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Best rap. Just rap about anything, feelings, drugs, emotions. Flow, meaning, and rhymes win. NO DISSING.

Round 1
Inner thoughts and such.

Yeah, they say life feels a lot like a box of chocolates,
But to me it’s like a box with a jackhammer repeatedly hitting your nuts,
All this shit blows me away, working, trying, but when I say something, they tell me to shut up.
Yeah you know sometimes I wonder if God even gave a damn when he created us.

Yeah, they say life is like a sport, shit like tennis,
Then why do I feel like life’s bullying me, it’s like a menace,
Rappers be talking shit about themselves like “You know what’s 13 inches?” My penis.
I feel like I’m on a mission, tryna spread vibes, spread awareness.

Yeah, they say you only live life once,
Well I feel if I’ve never even lived it, cause everyone I meet they calling other people a dunce.
Why has there gotta be so much hate? It hits everyone like a hunt,
People shooting themselves these days, what’s even the purpose of guns?

Yeah, they say life is underrated,
Disagree, it feels like everything is terrible, outdated.
If life was a ball, mine would be deflated,
If life was colorful, mine would be dark and faded.

Yeah, they say in life learn as many things as you can,
Maybe that’s true, but to me, I would throw that phrase into a trashcan
It feels like everywhere I go to, I automatically get banned,
Even if you learn shit, you’re still a human man.


We always regret decisions
But that's something for derision

There's a reason for everything, every choice we make
Each decision we make or do is always for someone's sake

Each decision we make always seems like the best to us at the time
Yet we still find ourselves regretting our decisions like its a crime

There's no such thing as a "bad choice" it's what the choice leads to that's bad
Stop thinking and pondering about the past or it might make you more sad

Round 2
Since you're doing 2 line Stanzas I might as well too.


They're trying to grope me for power,
Yet most of them, when I need help the most they just cower,

I feel like, I don't need them, but without them I'm nothing,
Just like a human, from their problems, I'm running.

They say with them you share some kind of intimacy,
But when you're the best, you should question their legitimacy,

These days, Friends backstab you literally, and shoot you like nothing,
Watch out for arguments, or there's bad news incoming.

Not trying to sound like a Philosopher, or a Porn Star; "That's Deep",
But people these days feel like relationships are cheap.


Family is everything in someone's life
It can make the difference between someone success or strife

Family can push us to where we need to be
And stand up for us in times of desperate need

Family shapes us into what we are
They're what's gotten us this far

No matter how angry or hurt they seem
Or how much from you they deter 

True family would risk their lives for you and love you till the end
And if you love your family you know you had a life well spent
Round 3

a social freak, but you'd be surprised,
of how dark, how sad, but heart & brain's inside,

sometimes, can't take shit anymore. want to die,
they say to talk. but when I talk, it's all jumbled up lies.

conversations run out to quickly, fuck them they go up in flames,
running from my responsibilities, aiming high for the fame.

grades shit, but real shit ain't gonna "talk" to me,
talk, gossip, spill the beans then spill the tea.


Communication is essential for us to thrive
We need to work together or else we can't survive

There's no point to being anti-social it'll only make life worse
So stand up for yourself and go exchange a verse

There are always times where we need someone to talk to
We don't talk though, because we think that person won't think we're being true
But that thinking's bs because that person might need to talk as much as you do

Round 4

Fuck it no one cares about how you feel, deep down,
I can't stay afloat no more, I might sink then drown,
Everytime I try to admit something, rumors spread word gets around,
It feels like there's no middle between someone hating you and someone being wowed.
The sky's the limit, no shit it's not
Tryna fly, aim high, but there's to many people acting so cool, thots.
Bitch, there's no one real left in the world, everyone's fake, everyone's a bot,
It's not easy running as fast as you can, when around you war's are being fought.
To actually feel emotions is hard, they're all mixed and scattered,
Like a worn out shirt, it's ripped and tattered,
Writing out thoughts has no image, it's too descriptive, too awkward,
Whenever I try to feel, to talk, to live life, I feel like I'm going to be slaughtered.
These days there's no difference between right and wrong,
The line's too muffled, the details too long,
I'm trying to catch up, but as soon as I get there they taunt.
I don't have any lasting impression on this world, when I'm gone, I'm gone.


Feeling emotions might not seem to matter much
In fact, you're discouraged from doing such

Corporate industries praise "emotional maturity"
But that's just cause they have no self-security

Emotions give us consciousness and free will
And taking that away will be the same as having you killed

Round 5
big finish-avoid death
I tried, I did it, I finished, I’m happy,
They teach me, but also they work me, exhaust me,
I know I’m living a better life, but sometimes I just feel confused,
Every inspirational thing to me just seems loose,
Reality feels like you’re clinging on to a cliff,
But every shot that you take, is another shot you miss,
There’s more hate than love, but it needs to be reversed,
Why do I think humans are cursed-
To be the ones to destroy the planet and rip it of his good nature,
And why do we do that just to live and suffer,
Everyone will die someday, but you mustn’t die without a legacy,
If you take a look at the world and see
That we can change this, it’s not completely fucked up,
Just because we’re in a shitty hellhole doesn’t me we can’t clean up
There still might be hope… just kidding I’m joking,
We, homosapiens, have torn our beauty apart, but we think we’re so cunning-
But we’re actually not, egos so high they can’t be brought down,
Not blaming it on one person but the entire crowd,
We focus our attention on people that base their lives on drama
We think they’re superior, just because they look better then our mamas,
People these days still believing myths that they’ll suddenly become the best
Improvement doesn’t come without work, life will put you through that test,
Who is the one to judge how good we are?
Why can’t people not be self conscious, with themselves they’re at war,
What is there to live for if you have no purpose?
For me, life’s as slow and depressing as a damn tortoise,
Even today, I was on Insta, and I saw too many damn comments,
Screaming hate at the world, tryna torment
Extroverts be cringing at the type of stuff these days that are online,
Too many people on phones texting away, too many people dying from wine,
Governments too focused on vaping they think cigarettes aren’t an issue,
420 thousand people losing their lives from it, but 6 from numero 2
Losing my emo shit, lemme switch the talk to rap,
Mumbles rappers shit, this is where the real stuff at,
6ix9ine be snitching, but I’m trying to keep my mouth shut,
Rumours be above my head, like shit calling other people sluts,
Fighting in the streets, shooting pistols, but i’m like Woah
I’m tryna make an impact, an asteroid, big finish, on the globe.
thanks for the freestyle battle
consider everything voters
also I did this in less than 30 minutes