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Evolution is a fact.


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Round 1
Evolution has been proven to be true, basing on scientific evidence and the fossil record.

Myths about evolution
1. Myth: If we evolve from ape, then how come there are still monkey?
Fact: We actually evolve from ape like creatures, not apes.

2. Myth: If evolution is proven to be true, then this would disprove religion.
Fact: It wouldn't, since there are theistic evolutionists (Such as myself.). In fact, Young earth creationism didn't exist until around the 19th century.

3. Myth: Evolution is based on chance.
Fact: It depends on what theory of evolution you're talking about (E.g, Evo-Devo, Lamarckian Evolution, Darwinain Natural Seletction, etc).

So, that's it.
Evolution by definition is not a fact. it has not been proven true.They have found very little fossil evidence for evolution.That is why thousand of scientist are signing petition. Because they do not believe evolution can be responsible for the complexity for life.
most of these fossil have been faked.When i talk about all these frauds. I usually do not give a reason why all these frauds exist or why they do these  fraud.WW2 Hitler thought white blond people were superior because they were lied to by heckle because he told them that we evolved and he thought white people with blond hair to the superior evolution path and black people were still monkey's. or all of those fake bone like the whale fossil. You need to understand why all these frauds are done.Why is modern medicine based off the word pharmakeai which means poison with drugs.Why is Santa claws Satan rearranged. Why is the apple computer logo  an apple with a bite taken out of it which represents the fall of man.Why was the first apple computer sold for 666 dollars. Why do  all of these big goverment thing's have these ties to evil. It is because our reality is manufactured. The reason why are food has all of those chemicals is because the goverment is poisoning the food supply.Not because the food needs to last longer.

The reason why they fake all these fossil is because they want people to believe a lie. So they are create fake evidence for a lie. That is why they are doing it.The reason why the apple computer is an apple with an bite taken out of it is because it represent the fall of man. Adam ate the forbidan fruit They do all this stuff in order to kill us

Orientals are slightly ape. Black Africans are mostly ape. And Jews are close to pure ape. Hitler killed the Jews to speed up the evolution process.
Evolution is a process that try's to explain why animals are specifically designed for there environments. You may know that i think god is a far better explanation for this.This process take's millions of years. most of the chemicals they think adapted over million years only have a life span of a couple weeks.

Humans have a life span of around 100 years. If you said a human lived for billions of years i would call you insane.But saying the chemicals that they believe created life formed and existed for billions of years when the chemical only has a lifespan of 2 weeks is insane
Time is the enemy not it's friend.The chemicals need for life only have a lifespan of 2 weeks not billions of years. Unless someone pulls them out and put's them n a freezer it can not happen.

I still want to find out why animals are specifically designed for there environment.I still want to know why animals are the color of there environment. My conclusion is god did it.

It would not make sense if god put a black rabbit in the white snow

So god was using intelligence when he designed the rabbit and made the rabbit white to go with the white snow.

Dogs grows more fur during the winter.

  • more fur will be x
  • winter will be y
God designed dog with y to help with x

The chance of evolution happening is a not going to happen number. It is not a fact. evolution has not happened.It has not been proven.

Round 2
Evolution is a fact basing on the evidence. And, the fossil record does prove that evolution is factual. Also, citing isn't helping you. While true, but Hitler did have a version of Christianity called "Positive Christianity" (Which is just Christianity, but with more antisemitism in it). And, as for Apple, that would be a conspiracy theory, rather than a fact. Also, the Santa and Satan argument is an association fallacy at best. Just because the name sounds similar, it doesn't mean their the same thing (E.g, the word dog and god.). Btw, you do know what theistic evolution is? Also, as I said there are many theories of evolution (E.g, Evo-Devo, Lamarckian Evolution, Darwinain Natural Seletction, etc).

There is nothing wrong with the apple computer thing  is not a conspiracy theory.  the first apple computer was sold for 666 dollars that is a fact. I am sure they are some that are by accident.But the occult put's there symbols everywhere it is illogical to say every analogy is a coincidence.

Firstly the only way the fossil could form is if a great flood happened

Secondly ancient cultures depict great dragons with humans in there stories.So clearly dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans.

f dinosaurs did not exist when humans were around. Then why do ancient books like the bible describe dragons when humans were a thing. What about the story of how a dragon kidnapped a princess and the brave knight has to slay it. since they talked about killing dragons surely they saw them. why else would they now what they are. It was not until the early 1900 when Dino were discovered. Chinese story's have Chinese dragons. they had no connection to places like the middle east. plus there are those Europe area story's of brave knights slaying dragons

if you do not know.Scientist believe dinosaurs existed before humans.I am saying this is wrong.

These picture prove there timeline is complete ###### they existed at same time

plus there are fish fossils on mountains.This is proof of great flood

Secondly every dinosaur is huge. It is believed that after Noah flood the atmosphere changed and it shortened the lifespan of humans and also made creature is why bugs are depicted as 7 foot tall in movies

There is also a theory that i like.Where it say's That god flooded the earth because humans in the day of Noah were tampering with the DNA of animals and were creating these monster's.We call these monster dinosaurs That is why he flooded the earth.Because they were becoming like god's.Plus the reason why we have deserts is because the people in Noah day had part of the earth for vegetation and the other part where they mined all the resources out of the earth. So the reason why there is deserts is because they mined all the resources out of those places.
this guy created said this i can not find the vid

This explains why ever dinosaur is dead extinct.It also explains why god did not save them during the flood.It also why god would kill the entire planet.The were becoming Gods.
Round 3
If it is a fact, then why are you jumping into conclusions like that? Well, at least you admit that could be done by accident. Also, I hold the view that the flood was a local flood.

Evolution is not fact.The evidence for evolution does not prove  it to be fact.

Dinosaurs for example show how bad there fossil evidence is.Dinosaur fossil say they existed million of years ago.This can not be true

Evolutionist say dinosaurs roamed the earth before human's existed.Because they think there fossil say this. They do not believe humans coexisted with dinosaurs.This is obviously false given these pictures.I put it in docs to make it more easily viewable.

fossil evidence put's dinosaurs at 140 million years

According to evolutionists, the dinosaurs "ruled the Earth" for 140 million years, dying out about 65 million years ago.
humans fossil evidence is put at 200 thousand years.

There fossil evidence is wrong.They existed at the same time.

i took the picture from here to make it more easily viewable.

pl look at this and tell me they did not exist at the same time

you said
I hold the view that the flood was a local flood.

Is it that far of a stretch.Scientist already believe the entire earth was covered in water.

Earth ever covered 100% by water and could such a planet exist elsewhere in the universe?
They believe it is evidence for origin of life. But it is actually evidence for Noah flood

Again fossil could only have formed that way if a great flood happened

First note that very few fossils are forming today and then only in the case of rapid burial by water. For instance what happens to a fish when it dies?

The fossil evidence say humans did not exist during the dinosaur times.There fossil evidence is wrong.Pls examine picture's.

Round 4
The evidence for evolution has been proven to be true. Also, why use answersingenesis?

One scientists isn't enough. Also, I have link you this which shows the evidence that there was a local flood.
They say fossil evidence is proof of how old an animal is.Lets see how reliable that is

Dinosaurs are 360 million years ago.

Humans are 200 thousand years ago.

This is false because they lived during the same time. These picture prove dinosaurs existed at the same time as humans.

Indian and other culture drew  pictures of dinosaurs on rocks and on there ancient buildings

There  fossil evidence are used as evidence that a dinosaur evolved into a bird.

This is false.Dinosaurs could not have evolved into birds. If dinosaurs went extinct. Dinosaurs are dead how could they have evolved into birds

Got this point from woodward vid

So either there bird fossil evidence is flawed or there dinosaur fossil evidence is flawed or both

They used fossil evidence to conclude that the fern is 360 million years old and humans are 200 thousand years old.

Ferns have medical properties that help humans.

How could the fern have medical properties that help  humans. if humans did not come around for another 360 million years

so your saying that the fern has health benefits that help humans when humans did not appear for another 360 million years. this screws up almost there entire timeline for plants because i can not think of one plant that came into existence in the last 200 thousand years according to science.

the fern for example has  health benefits for almost every organ. but it specifically helps out human females with there female issues. The fern helps with period problems breast problems  etc. Very detailed to human female. God put medicine in plants

It turns out the fossil evidence for birds to dinosaurs was wrong.But i thought fossil evidence was fact

Science Can No Longer Stomach Dinosaurs-to-Birds Theory
So apparently they believed dino evolved into birds.But then They found bird remains inside the stomach of a dinosaur. SO how could the dinosaur evolve into a bird if it ate birds.

But how could this be fossil evidence proved dinosaurs evolved into birds.If don ate birds

these dinosaurs lived about 120 million years ago. Yet the Confuciusornis sanctus found in the stomach of this creature was a “crow-size, flight-capable bird” (“Dinosaur Guts…,” 2012). One of the picture captions describes the stomach contents as “a tiny bird skeleton within the stomach of the dinosaur Sinocalliopteryx” (“Dinosaur Guts…”). Dinosaurs could not have evolved into birds because, among other reasons,they were eating birds during their lifetime!


We can conclude that there fossil evidence for birds humans dinosaurs and ferns are all stupid and wrong

plus i only used answeringenesis for the age of the dinosaurs. Secondly there is nothing wrong with using creation site's. This is a debate about evolution.Why can i not get information from the other side.