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ANIME RAP BATTLE: Light Yagami (Kira) vs. Lelouch vi Britannia (Zero)


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No BoP or conduct, just vote based on who has better bars. The quality of disses/bars should take into account the context of each show and any references being made, which may increase the impact of said bar. References to events or characters in either show can be hyperlinked on corresponding lines. (Judges are advised to use these links for context, especially if they have not seen one or both shows)

PRO is Light Yagami from Death Note (
CON is Lelouch vi Britannia from Code Geass (

Round 1
I made L take the L, now I’ll crush L2
He prays to gods like me; now he’d do well to!
Simping for his sister, until she was dispensed
The haters wanna hate me, but look who I’m against:

Commanded mass genocide twice with poor wording
My girl’s a 10, like the age of your wife
The only cycle that you ruined is the circle of life

His army turns against him so he crawls back home
He hates his daddy’s name until he needs his daddy’s throne
Without C2 and Rolo, he couldn’t fight Canada
This guy’s a knight for justice? His real name’s Britannia!

My record proves I’m the better consequentialist
Utopian like Plato, my talents are essentialist
The world is a crime-filled mess without me
But it’s better with you dead; even you would agree!

Ended wars for one year? I’ve been there and done better
And I didn’t need to make the world hate me forever
Cause my supporters’ loyalty’s emphatically unstoppable
And winning against me is mathematically impossible

I’m kinda known for taking out child-killing criminals
And Best.Korea knows killing kids is unforgivable!
You can’t fight this chess match, so I’ll tell you the endgame
Like your formalized surrender, I end wars with pengame

You’ve got the most incoherent R2 since D2
Your story ain’t Near me, you’re 2D and see through
But I’ll defeat you and mock you when I beat you
You’ll get messed up worse than getting groomed by C2

Your name and face are on TV, don’t make me laugh
You think I’d need Ryuk to cut your lifespan in half?
You copy all my plans, but we could never be friends
Cause I know folks with magic eyes, and I command them.
I guess when I am challenged, I will respond,
Respond to every strike, break every pike
My tactics are divine, they are simply effective
My opponent here might be defective

My name is Lelouch vi Britannia
Your name is Light? Wait, really?
You ask for a fight, okay you are silly
A fight? Did you read my bio sweetie?
It says there I am more cool and pretty

I am not afraid of a fight, I fight wars
You hide in your house writing book notes
People think you are evil, you do it for fame
Consequentialist? Is that a PC game?
You think life is some game that you will fix
I guess your mental age is still five or six
Boy watched movies, now thinks he is batman
I suggest you try to instead become a real man

Even you think you are evil, so your evil is fact
You are all about saving lives, but thats an act
If sister's life is asked, consequentialist no longer
I like consequences, my moral is a bit stronger

I am not limited by any moral system
So I dont even need support to list them
Your name is Light, your goal is to be a God
God of Sparkles? You sure have the look,
God who is afraid of losing the notebook

If you want to be a God, you have to be strong
God moves past the subjectivity of wrong
Everyone thinks that he is right,
even the criminals that you fight

Maybe you have lots of assumption
How long was your life expectancy? 19?
I guess you and God simply arent in conjunction
Didnt you die as a teen? Oh, how strong!

I dont really see you as a God, just an upset teen
You didnt really become God, not that I have seen
Continue your arbitrary rampage

I go to war to win battles, no care and no fear
Maybe I am the God trolling you
Write that in your notebook, will you dear?
Round 2
Your words are empty, like every threat you make
I’ll beat you taking notes while you brag about your name
There’d be no need for war in the world I’d give you
And if I’d died at 19, I’d still outlive you

You were but a child, abandoned so soon
It’s clear that you’ve received less love than Table-kun
Pray to Kira for forgiveness with all of your sorrow
You’ll end this like before—begging God for tomorrow

A boy in high school decides to be deceitful
And learns to take lives to destroy the greater evil
Sounds a lot like me, but I can kill without a gun

Don’t skip gym class when you’re planning revenge
Your fans call you Zero for how much you can bench
You run an OnlyFans for minors, not a terrorist group
Half of them don’t have clothes; they must be at Soup

You have REM during class; I turned Rem into ash
I’ll bring justice cause I’m wholly holy, mate
And render Kira’s judgment on this lowly loli bait

The Black Knights still hate you cause you weren’t there in time
Put down the Refrain and read in between the lines
I love roasting; even when I die I’m on fire

I deceive when I must, but I’m better with the girls
You killed your own parents to avoid an honest world
I’ll give you 40 seconds to atone for your lying
You lost track of time, and now you’re Shirley dying

Is you, but this time you won’t get a sequel
Now gaze on my utopia where no one has to fight
You’ll end this round like Nunnally: blinded by the Light
You make lots of assumptions, but all I see is this
You have need to prove yourself, I am taking a piss
You say you would outlive me, not by much
You die as a teen in anime,  not exactly God or such

You say that you are fear, but the fear lasted very short
Your loli jokes are not really a funny sort
They are overused treason, God created loli for a reason
You seem pissed about something, not sure what
Maybe trying to be God didnt turn out right

You hate what I make
But am I the one trying to be fake?
You pretend to be morally superior
But your loli jokes are inferior

You say that in your world there are no wars
You say that in your world no one fights or bites
You assume that is what I want
But I am your God, you assume I am not

Fact is that God plays tricks on people, thats easily derived
Your defeat has finally arrived
I am your God and I make the rules
And I win all duels

I am that which you cannot stand
Moral subjectivism, so grand
Does it trigger you, do you hate
And then complain about my date?

The fact is that God decides what is right
And since I am God, you cannot win the fight
Morality is not my master
Your assumptive logic is disaster

Lets face it, I didnt need to fake morality to gain rating
You seem to have more issues with my dating
Than I do. I am a virgin, so you hate
Good luck dying from STD mate