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RESOLVED: President Joseph Biden Probably Has Dementia


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President Joseph R. Biden of the United States of America Probably Has Dementia


PRO must only argue that President Biden probably has dementia.

CON must only argue that President Biden probably does not have dementia.


The following will determine the definitions for this debate:

All terms shall first be defined from MedicineNet's Medical Dictionary available here:

And if MedicineNet's Medical Dictionary cannot provide a definition, then Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary available at will be used for all other words.

Dementia is defined as: Significant loss of intellectual abilities, such as memory capacity, that is severe enough to interfere with social or occupational functioning.

Probably is defined as: insofar as seems reasonably true.


By participating in this debate, PRO and CON agree to adhere to the following rules:

1. Use of logical fallacies are strictly prohibited. Any logical fallacy that exists in this Wikipedia page: is banned from the debate. All logical fallacies shall be defined according to this Wikipedia webpage. Any deliberate usage of a logical fallacy results in immediate forfeiture and admittance of defeat. Accidental usage can be rectified by not using the fallacy again and moving on with the debate.

2. The rules and definitions of logic shall come from the webpage, and not Merriam Webster's online Dictionary or any other Wikipedia page. This debate shall be governed by the laws of logic, meaning burden of proof is required by both parties.

3. Usage of any propaganda technique, as defined, outlined, and explained in this Wikipedia webpage, as an argument is banned:

4. Usage of any compliance technique, as defined, outlined, and explained in this Wikipedia webpage, as an argument is banned:

5. The rules of grammar and proper English shall come from available here: and they will be followed strictly. Deliberate attempts to use gibberish English result in forfeiture of debate by the person who committed the action.

6. Using definitions from any source or definition not already supplied and properly used within the rules arising from this description is banned, UNLESS there is not already a definition for either the specific word or root word(s) with which a definition may be constructed, in the approved sources.

7. For the purposes of this debate, evidence shall be defined by "something that furnishes proof," and "proof" shall be defined as "the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning" statement shall be defined as "a report of facts or opinions." Opinions shall not be substituted for facts and facts shall not be substituted for opinions. And facts are inherently superior to opinions.

8. Sources are weighted according to their satisfaction of the Burden of Proof, with primary sources better satisfying the burden of proof than secondary and tertiary sources, all of which are defined by this webpage:

9. Both PRO and Con agree to debating in good faith as per Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary Definition: "honesty or lawfulness of purpose." With lawfulness deriving from definition 1b for lawful: "constituted, authorized, or established by law." Both PRO and CON agree these debate rules and all else contained in this description are the law for the debate.

10. Voters agree to vote in favor of the party that was second to violate the rules, e.g. the first person to violate these rules shall be penalized by voters voting that the first person to violate the rules lost the debate.

Round 1

Thanks to Lair77 for accepting this debate.

My argument will be based on proving Biden exhibits the symptoms of someone with Dementia, thereby making it probable that Biden has dementia.

To start, I shall use the qualifications outlined in MedicineNet, to stay in accordance with the debate rules: "Criteria for the diagnosis of dementia include impairment of attention, orientation, memory, judgment, language, motor and spatial skills, and function." [22] 

The diagnosis of dementia, due to the rules of this debate, is based on the above criteria, since it is included in the definition of Dementia. Therefore, to diagnose Biden with probable dementia, I must adhere to these criteria or my diagnosis of probable dementia (Note: remember that, where MedicineNet does not define a term, Merriam Websters becomes the supplier of a definition. If I used Merriam Websters for a definition, it is likely because it was not in MedicineNet's dictionary).


Attention means, according to definition 1a: "the act or state of applying the mind to something." [3] 

MedicineNet's article on dementia that was supplied by their definition explains that Moderately Severe Impairment from dementia includes:
  • Increased memory loss
  • Confusion about location or previous events
  • Trouble with less challenging mental math
  • Needing help with selecting appropriate wardrobe [27]
Under Severe Impairment, MedicineNet states:
  • Needing assistance when getting dressed
  • Needing assistance when using the restroom
  • Wondering [sic] and getting lost
  • Unable to recall names of loved-ones or caregivers
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Changes in personality (paranoia or hallucinations) [27]
Biden shows his complete inability to apply his mind to tasks given to him, especially showing confusion about location and events. Examples include:
  • Biden incoherently ranted in garbled sentence structure about the moon landing, aliens, and the education system when talking about vaccine efficacy [5]
  • Biden has difficulty paying attention to the teleprompter. Reads "repeat the line" out loud and then repeats the line. [23]
  • Biden forgets the way to the White House and walks toward a forest, despite Secret Service agents telling him which direction to go. The Secret Service agents seem confused and worried.[8] 
  • Biden forgets what he is doing and chases an Ice Cream Truck in the middle of a press conference. Jill Biden had to go flag him down and bring him back. [25]
  • Biden shakes an invisible man's hand and turns behind him to nobody being there and greets this crowd of invisible people. [7]

Orientation is defined in definition 1a as: the act or process of orienting or of being oriented. [10]

MedicineNet's explainer article for Dementia cited above says Very Severe Impairment from dementia includes:
  • Loss of language skills
  • Loss of awareness of surroundings
  • Assistance when eating
  • Unable to control urination
  • Loss of muscle control to smile, swallow, walk, or sit without support [27]
It is apparent Biden is having difficulty walking, moving, and performing other basic motor skill processes:
  • Biden trips multiple times going up the stairs to Air Force One. [11]
  • Biden has difficulty putting on his jacket, does not process it is due to the wind blowing, gets confused, and then drops his glasses that he apparently forgot were on his face [12]
  • Biden limps and hunches forward in controlled falling whenever he walks [13] [19] [20]
  • Biden has difficulty sitting and his body is shaking when he hands a pen to Manchin after signing a bill. He does everything incredibly slowly and has obvious difficulty being mobile [28]

Memory means, according to definition 1a: "the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms" [24]

Now, while true that many seniors occasionally have bouts of forgetfulness, notes that people with dementia will also experience "Significant declines in short-term memory, such as an inability to remember recent conversations or events." And these "are not a normal sign of aging and can indicate dementia." [18}

Recall MedicineNet's article on dementia patients and note it includes increased memory loss as a symptom. Furthermore, as cited above under Very Severe Impairment, MedicineNet's article states that "loss of awareness of surroundings" is a criterion for Very Severe Impairment from dementia. [27]

Biden has displayed multiple telltale signs of dementia-level forgetfulness and difficulty remembering surroundings:
  • Biden forgets where he is and goes to shake hands with an invisible person [7]
  • Biden completely forgets he is at an event and walks around confused and fearful [9]
  • Biden forgot his train of thought mid-sentence multiple times during a press conference [26]
  • Biden forgets he is signing a bill and looks confused at people clapping [28]
  • Biden forgets he is at a Press Conference mid-sentence and tries to laugh it off as a joke [15]
  • Biden forgets about Kamala Harris being in the room [16]

Language, as defined by definition 1b2 is: a systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks having understood meanings. [1] 

Recall that, in the MedicineNet explainer article for dementia, a person with Very Severe Impairment from dementia will exhibit "loss of language skills." [27]

Biden has exhibited multiple severe losses of language skills during speeches and press conferences. Some examples include:
  • Biden fails to put together a complete sentence and forgets what he is answering [14]
  • The previously-cited moon-landing-aliens-education rant when talking about vaccine efficacy [5]
  • Biden defines America as "ASUFUTIMAEHAEHFUTBW" then loses his train of thought. [6]
  • Biden forgets his own train of thought and switches to another one, but can't put the sentence together [29]
  • Biden fails to speak what is outlined in his notes [30]
  • Biden completely loses train of thought and cannot put together a sentence from the notes on his cheat sheet. [31]
  • Biden having difficulty answering a question about him being called "Slow Joe." [32]

Loss of motor skills was succinctly covered under Orientation, here I shall show that Biden has severe difficulty with spatial problems. Spatial skills has no definition in either dictionary, so, in accordance with the debate rules, I shall deduce a root definition from Merriam Webster.

Spatial definition 2 means: of, relating to, or involved in the perception of relationships (as of objects) in space. [2]
Skills definition 2 means: a learned power of doing something competently a developed aptitude or ability [3]

So, taken together, spatial skills means: a learned power of competently perceiving the relationships of objects in space.

Biden has shown limited abilities to perform this type of reasoning:
  • The Biden jacket and glasses fiasco mentioned earlier [12]
  • Biden forgets to completely unlatch his foot before getting off his bike [33]

Function means in Definition 3: any of a group of related actions contributing to a larger action. especiallythe normal and specific contribution of a bodily part to the economy of a living organism. [34]

More specific for dementia, MedicineNet's explainer article says "In general, dementia is characterized by impaired intellectual functioning that interferes with daily activities or personal relationships." [27]

The preponderance of evidence above shows that Biden has a severe limit in his daily activities. His brain is not contributing to his body's everyday function, and as a result, Biden is not functioning optimally. Therefore, it is probable that Dementia is causing a severe limitation of function, which falls inline with this probable diagnosis.


Through a preponderance of examples given, Biden has demonstrably exhibited the signs of Dementia, meaning it is probable that Biden is experiencing a particular stage of Dementia. With the MedicineNet definition and explainer article included as a baseline for diagnosing Dementia, it is probable that Biden has a severe to very severe case of Dementia based on his exhibiting the signs repeatedly in multiple public press conferences and appearances.

"Probably" as already defined in the definitions section of the description includes the idea of a "reasonably" component. Reasonably is defined in definition 1a as "being in accordance with reason." [35] And "reason" means "a sufficient ground of explanation or of logical defense" [4]

To have a sufficient argument, according to the debate rules, means to furnish burden of proof using primary sources as the highest standard of evidence. I have furnished many examples that show, in real time, through live events preserved in YouTube videos devoid of selective editing tactics, that President Joseph Biden clearly and contextually exhibits the signs of Dementia, meaning my argument, as supplied, fits the definition for probable.

In comments.
Round 2
CON has forfeited Round One. Vote PRO.

I extend CON the chance to respond in the next round if he decides not to forfeit the debate.
Round 3
CON has forfeited. Vote PRO.