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I still believe... there are only two genders.


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POV. your transphobic teehee

Round 1
If I had a dollar for every gender there was...
I would have 2 dollars, and a whole bunch of monopoly money.

In order to argue the point that there are only two genders, I would have to define gender.


  1. the male sex or the female sex, especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones, or one of a range of other identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female

This definition has been manipulated and twisted over time to fit the leftist-woke agenda. Gender is not separate from sex; gender is the traits of your sex. Sex is what you biologically are, while gender describes the qualities of your sex. Therefore, one could argue on the base that gender is not separate from sex, that there can only be two genders since there are 2 sex's. 
A man who believes they are a women has a mental illness and needs help, not surgery to make him into a woman. If you are born a man, then you are a man, now, this does not mean feminine men dont exist, they are literally just feminine men.

An example of a made up gender is AFAB, this means Assigned Female At Birth. This literally is made up so that people can stack multiple genders, but it is just a made up variation of female, one of the only two genders. 

Transgenderism is a mental illness, and still stands on the basis of 2 genders. 

If con would like to argue that there is more than two genders, please, give me an example of a gender outside the bounds of male and female. 

And on the "non-binary", or "agender", terms of gender, this cannot exist. Because you will ALWAYS have a gender, or traits of your natural sex. And since sex is not changeable or you cannot be NO sex, then you cannot be no gender.

I would love to see con bring up two-spirits, or people of BOTH genders, both meaning male and female, because this does not eliminate the aspect of two genders. 

If we are to use Pro’s definition, then we must consider that gender and biological sex are very different from each other. 

Pro must use a specific definition if he is to try and argue they are the same. 

1. There are only two biological sexes. 
2. There are more than two genders. 

Genders List: 

Gender expansive

Please vote Con.
Round 2
Con, you have not stated a gender outside of male and female.
Let's define each gender you listed. 

As I have stated previously, and since you have not addressed anything, I have brought up, it is simply impossible to have no gender. Gender, as I have defined, is the traits of a person's sex. Con simply said I did not list a definition, but there is my definition of gender.

You cannot have a gender that states you don't have a gender. It simply does not exist; you must have a gender. It is biological. If you have a sex, you will have a gender. Also, how can your gender be having no gender? That is ridiculous!

Androgyne, otherwise known as having the qualities of BOTH sexes. I will state something VERY simply, if you are a man who is both masculine and feminine, you are a feminine male. Your gender is still male, as you have the qualities of a man, while sharing some with woman, while being a biological male. This does not make you a woman or half-woman. This is the same for masculine women.

Bigender. This literally means the same as androgyne. You are both genders. This cannot be true as you cannot be MULTIPLE genders. This is getting ridiculous, what's next. Can I identify as a baby girl because I have some qualities of a baby girl?

Butch. Here is a definition I found online. Butch is a gender expression term. It's normally used by cisgender women who present in a masculine manner but are still proud of their female identity. As I have said before, a woman that exhibits masculine traits, is still a woman. Or their gender would be female. They are just a very masculine female. Notice how none of these genders escape the realm of male and female, it's always you are both male or female, a man that is feminine or a woman that is masculine, or someone with no gender.

Cisgender. We have gone so far off the realm of sanity we have made a new gender just to define the already denotated genders male and female. Denoting or relating to a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex registered for them at birth; not transgender. This is the definition of cisgender. This means if you are a man who identifies as a man, you are cisgender. Same with a woman who identifies as a woman. No, this just means male and female, and this is my point. There is no gender outside of male or female. 

I won't try on gender expansive. This means you can be any gender you want based on how you feel. It tries to escape the realm of male or female by saying that people who use this term don't identify with male or female, yet they cannot say what they identify as.

“a society of essential oils and self-esteem has replaced a society of logic.”

Vote Pro.

Genders are a fabrication of the individual’s external personality and are what the person wants them to be. 

Just because two genders have based certain qualities on the two biological sex, does not mean other genders have decided to do the same. 

In either case, gender being a construction of social perception is therefore based on people’s interpretation of what constitutes ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’ behavior. 

  • Drinking beer is neither masculine or feminine. This is a societal perspective. 
  • Wearing high-heels is not feminine, this is another social construct. 
Age is objective. A person cannot change their age by identifying as something else. 

  • Extend that there are multiple genders. 
  • Extend that are there are only two biological sexes. 
  • Extend that gender and biological sex are not synonymous.

Round 3
I have already stated what I define gender as, the qualities of your sex. There are only 2 sexes so therefore there can only be 2 genders. Please con, give me a gender that exists outside the bounds of male and female.

Also, it has always been this way until recently. Any mammalian species exists with these same laws. There are biological males and females in nature, who are male and female in gender as well. You can tell by their actions and duties, and their qualities. Let me restate my definition of gender, gender is the qualities of your sex.
Round 4
Please vote Con.
Round 5