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Should abortion be legal? (in varying circumstances)


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Should abortion be legal in: any circumstances, most circumstances, few circumstances, or NO circumstances? I personally side with the last option, and I'm honestly here to see the other side, as most of my family share my view on the subject. Debate time!

Round 1
Just going to keep it relatively simple here first.

When a woman is impregnated, (Accidently or otherwise) the sperm from the male connects with one of the female's Ovum. From that point onward a child starts to grow, a HUMAN child, with as much right to life as it's mother if not more due to its young age. Their life does not just magically start when they exit their mothers, they were alive since their conception, (when they began to grow) we do not have any more a right to kill that very ALIVE fetus than to kill an alive newborn. 

The mother, no matter how they received that baby, (rape included unfortunately) has no right to strip that child of its ability to live. even if the mother does not have the funds to raise the child, they could still put them into an orphanage, (or make other decisions with professional help). 

I would like to see your side of the argument before I do more, (so I have something to go off of rather than my own points, which are very obviously biased to one side) 
20 minutes, let's gooo... 

Thanks Azeal, 

This is shared between both users. 

Pro must prove why we should make abortions legal.
Con must prove why we should make abortions illegal.

If something is going against the law already as is and affecting people negatively, it should not be a law. Same goes for abortions, we should not make a law that bans abortions when it contradicts the already existing law and affecting many.

What is abortion?
An abortion is a medical procedure to end a pregnancy.

1. Slavery
a person held in forced servitude

: a person who is completely subservient to a dominating influence

What does the United States say about slavery?
The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

When you force a woman into delivering a child, that is slavery. You are forcing them (the woman) to be completely subservient under the dominating influence of the government t deliver the child. That is slavery. Not only forcing them to do something, forcing them to do things with there body.

If this is a law in the United States, it should not be contradicted.

2. Underlying conditions of the mother
Sometimes, doctors are comfirm that the child and you might die if you proceed with a pregnancy. And in some cases pregant woman might need an abrotion to protect themselves from dying.

We should not force someone to give up their lives for another.

Let me give evne more examples: 
  • On Request — Abortion for any reason is legal, though gestational limits still apply.
  • Save Life — Abortion is legal when necessary to save the life of the woman.
  • Physical Health — Abortion is legal when pregnancy risks significant (but non-fatal) injury to the woman.
  • Mental Health — Abortion is legal when pregnancy puts the woman's mental/emotional health at risk.
  • Rape — Abortion is legal when the pregnancy is the result of rape.
  • Incest — Abortion is legal when the pregnancy is the result of incest.
  • Cognitively Disabled — Abortion is legal when the woman is mentally or cognitively disabled.
  • Fetal Impairment — Abortion is legal when the fetus is known to have significant mental disabilities or physical malformations. As these can range from non-life-threatening conditions such as Down Syndrome to 100% fatal conditions such as anencephaly, more granular guidelines are often necessary.
  • Socioeconomic — Abortion is legal when the woman is financially unable to support the child

3. Long-term effects of forced pregnancy 
Mental health is starting to rack up more and more around the world. Forcing an unwanted pregnancy on someone is extremely daamaging to someones mental health. This one is a bit long, but consider: 

"Daily experience with this reality through our medical practice has made us aware of the tragedy suffered by women who are compelled to face sometimes insurmountable barriers in order to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy, including, at times, the forced continuation of the pregnancy. ..

Stemming from our commitment to promoting women’s healthcare according to the
highest quality standards of care, and based on evidence, we assert that unwanted pregnancy and its forced continuation affect women’s mental health. ..

There is ample evidence to support the argument that the continuation of an unwanted pregnancy increases the risk of mental health problems; thus, from this standpoint, any woman who is forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term faces a health risk that she should not have to face under current legislation in Colombia1 and has the right to terminate her pregnancy". 

Your telling me, an embroyo that doesn't feel pain is trumping over someone who does?

4. 'Supporting' rape
When you ban abortions, you give the opportunity for rapists to have the idea, its okay. When you ban the very thing, that they forcibly produce on someone, your giving them the impression its okay.

Now you might not understand the concept, but 'your' giving the woman who was raped more jail time than the one who caused it in the first place? At this point your just telling the woman, if you get raped "oh well". 

Now, here's the thing when I say supporting. Think of it this way: 
"Men, we have no real consequence but a few years in jail and a ticket out if you choose rehab! As for you, woman, we will punish you for the very thing that was inflicted by you on the man. And you know what? If you try to kill it in your stomach, you will be sent to jail! In fact, longer than the man! Evne if that man has possibly ruined your life with that child. Yknow, your job, your free time, your life in general, gone! But guess what? Your fine!"

5. An embroyo should not have as much rights as an adult
Why does something that has no pain, has no mind, no real actions, trump over someone who does? Someone who is also affected? 

Such as a cow, they have a mind, intelligence, but since when did we give them rights to not kill them? Think about it if a tiger killed a human, wouldn't we kill that tiger? Because another human is feeling harm.

Practically con's argument is: A woman should not be able to strip away someones life regardless of any circumstances.
This is the main/only argument with all con-like sides.

I ask pro the following: 
  • The military kills people if "needed", yet that is a life isn't it? Innocent people were killed and yet we celebrate the army today. Now you may say, we must protect ourselves, but aren't innocent people dying still? Woman do the same; to (in lots of circumstances) protect themselves.
  • Are you saying we should treat woman as slaves? I think that's worse than stripping a life that has by no means has intelligence and no brain?
  • If a woman with intelligence and a brain cannot have an option or choice, why should this child who doesn't even know how to make a choice get a choice, or obtain a choice?
  • What if the mother is dying and needs to get rid of the child, for her own safety? (Which is said in my contentions)
All of these are to prove there is a difference when weighing a embroyo and an adult.

One thing I would like to specifically respond to: 
we do not have any more a right to kill that very ALIVE fetus than to kill an alive newborn. 
Most abortions if not, all abortions are not done of fetus. They are done before a fetus, when they have no brain or intelligence.

You guys also make it seem like giving up a child for adoption is easy..

Round 2
Round 3
I will be forfeiting this debate most likely. im moving and i have very little time. i am on 2 debates right now and decided to focus on one. i dont beleive i can win this one so bye. and thanks for coming!
Alright, thanks. 

Round 4
Just waiting for the vote.
Extend and End.