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The Christian version of God is evil


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Round 1
1: Christanity's version of God endorses genocide, rape, slavery, persecuting homosexuals, and all manner of evils all while having an irrational hatred of hedonistic pleasure. Christianity says you should love suffering and hate pleasure which is the most backwards shit I have ever heard.

2: God set up the world to be the way it is, which means everything bad that happens is God's fault all while God incriminates himself further by lying and pretending to be just and benevolent. The death and suffering on earth outweighs the good things, there is far more evil/suffering than good and even if there wasn't there is no need for ANY suffering if God could have made things differently.

3: God punishes children for the sins of their parents and entire civilizations for the sins of a few individuals. God says that doing this is wrong even though he does it, so he's like an official who arrests people for murder while murdering people. Anyone that God punishes is being punished for being the way God made/allowed them to be thus all punishments by God are unnecessary cruelty.

4: Instead of simply ending their consciousness or creating them to be good God sends sinners to hell to suffer infinitely for an infinite period of time. This is an extreme and unnecessarily cruel punishment that only a sadistic being would use. Keep in mind there are people who committed genocide in heaven and people who go to hell just because they liked to have casual sex outside of marriage.

I will now destroy the extremely idiotic points you brought up in the comments.

God as owner of everything (anything he does is good, because he does what he wants with his property)
Owning things is a social construct and cruelty is cruelty no matter who has "authority" which is also a social construct. Owning things and having authority aren't even real, what is real is what you are capable of doing and how your actions effect others. If you own a slave and you beat and rape your slave you aren't any less evil because it is your slave. There is no difference between God being cruel to his "property" and a human doing it.

 God didnt create human's choices (free will)
The Bible doesn't talk about free will, this is something people superimposed later. But even if people have free will, God should be able to predict everything if he's omniscient which means he still set up everything so that evil choices would be made when he could have done things differently. All evil is God's fault no matter what.

God does more good than evil (so he is not evil)
There is more suffering and misery in the world than there is happiness and pleasure.

God determines whats good and whats evil

God cannot magically make rape and torture bring pleasure instead of suffering unless he changes the fact that it is rape and torture in itself. If you really think cruelty can be good and harmless pleasures can be evil just because God says so then you are just proving the validity of my belief that Christians are both retarded and evil and should be exterminated in gas chambers.
Thanks for bringing up my points from comments.

God cannot magically make rape and torture bring pleasure
He doesnt need to.

He can simply label anything that happens in the world as good and not evil.

I reject all your arguments.
Round 2
If God can decide that cruelty is good and pleasure is evil than evil becomes good and good becomes evil. Good means "the terrible shit that God says is ok" and evil means "the great things that God says is not ok".
If God can decide that cruelty is good and pleasure is evil than evil becomes good and good becomes evil.
God can also decide that they are both good.

Good means "the terrible shit that God says is ok" and evil means "the great things that God says is not ok".
God can decide that everything is good and okay, so evil doesnt exist.

God of the Bible also lied a lot in the Bible, by the way.
Round 3
It's up to you to prove that God arbitrarily deciding something is good or evil is valid any more than the president saying rape is good. Unless evil means "unnecessary harm" and good means "benefitting self and others" the entire concept is just arbitrary and meaningless.
Thats a total lie.

Everything you said are lies.