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6-year-old girl has a right to do whatever she wants to her body


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According to the teachings of a great leader Kim Jong Il, all people have right to independence.

My argument is that a 6 year old girl has a right to independence as long as she is not harming the independence of others.

For example, if she had sex with an adult man and they both wanted it, other people should not interfere. It didnt harm anyones independence.

The teachings of a dear leader say that all people have right to independence and that no one should violate the independence of others.

But why do people violate the independence of 6 year old girl by forbidding her to make decisions about her body? She is the owner of her body, nobody else.

You have no right to tell others what to do with their body.

Little 6 year old girl maybe doesnt know everything, but that doesnt mean you are allowed to tell her what to do with her body. Her body is hers. You dont own her. The opposite case would be slavery.

I dont understand why people think they have right to forbid children from having sex, watching porn, masturbating...ect.

Children are not slaves. Their bodies belong to them. If they want to have sex every day, thats their choice. It doesnt violate anyones independence.

Now, there are some people who say that childs independence is not important. To those I say: Are you saying your independence is not important either? In the same way you violate childs independence, you give an excuse for others to violate your independence.

I have a dream that one day we will live in a society where children are free and where everyone is free. But that is hard due to the american imperialism.

Round 1
My argument:
1) 6 year old girl is the owner of her body
2) Other people have no right to decide what she will do with her body 
3) The only consent that is relevant is hers
4) Without her consent, people have no right to do anything to her body
5) 6 year old girl has the right to do whatever she wants to her body
6) Other people have no right to decide what will happen to her body without her consent
7) There are borders around her body in which she rules and has complete sovereignty in this territory

Refuting common arguments:

1) Informed consent?
Some people say that 6 year old girl doesnt have enough knowledge, and therefore cant give informed consent. However, no one except her can give relevant consent regarding her body. It doesnt matter if she doesnt know. You cant consent for her. Its not your body. Only she is the owner. You cant decide instead of her what will happen to her body. You can merely try to inform her. Deciding instead of her is the violation of her independence/sovereignty. I can proclaim you as uneducated and claim as my right to decide about your body and your life instead of you. In fact, many dictators such as Hitler and Obama did that to people.

2) When she grows up, little girl will be grateful if you decide instead of her?
This is historically inaccurate argument. First, there is a percentage of children who dont even grow up, but die before that. Those children will obviously not be grateful to you for not allowing them to control their own life. Then there is a percentage of children who will hate you and label you as control freak. Then there is percentage of children who will be neutral. Finally, there is a percentantage of children that  you have controlled and they will be grateful to you. Of course, after years of deciding instead of them and controlling them and indoctrinating them to believe what you believe, such gratefulness is a mere product of the indoctrination and subjugation. The fact that they originally hated you and disagreed with you and that you had to force them to accept what you do to them and that you had to indoctrinate them and threat them and probably beat them too and the fact that they never knew for the better speaks about the true nature of their gratefulness. They are grateful either out of fear, either as a justification to do the same to their children.
Also, I need to mention that Hitler thought Germans will be grateful to him for what he does. Gratefulness argument seems to be popular among criminals and mass murderers. In fact, some mothers who killed their children claimed that children will be grateful for that in the afterlife. 

3) For the greater good?
This is another argument popular among mass murderers such as Obama and Hitler. However, this argument is terribly inconsistent. It allows people to meddle into anyones life with greater good being the justification. It even allows governments to force people to have sex and give births. Also, it allows me to meddle in your life and decide instead of you about your life any time you decide not to fully serve the greater good.

So, what is your excuse?
Round 2
I dont understand people who make accounts just to accept 1 debate then forfeit then leave the site forever. 

Well, I can still explain what my position leads to.

My position is anti circumcision, anti corporal punishment, anti forced education, allowing suicides, allowing anything thats consensual and banning anything that isnt. 

This position can be simply explained as:
1) Upholding a certain amount of human life on Earth (this is needed to uphold consent)
2) Upholding consent of humans over their body and territory

I am pretty sure there is still more work to be done on this particular position. 
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
The most logical thing to do now is cry myself to sleep while thinking about all the bad things in the world.

"You are focusing on the negative, Anakin. Be mindful of your thoughts."

Yes, master. I will remember your teachings.
I will only think of the pretty things.
I will accept the fact that I am living in a beautiful world.

Its the only way to stay positive.