are for some sort of impeachment action.
Polarization, however, is probably not the root cause of the polling we're seeing on a possible Trump impeachment. Politics were polarized during Barack Obama's administration, and not many wanted him impeached and removed. Only 33% of Americans wanted Obama impeached and removed in a July 2014 CNN poll. Most, 65%, didn't feel that way.

That split came even though Obama was about as a popular (42% approval rating) as Trump is today.
The bottom line: Americans think Trump did something wrong that, at a minimum, deserves to be looked into for possible impeachment. He is in historically unprecedented waters. The impeachment numbers he's facing now are really not good for him, given where we are in the process.

Even Republicans are for impeachment now YORK (Reuters) - Two of the three Republicans challenging Donald Trump for their party’s presidential nomination backed an effort to impeach the U.S. president during a debate on Tuesday.