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Round 1
What's up Sir Lancelot, today's your proving grounds you better prove it now, no games today
I hope you prep, cause right now this is your training day
If what I got in the stash steams you'll fade away
Red dot on your head if you can't explain those things you say
Wordplay or gun bars? What you want first
Got some pistols that's fully employed that mean they all work
When them bullets start clapping asses that's what I call twerk
But my knuckle game mean, f*ck a gun you will get murked
I'm full of pure talent and potential
I'm a savage pit bull my hometown is the kennel
Got that dope shit thats clenching jaws fuckin' up they dental
What I'm whipping I ain't gotta bring it back, it ain't a rental
My bars are cheat codes and journal is full of cheat sheets
I only like to take clean wins, I'm a neat freak
Get a glimpse a second before it land, thats a sneak peak
You really think you can win? Your future is looking bleak
Why you step up to me? I mean why me
You'll get boxed: picture that, thats an I. D
Give you the 4, Roman numerals that's IV
It's a difference over here, watch see
I won't miss that holocaust that shit you will not see 
I creep up on you waving arms that's tai chi


Intro: Only one fate awaits you, Space Cadet. 
Do you realize who you’re stepping in the arena with? 

**Rap Starts**

I am Lancelot Du Lac. 
Top competitor of war and battle. 

Make all my enemies quiver befo’ I stick mah blade in their liver. 

All you bitches tremble with fear at the sound of my name, bet ya wish you had my glory & fame. 
So wild, too uneasy to tame, but am I really to blame? Damn boy, that’s such a shame.

Bruised his ego by sabotaging the election, this stuff holds a mirror to my bonafide reflection.
I’m the Joker that’s playin’ Poker by gambling with all your lives by granting the Presidency to his arch-nemesis, DART’s greatest supervillain. 
Rat-Man tried to step to me and declared I would suffer, talkin’ like he was tougher. 
So I broke his spirit and sent him on his merry way, letting him have his last words. 

I’m The Force to be trifled with. 
Conjure up the storm that’ll tear you to pieces. That’s the proper form. 

My norm will be when I raid the village and slaughter all the citizens. 
Slice and dice like a motherfuckin’ guillotine. 

Get traumatized means you lived to tell my story. 
Otherwise I’d have you vaporized. 

Your time’s almost up, Space Cadet. Better make your final moments count. 
Round 2
Since you think you got drive, let me hit you with these car rhymes

This second round, I'm leaving you on E, yeah this the gas guzzler
That engine roar I'll exhaust pipes like a muffler

No windshield, but you gotta see the road and steer clear
I'm automatic, manual rules if we switch gears

Give you the grill, that headlight got a high beam
You gassin' yourself up thinking you ride clean

Lift up that hood and have his battery laying in the trunk
And how he dead cause that battery couldn't get the jump

But if I ask, you'll probably say you keep the wheel straight
Long as it's strapped in with an airbag then you feel safe

Well I'll have Geico, Progressive and leave in All States
Cause if we collide on the road side, don't let the pump brake

Them wheels age like rusty bananas, Space Cadet. 
Let me do you one better. 
While you’re busy playin’ Russian Roulette. 
Don’t worry. It ain’t the years, it’s the mileage. 

You’re like that meme from O’Five. 
Time to retire that ancient rhyme scheme. 
When challenged, Devon will never arrive. 
Space Cadet was always last to get picked for the Football Team.

Let me call your mechanic before you breakdown and have a nervous panic. 
What, you think you’re quick? 
You ain’t no Lightning McQueen or Mr. John Wick. 

You’re roadkill, thinking you got skill. 
Got splattered and flattened cuz you’re pancake batter. 

Round 3
I make movies no lights, cameras, no directors
I'll make you see the big picture, no projectors
Stunt, I'll throw you over my shoulder like a clothes suspender
Then grab that battery out your back like a smoke detector

I post up, establish my presence when I hit the block
Get a clear view you can't see your target then pick a different spot
Back em' down make sure you getting a high percentage shot
Then take you to the edge and toss you off the river's dock

If it's beef, I'm bangin' and I will not stop
Like U.P.S I'm posted at your door, knock knock
Soon as I hear "Who's there?" you hear a couple glocks cock
Run, and I'll be everywhere you turn I'm like a hotspot

But if you running, you better get all you can get
I got a lethal crew that cut throats, its off with your neck
If you text me wrong, these fists will auto correct
You would think the gun got wifi the way the auto connect

Levitate you with my mind powers. 
Infiltrate your brain like Ima Wifi Router. 

Hurl you light years away
Headbutt some extraterrestrial fence
Transform into a celestial force

Blast you into the afterlife
While I keep stealing men’s wives. 
My game is sharp. 
That’s why you Wanna-Be-Me’s try LARP

Ima send you head first into the spirit realm
Let you get overwhelmed. 

I’m worthy enough to lift Excalibur and Thor’s hammer. 
Sentenced you to the Soul Slammer. 

And I’m throwing away the key.

Referee’s ringing the bell. 
Goodbye, I won’t be seeing you in Hell.

Round 4
You think you barrin' me to death like this gone be your best yet?
Well now that I face you here you gone curl up, thats a french chef
With my flow I'll make your soul fly, and your set rep
Cause with these rounds I lift bars up then get your bench pressed

So act tough, be a victim of how I do things
You'll get pushed, and then comes the hook, that's a mood swing
Your eye will be black then blue, that's a mood ring
These 9's will get you scratched off for some loose change

Only way you could hang around me, is if I lynch things
Think karaoke: better watch what you say or lip sync
Get an attitude adjustment, my fist will make you lean
I'll put a metal round in your mouth, but its not a lip ring

Keep talking, and that'll be Lance's death
Send a big bang that'll re-route you no GPS
Thinking you can hang with me? May Lancelot rest
See you probably don't understand I'm saying you're B. S

Beat ya back in time with these rhymes. 
Like a dynamite, I stand with might and fight. 
Wanna showdown, well let’s throw-down. 

There’s no way Space Cadet can toss hands with Sir Lancelot. 
Parry and counter your cheesy rhymes with ease. 
Tryna act all macho, when there ain’t enough nachos. 

This little lightweight will be here all day
Gonna stay and hang him side ways. 

I’m feeling quite tranquilized. 
Very bored by this one-sided battle. 
Do you think these burns gonna leave Space Cadet vaporized? 
Round 5
I'm so savage that when I arrive they depart scenes
If that metal detecting a victim then that alarm rings
No, if I land on your strip I'm taking all things
It's a wrap, you will take a nap if my palm springs

You don't want no problems, please Lance listen here
That pistol lift you in the air then spin you like a swivel chair
Slice you like a wedding cake, cut you down a couple tiers
You'll drop in desperate need of the docs if they can get you there

The technician will be plugging up wires on you like an engineer
When I say I'm on my way, better believe my engine near
Your whole crew will get knocked off if they interfere
I can spot a fraud from afar I can smell their inner fear

I got some wisdom for people that ain't get humbled yet
Dressed in green, I'm a packer, for that cheese you'll get double checked
Head shot because of recall I'm aiming for the neck
Bullets will hit you and graze whoever's coming next

Ima motherfuckin’ beast, sign me up for the Olympics
You’re no savage with the boring cliches and gimmicks
Bouta punt you like a cabbage

Got no crew, A one-man army. 
Can bulldoze a hundred of you weasels like I’m Vin Diesel. 

Try and see
There’s no way to survive against me. 

Warning from the beginning that only one fate awaits you, punk
That was Genesis
Now it’s Judgment Day and your book closes.

I’ll shoot my thunderbolt and blowtorch your hairline. 
Try not to whine and cry. 

It’s over for you and there’s no crawling back, so try not to become a moping sap.