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im calling out the irrationalsadman because he chatted a lot of smackaroo in the forums (said i was egotistical punk). thus, i have to destroy him. i don't think he'll accept but, if he does, be prepared, for those of you younglings, you'll have to turn 18 to really appreciate how badly he has been violated (in a verbal sense im not a criminal)


Round 1
You call yourself the “sexiest beast” yet all everyone sees is a whiny little bitch 
Who sobs at every loss, you’re softer than candy floss
Especially when you face a boss whos gonna put you on the cross 
But not to redeem, no you’ve gone too far for that
Imma make you scream, louder than when i made your mum cream
Imma lay you flat on a mat and take your hat 
Because all that you ever say is just bare cap
There, I said it, are you gonna cry? Fly away and hide and die?
Don’t worry, we are all relaxed, cuz we know you’ll be back 
Your last departure took us a moment to unpack 
You were gone for ten days, it was probably a phrase
Where you found your life purpose was in rapid decay 
Had to come back to give your ego a slap 
Bet you saw your final medal and got a WAP
Because everyone here knows you’ve got no balls
You’re a whore for attention who sprawls and bawls  
Demanding war like come on you oddball, your ratings already dropping quicker than rainfall

A note to voters, if you vote for the goat, RM’s gonna come for your throat
Maybe he’ll block you or demand war against you 
Cute really, like when a little fortniter emotes, 
You know you have really shaken his little row boat
So what should you do? I’ll give you a clue. 
Look at RM like you would a shrew in a zoo
Because I’ve unscrewed and subdued this little kid with no iq 
You say I’m egotistical, well just look at you

bold is to help you see internal rhyming one line to next.

We know you veni but coming doesn't tell us where you're from, milky teeth feelin' loose,
You're acting a boy, man, lost in many ways and like your Tamil father did more than once, I'll leave you missin' a tooth,
Beat you harder than Kannadan, Telugu and Malayalam parenting mixed in a soup,
You can choose to take the red pill of the blood, sweat and tears or sit there spittin' mistruths,
I'm going easy on you, Yeti, don't make me insult Sikhism and give you a trim to let that itty bitty thing wiggling within the bush loose,
I know, I'm pathetic, I rhymed loose with loose, I will lose but the boos in the crowd are worth dishing out this abuse,
'Cause the boos don't phase me, you're hearin' ghosts, you're confused,
I can die a thousand times in the rating and bounce back from the dead, Agent Smith no excuse.

So what? You think they're gonna care that I whine like a bitch?
What's it gonna matter, you're gnat, you make me mind you, I squish,
You suck up to me like a beta does an alpha but I'm fine with it, Vic, (pronounced 'vich')
I'm a G and I'm used to the lack of spine in a snitch,
I'm a timeless commodity, I'm rice, oil and fish,
Keep digging for dirt on me, when you're tired and sorry; go climb in the ditch,
You're the type they lobotomise; psychotic lunatic,
I'm the type of madman Tate envies; I'm not high on his dick,
You don't get the first rule of redpill; don't find an idol BE IT
My name in your topic's the reason you have a chance to become something here, so thank me, you prick,
Or I'll show you something rarer than a Tamil Sikh and believe me your pants will more then welcome the shit.

Round 2
Saying my teeth are loose that's funny, at least they don't fall as free as your rating 
Even when baiting noobs, you cannot seem to get winnings 
Sniping trolls into debate is something I simply cannot relate 
Credit where due, its true too phew at the boos you will be hear
when you stumble your lines and fumble your opines
But other than that, your first verse is all cap, filled with your clunky gee
It's all obsolesce, your family probably has some retarded gene
Say your Agent Smith probably because you're an NPC

Don't put your name next to G,  your "rap" sounds like a call from a banshee
Call me "egoistic" yet your rap is just me, me, me, 
"I'm a G, I'm a commodity", please somebody pass him a violin
You envy the top G, what colour is your Bugatti? 
Say I'm digging dirt from ditch, but I'm only smashing a little bitch 
who chocked on the blue pill, like a little grubby witch.  
No wonder you diss Andrew, he would play you didgeridoo 
Your name is in the title of this game because you were chosen 
Destined for failure, I know I'm making your eyes blur, soon you'll be back as a beggar 
Hands clasped as you whisper your praises whilst I scrape you like a fender 
You bender, I'll send her to the blender like the juror and executor. 

This time we use sources and show you how reference,
Whole first verse from didn't rhyme, but i'll forgive it, i'm benevolent,
Tell us all a story 'bout a bugatti you wish to buy and never rent,
I'll throw a pity party and give you the only invitation the devil sent,
Let me explain that metaphor, I'll kill you, wipe the evidence,
Let your family thank me 'cause they put the hit out and I'm reverent,
Once we get over the semintentality, we celebrate that your less than 2-month lifespan here did ever end.

You say I'm all ego, where's you come up with that crap?
I'm the one to walk the walk and you're the one to fumble rap,
I hear you spit and it's a mumble, as you tumble in a trap,
I'm the one to fuck your girl in the bugatti that you dream of while ya' fap,
You're the one to fire blanks and promise that you'll deliver her your sap,
By the time you ease the dribble out she's literally had a nap,
Round 1 trying, Round 2 forfeit, seems the norm for you, why'd you have to snort the crack?
I don't take much pleasure in the measures I take here breaking your back,
You speak respect to me while dissing throw me your undropped balls and let me bat,
No homo right? I'll low blow like you're pussy and I'm cat,
You make me seem funnier and cuter as I shit on you... 'no scat'... ;)
Round 3
(Bold to help irrationalsadman, who possess a low cognitive ability and cannot compute my Eminem level rhymes)

You know the bozo has no ammo, standing there like a scarecrow whilst I unload my automatic crossbow
Say I didn't rhyme, that's a crime, your mind must be begrimed with slime
Say I rent my Bugatti, I think you meant I went and dented it because who really cares about a cent
Say you'll kill me, but I'm the original ghere and I will be for a minute 
A minute? That's longer than your visit away
I have milk that lasts longer than your leave away 
I'm here to stay to slay my pray whilst you pray for the day I may go away 

You say I'm tumbling in a trap yet you seem to be struggling in this match 
You bumble and fumble even the most simple of rhymes 
How will you get by, don't lie, I know you're asking why you tied yourself into this tussle
Say I forfeit, but please know your limit, look at your own record and see how many times you've quit
Say I respect you, I do, I feel bad for you to loose to me who's on my debut 
Had a good run in rap but you know its that time to cut your cap
Your time has come, like a used condom 
I've exposed you as a bum, left you numb and dumb, almost as dead as the leaves in autumn 
Under PM doxxing rules I left out what Vici sent me and the timings. I leave this screenshot to show you all something amusing:

^ 8 messages in a row.


Just watch. Just appreciate.

Ask if that earns a temporary block or not.


You cannot be the original, you came so much later, 
Original G? Punk, you're a simp of me turned hater,
Putting my name in your debate, so attention's paid, sure,
Try challenging anyone else here to a rap battle, they'll ditch you and play safer,
I'm as G as it gets here, both on and off paper,
You're that young punk anakin, I'm full blown Vader,
You're trying to be me, adamant, arrogant, slayer,
But every time you're calling out the champs, you're being dunked by a winner, like tryna give my girlfriend a nice dinner while I'm with yours as I gape her,
You don't understand it, I'm in the upper echelons here, that Andrew Tate type you're gay for,
I don't give a shit, Vici if you don't see me as greater,
I'm the cam in your TV, you don't perceive 'til later,
I'm the one you mistook for prey, come eat my anus, stick your tongue in and taste more,
Now let me eat up a pussy that's got that salty, bitter flavour,
I may not be head mod in this jungle but I'm that chimp you go ape for,
I'll pillage your tribe as those by my side call me saviour,
My flow's like water, bars so hot it's turned vapour,
My raps turn even your mother into a twerking booty shaker,
I'm the table in the living room, you're the spare room's wallpaper.