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Male Circumcision


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The last debate got mixed up because I was not clear. Perhaps due to my poor English so I will be getting help in certain sections to be more clear. I have no friends so just gigachat to help it grammar but not with making arguments.


"Male circumcision should be done more often than not"


This means pro must prove that males should mostly (at least 51% of the time) get a circumcision.


1. Use MLA citations the following cite can help if you don't know how to make them yourself

The reason for this is so neither party has to be paranoid about malicious links. I am already doing a great deal to use citations from English sources, the least my opponent can do is use MLA citations.

Round 1

I want voters to imagine themselves as babies just coming into the world. You could hear the soothing voices of your parents in the womb., feel your mother's closeness. One day you are suddenly thrust into the world. It is too bright to see, but you hear the loving voice of your mother and feel her warm embrace so you feel safe.

Not to long after being born, the only people you trust put you into the hands of a stranger who assures you that everything will be okay. You trust your parents, what could go wrong. Not long after being whisked away, the doctor takes off your diaper and grabs your penis and you aren't sure what's happening.

You feel an intense pain in your groin area and cry it will hurt for weeks after as well. The pain from the mutilation of your genitals isn't perhaps the worst pain. The worst pain is th bettayel of the only people you trusted. The people who were supposed to keep you safe.

Psychological and physical distress

Circumcision is a the act of brutally cutting off the foreskin of a penis, typically leaving an infant with permanent scarring around the penis and possible irreversible psychological damage from birth.

The pain in circumcision is intense and the article cited for this information shows the intense pain is linked to symptoms similar to those who were abused as children. Symptoms such as PTSD, depression, anger, intimacy issues, loss of control, and perception that the act is punishment for something.[1]

The act of putting a child through this very physically painful process with proven traumatic psychological consequences, means it shouldn't be done without a really good reason, and in most cases there just isn't one.

Intimacy issues

I don't know about any of th other ladies reading this, but I love giving blowjobs. It's one of the best ways to control men and get them to obey you.

The only problem I sometimes have, is that sometimes my blow job's are less pleasurable than they could be. Whether I just do an old fashioned BJ technique, put popping candy in my mouth first or consume a lot of ice cream to make my tongue as cold as possible, some men just have a more difficult time receiving the full pleasure that other men receive. 

According to a study of 1500 men, circumcised males experienced less intense orgasms, received less pleasure during sex and most surprisingly of all were more likely to experience pain, numbness or tingling sensations due to lack of circulation.  [2]

The theory is that without the protective foreskin the head of the unprotected penis, rubs against th pants and gradually the nerve most sensitive part of the penis starts losing the sensitivity needed to fully appreciate my blowjobs.

Cut penis looks weird

American women are fat and ugly. Maybe circumcised penis looks good to them but russian women are prettier, and we are used to real men who have their entire penis intact. If you want a fat American woman, good for you but I say you should strive to be with pretty girls like me, and bot sell yourself short.

 Accidents happen

People often overlook that accidents happen in circumcision. That's a knife to your own dick if you get one as an adult and the risks as an adult are even worse than for babies.

People forget, accidents happen. A lot of accidents. Thousands of surgery a year result in the doctor undercutting or overcutting and there are 1 million people with urethra problems from being circumcised. [3]

There needs to be a compelling reason to risk this in order to justify most people getting a circumcision. 

Kids should not be harmed without good cause

It's one thing for an adult to give permission to take a risk of cutting off a bit of their penis for some very minimal advantage that could just as easily be obtained with proper hygiene and wearing a condom.

It's a completely different thing to subject a baby to the unbearable psychological and physical trauma caused by the excessive amount of pain caused by circumcisions


Ladies, please do not start mutilating the genitals of your children

Gentlemen,  if your mother was kind enough not to take a knife to your genitals, please don't hire somebody to start cutting your penis up. The torture of the procedure is not worth it and whatever mild benefit it has can be easily mitigated through other methods.


1. Narvaez, Darcia. “Circumcision’s Psychological Damage.” Psychology Today, 11 Jan. 2015,

2. Bronselaer, Guy A., et al. “Male Circumcision Decreases Penile Sensitivity as Measured in a Large Cohort.” BJU International, vol. 111, no. 5, 2013, pp. 820–827,

3. Bronselaer, Guy A., et al. “Male Circumcision Decreases Penile Sensitivity as Measured in a Large Cohort.” BJU International, vol. 111, no. 5, 2013, pp. 820–827,

This has got to be a troll right lol

Its done for sanitary reasons, a lot easier to clean your dick when you  are circumcised 
Round 2
The 3rd citation I ill correct here. Sorry.

3. Seaman, Andrew M. “Complications Rare with Baby Circumcisions, Rise with Age.” Reuters, 12 May 2014,

Now that the previous rounds citation is taken care of. Please observe that my opponent has not responded to any of my arguments, so extend the right to self determination, the psychological damage argument, the physical trauma argument. Extend that accidents happen. Extend that pretty russian girls prefer uncircumcised. Extend that sex is less pleasurable. 

The only argument pro has made is for keeping the penis clean. 

I gave already shown that this can be mitigated by parents being a bit more aggressive with teaching their kids to use proper hygiene. That was argued in the concluding paragraph. 

Pro has basically conceded the debate at this point
Yeah tbh i concede, mostly because i accidentally accepted this argument thinking i would be against circumcision in the debate, so yeah i agree with you lmao

Round 3
I accept your concession with the agreement that you also give me your first born child
Terms of deal are agreed upon