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Islam is the summarised religion of Jewish and Christian


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Let's have a safe debate.

Round 1
Thank you for accepting my challenge @RationalMadman.

 "Islam as a summarised religion of Jewish and Christian" is a statement that reflects the idea that Islam incorporates and builds upon the teachings of Judaism and Christianity. Both Judaism and Christianity are monotheistic religions that share common beliefs and values, such as the belief in one God, the importance of prayer and moral behavior, and the centrality of scripture. Islam, which emerged in the 7th century, recognizes these shared roots and asserts that it represents a final and complete manifestation of the monotheistic tradition, building upon the previous revelations and teachings of Judaism and Christianity.

This argument is supported by the fact that many of the figures and stories central to Judaism and Christianity, such as Moses, Abraham, and Jesus, are also revered in Islam and are considered prophets in the Islamic tradition. Additionally, the Qur'an, the central text of Islam, contains many references to the Bible and Jewish scripture, and Muslims are taught to respect and honor the earlier revelations.

From this perspective, Islam can be seen as a summation of the monotheistic tradition, bringing together the best of what has come before and offering a comprehensive and unified understanding of the divine. This unity and synthesis of the monotheistic traditions allows for a more complete and cohesive understanding of the divine and provides a path for individuals to deepen their relationship with God.


Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are monotheistic religions that share many similarities, including:

Belief in one God: All three religions believe in the existence of one supreme deity who created the world and governs all that happens within it.

Importance of moral behavior: All three religions place great emphasis on ethical conduct, teaching that individuals will be judged based on their deeds and that good behavior is essential for a meaningful life.

Centrality of scripture: All three religions hold scripture to be central to their faith and study it for guidance and inspiration. In Islam, this scripture is the Qur'an; in Christianity, it is the Bible; and in Judaism, it is the Torah.

Respect for previous revelations: Islam recognizes Judaism and Christianity as earlier revelations from God and considers their scripture to be of great value. Christians and Jews also have respect for the scripture of each other's religion.

Prophets and messengers: All three religions believe in the existence of prophets and messengers who received divine revelations and brought them to the people. Key figures such as Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are revered in all three religions.

Ritual practices: All three religions have a set of ritual practices and observances, such as prayer and fasting, which serve to deepen their connection to God and strengthen their faith.

Focus on community: All three religions place a strong emphasis on community and the importance of coming together to worship and support one another.

As we know Islam is the new religion as it was relieved 1400 years ago , so it's has been a asset we can say it is an summarised religion of Jewish and Christian 
I think you used chatGPT to cheat.

I will sum up my case.

  1. There are verses in the Qur'an and direct Hadiths encouraging Muslims to attack Jews and Christians. One says any ally of a Jew or Christian is an enemy of Islam to be held hostile.
  2. The god of the Qur'an commands to only consider Allah as god. All other religions and their gods are held false. Moses and Jesus therefore are real prophets in Islam but were deceived somehow to teach the truth with lies attached.
  3. The Qur'an teaches Halal vs Haram and has different rules than what is Kosher for Jews or Blessed and okay for Christians.
  4. There is no need for Islam at all if Judaism or Christianity is true.

Round 2