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You pick the topic. You pick the sides.

Round 1
I am waiting for you to pick the topic and sides.

The burden of proof in this debate is on me.
I believe you are for pedophilia, against homosexuality.

So henceforth this topic.

It is total conflict to be for pedophilia and against homosexuality.

Now why is there conflict?

I like to keep this nice and simple and interaction friendly in oppose to others on this site .

The conflict is the paradoxical nature within both behaviors. There is a common anti-productive or counterproductive effect to maintaining, flourishing and strengthening the health of the human family in the object to reproduce those health qualities .

So nice and clear. Homosexuality produces no sexual reproduction. Pedophilia applicably so, produces no sexual reproduction. So nice and clear.

Those that are for homosexuality will use an argument that is similar if not exact to that to use for pedophilia or in a mitigated fashion "adult and child love".

It's love , it's tender care, it's beautiful, it's roses and daises. Those that support homosexuality and pedophilia alike will find no contradiction to seek to be involved in or a part of the LGBTQ.

So you, the side that will take the position that there is no conflict in supporting one and not the other, show how the double standard somehow is valid.

You know, if I'm looking for respect from someone and I have to give them respect, show how it's valid  for that someone to get respect from me without them giving theirs , so to say, analogous to this topic.

I thank you.

Round 2
If we assume that, when meassuring values:

A is equal to B,

it follows that either both are bad either both are good.

If there is any difference between them, such difference could be used to justify one and ban the other.

I will make an example of double standards and why they can be explained.

For example:

There are two apples.

Apple A and Apple B.

Apple A is in love with little oranges. She always wants to be around little oranges. She loves how they are cute. She loves how they are small. She likes to play with them. She wants to make little oranges happy. She wants to protect them.

Apple B doesnt like little oranges at all. Apple B likes other apples that are similar in size to her.

Apple B is clearly different from Apple A.

Such difference can be used to justify different treatment.

For example: if God sends his word to Apples and condemns Apple B, but doesnt condemn Apple A, one can conclude that Apple A is a better follower of Gods word.

What is your opinion?
I don't have an opinion.

Please show why or how it is not a contradiction to be for pedophilia but against homosexuality.

A homosexual couple loves one of each other just as an adult loves a child.

Why are you only against one of those groups?

A homosexual couple can have the same type of nature for a relationship with love, care and hopefully joy. 

Even a male adult and male child in a pedophilia condition, they can be one in the same .

Surely one of them in that affair doesn't have to be an opposite sex for you to approve.

Explain why one of them would have to be.

Round 3
You are right. Homosexuality is the same as pedophilia.

But does that mean we should treat homosexuals just as we treat pedophiles? Why cant we have double standards and treat people according to their labels?
"You are right. Homosexuality is the same as pedophilia."

I don't say they're the same. Not in terms of sexuality. They both can be based on the same argument which you use, do you not?

"But does that mean we should treat homosexuals just as we treat pedophiles?"

That's a whole other topic about treatment. We can argue the basis for treatment another time if I am still here on this planet.

I just say your position is in conflict. Now if you agree to that, we can conclude .

"Why cant we have double standards and treat people according to their labels?"

We can have double standards granted for the "we", those that accept living in hypocrisy.

It's not about what you can or can't have , it's just admitting you have it and arguing that it's valid.

See it's invalid for example to say my computer desktop password is one thing and I hypocritically type in something else. 
Hence the error message from the computer "invalid password ".

You're for the love and joy two people have. 

That is the nature of one group or couple. You're for one but against a different group that has the same basis of nature.

It's like saying I'm a Christian but I don't practice it. I'm an airline pilot that doesn't pilot any airplanes .

It's oxymoronic which indeed cancels out, nullifies the position. 

It doesn't exist, can't exist. Namely impossible to be for one, not the other .

Round 4
I would say its some conflict. However, I wouldnt say its a total conflict.

I wont concede yet that its a total conflict.

After all, homosexuals are not always pedophiles. 

We can make difference between them. So we can be for one and against the other due to the difference between them.

Sometimes there is no difference. Sometimes homosexuals are pedophiles. So then there is conflict.
"I would say its some conflict. "

There's conflict regardless of how you size it up or slice it. 

Ok , there's conflict, that's correct.
Round 5
Thank you for this debate. It was interesting to compare homosexuality to pedophilia and see the similarities they have.

It is difficult to be for one and against the other.
Right on.