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It's Better for Ariel, Down Where it's Wetter, Under the Sea


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Full resolution: Under real world constraints, it is preferable for Ariel from The Little Mermaid to stay under the sea as a mermaid (having listened to Sebastain) rather than on land as a human (having followed her dreams as in the movie).

Burden of proof is shared.

Ignore Coronavirus for this debate.

Round 1
Sébastien makes two major arguments in his song "Under the Sea" which I will support: 

"Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea"

While the underwater has no currency basis as we see, the natural environment is open to Ariel's exploration and freedom to do whatever she desires. However, on land, she likely has to perform as some type of housewife. The Little Mermaid takes place in the 13th century. But the land-based relations of women were very poor. They had to serve men with cooking and household chores, countering Ariel's very ideals of wanting to be free and unbound. Even if Ariel does not have do anything herself, married to a prince, she still has to observe other women under unfair patriarchy associations, which would result in arguments abound and Ariel saddened by her inability to gain equality for women in the household. Even though Ariel herself is a princess under the sea, the relationship with the animals are nearly equals and they are never truly slaves or treated worse. As such, it's better for Ariel to stay under the sea to reduce her exposure to the inequality of men and women.

"Down here all the fish is happy
As off through the waves they roll
The fish on the land ain't happy
They sad 'cause they in their bowl
But fish in the bowl is lucky
They in for a worser fate
One day when the boss get hungry
Guess who's gon' be on the plate?"

Sebastien points out an interesting idea. On land, Ariel would no doubt experience in person her servants and friends alike being consumed by the noblemen. Either she would have to suffer and do nothing, or she would have to assert her strange viewpoint. Not only so, if the prince is not by her side, many would learn of Ariel's method to become human. They would debate over her human nature and conclude that the witchcraft combined with un-human nature makes her dangerous. It's commonly rumored to sailors that sirens similar to mermaids would lure them to their death. Even if not taking place in Greece, the famous stories would no doubt spread and question especially with Ariel's enchanting voice being suspiciously alluring. Who would support them, then? Only Ariel's father could stop any thugs or malicious men, and he is nearly useless when on land. As rich noblemen consider eating a mermaid, it's entirely likely that the human element would make Ariel's experience horrible. She has next to no friends or allies, and her happily ever after is hardly in sight.

Though Ariel had chased after her dream, realistically speaking, I fear for her safety and the societal problems with accepting the mermaid turned into person. Should anyone discover her secret, the prince would be a prime target for murder, being her sole protector. If she cannot escape into the sea at will, then it would only be a matter of time before she is hunted down and killed. People will not willingly accept someone of such different origins, even with the wrath of the sea at risk.

I shall prove my case on three fronts, which shall be given their sections below

1. The Mental health of Ariel after giving up on her dream of becoming a human.
2. Opportunities that Ariel will be giving up by stayingas a Mermaid.
3. Dangers under the sea

1. Mental health
In the movie, King Triton, Ariel’s father, although hehas good intentions and only wants to protect Ariel from any danger, His holdon Ariel makes her feel suffocated and are the biggest reason Ariel wants toescape.
Ariel grew up without her mother and without a solidfemale role model in her life. This causes Ariel to have little knowledge outside the bubble her father has given her, more importantly she has no understanding of the world of male, love and sexuality. Therefore, her desire and her dream to become a human and live on land is not unreasonable. If Ariel chooses or is forced to stay under water, living the same life she has been, with no real life of her own. She will undoubtedly get very depressed which can cause even more danger and harm to her than life on land ever could. She would have to give up on the love of her life. And probably marry someone she would not feel the same way about which could result in a horrible and cold marriage. The state of depression that Ariel will be in will make her grow resentment towards the sea, her friends and her father. It could also cause Ariel to make some horrible decisions like suicide. Ariel would live her remaining life Alive but not Living.

A nice look on the state of Ariel’s mental health under the sea is given by Sjors van Heuveln in his article The little MermaidExplained.
Sjors van Heuveln sees general Symbolism in The Sea,Wreckages and the Surface.

“Ariel,the Little Mermaid, resides under the surface of the ocean. In other words,she’s in the unconscious and wants to come up to the surface into theconscious. Water, sea or oceans are often symbols for the unconsciousness andyou can find this back in many mythological stories and even in your dreams. “ [1]

2. Missed Opportunities.
As pointed out by Pro, Ariel could encounter some problems including, observing other women under unfair patriarchy associations. Although I would argue that it would be something good for Ariel, unlike life under the sea Ariel would be given a purpose and something to strive for, she could makea change and give the women more rights. And this could be achievable as she has a great position, married to the prince and all. Living under the sea would not change the positions of the women on land, but someone who is good hearted like Ariel, with a high position could.

Role of Princess
ALSO, In the movie Eric is only a prince although his parents are presumed dead, now this could mean that Eric has older sibling orother relatives that are ruling. But if Eric lives in a country that has the same ruling system as the principality of Monaco where the Prince is the highest rank of Monarchy which would mean that Ariel could become a princess and second in rank. Ariel would do the women a disservice by giving up on the opportunity to become Princess , where she could make some real change.

3. Dangers under the sea
Although Ariel could encounter some dangers living on land as pointed out by Pro, it’s nowhere near the amount of dangers that she encounters living under the sea. I mean in one of the first scenes in the movie, Ariel and Flounder (her yellow fish friend) were chased by a huge Shark. And although her father is the King and could protect her, he can’t know where Ariel is at all time. Living under the sea as a mermaid, Ariel would not be at the top of the food chain, which she would be if she lived on land as a human. And that danger is just from creatures under the sea, imagine the danger she would face from humans and fisherman. Ariel could suffer the same fate as her mother.

Round 2
I concede. Debate was just for fun anyways lol
It was fun lol, im easing in to this debating stuff. This is my first debate.
So i guess i won? or how does this work? 

Round 3
yea u won the extra rounds are in case neither conceded and want to continue... bleh
Round 4
Pro conceded, so vote for con