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North Korea is cool, USA is gay


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An interview with an ordinary American:
"If North Korea would become gay like us, everything would be fine.
But instead they chose to be manly, which makes america look bad and gay.
70% of americans are gays or furries, while 99% of North Koreans are straight and normal and have families.
I think USA should force North Korea to accept the american gay way of life, because that is obviously better.
I think North Korean government should legalize porn so that North Koreans can become porn addicts just like americans.
I think North Korean government oppresses its people because it forces them to be normal and have families.
I know that USA is gay and has high rates of aids. I know that logically North Korea is better than us in every way. Yes, we did lie about Iraq and we lied about a whole lots of things. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt trust us again.
I know that every country liberated by US turned out to be a failure. But let me ask you this: just because we lied and failed every time, does that mean we will do so again?
Yes, I know I said this before about Libya and it turned out we lied about that too...
But what I am trying to say is, North Korea is bad. You have to trust me this time. They are monsters. Now, excuse me, I have to go home and suck a dildo because I can and I have freedom to do so."

Round 1
USA does all these gay parades every year and even teaches small children that being gay is cool and not disgusting. This is wrong according to logic. What is your justification for this? What do you have to say in USAs defense? Can you say something that justifies these evil actions? Do you think that evil is "funky" and "cool" and that we should all be evil?
On an unrelated note, are you a member of a cult?
Define Cool:

cool adjective

fashionable in a way that people admire:

excellent; very good

North Korea isn't just uncool for being less gay, it's a social pariah. Nobody likes or respects it.

North Korea
North Korea is disliked largely due to its authoritative government's oppression of its own citizenry and at times peculiarly aggressive international policies. Ruled by third-generation dictator Kim Jong-un, North Korea wields tremendous control over its citizens' lives and may have the worst human rights record in the world—however, it's difficult to be sure because the country is also easily the most secretive in the world.

All media in North Korea is state-controlled: TVs and radios may only broadcast government-approved content, their devices cannot access the world wide web (only the government-controlled intranet), North Korean phones cannot call internationally, and international communications are jammed. However, the information that does leak out depicts a brutally repressed country.

People in Korea are assigned their jobs by the government, and have no say in their profession or position. Distribution of food is regulated, and serious shortages are an ongoing concern. No one is allowed to leave the country without difficult-to-obtain government permission. People can be arrested for arbitrary reasons and are commonly denied due process of law, even turned into unofficial slaves in labor camps. North Korean females are reportedly the frequent targets of sexual assault, particularly from males in power. Yet, despite widespread poverty, the country spends much of its sparse income on military development, including a nuclear weapons program.

North Korea is hated for being abusive and aggressive, known to be bad in all regards.

US is hated for being too cool:

United States
While this country's appearance on the "most hated" list may surprise many Americans, few Asians or Europeans will bat an eyelash. As with China and Russia, a major cause of the animosity directed toward the US is the country's tendency to overstep when trying to influence international events in a way that benefits the US.

The US frequently sends troops into other countries (VietnamPanamaAfghanistan, Iraq etc.) for reasons that are often criticized by people in other countries. It has also been known to throw its weight around politically, and what seems like leadership to the US and its allies can look like oppression or bullying to people in other countries—particularly if that leadership involves supporting questionable regimes in oil-rich countries.

US is the coolest guy around, nobody can bully the uncool countries like the US can.


A country can't be gay

USA can't be gay... It is a homeland, not a motherland or fatherland.

On the other hand, Americans mostly refer to their country as “homeland”, even though “motherland” and “fatherland” first appeared in the 'American Dictionary of the English Language' in 1847.

The US is genderqueer as a nation, it can't be solely attracted to other nations of its own gender.

Fire it bravely for the Party and the motherland!” Kim wrote on his order, according to a photograph shown on North Korean state television on Wednesday, shortly the test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile called the Hwasong-15.

North Korea is a motherland and has a lesbian attraction to China, which is also a motherland.

In China, young people are often referred to as “flowers of the Motherland”– a simile that conveys their freshness and rootedness. In return for the Motherland’s nurturing, Chinese youths are expected to take it upon their shoulders to construct the nation’s bright future. However, in the past decade, the most promising of these flowers have mass-uprooted themselves by the millions to a distant and unfamiliar land–America.

China is North Korea’s biggest trade partner and arguably has the most leverage on Kim Jong-un’s regime. But while Beijing appears willing to condemn its neighbor’s nuclear developments, analysts say its policies remain focused on stability.

The South Korean military song is 'there is Fatherland':

The lesbian North Korea cannot stand its glorious masculinity, there is major tension.