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Round 1
this nigga think he smart, he really stupid than a bitch
he the biggest clown on DART, I'm finna shoot him in the dick
he thought he'd flop his nuts but now he's losin' all his chips
and any armaments he got are provin' useless to equip

He said that fuckin' diet is irrelevant, he jealous
cause' this nigga's like a pig fed on soy and corn pellets
while I eat dark leafy greens and increase my wellness
nigga thinks that he a genius, he's more like the kids with helmets

He thought he called my bluff, but bitch I had a pocket ace
and now I flopped my nuts, and let them drag across his face
Inspector Faggot on the case, I'm gonna grab him on the wank
he's got an ass I want to rape, and Wylted has to stop the hate

you're much weaker thus your butt cheeks are fucked, eager
to slice your fucking dick and pour bleach on your cut weiner
I'm drawn to the lush features of your butt like drug seekers
plus I'm much meaner, I'm just evil as fuck, see you're

never gonna diss me in the way that I diss you
cause' I'll fuck you in the ass until your anus is ripped through
I blew cum out of his nostrils then I gave him a tissue
it wasn't how I dissed him, it's the rape that's the issue

that's why this pussy nigga killed himself and filled himself with dread
the biggest genius of all speds shot himself in the head
and now it's just too late to give him help cause' he's dead
because I raped him in the ass and made him jelq while he's pegged

I'm just sick, I thrust dick up his butt til' his butt rips
just as I just discussed it's not justice, but the disgustin'
mal-adjusted way of filthy Christian fuckwits to disrupt this
cause' it's just my sexuality to anal rape a reluctant
slut with such thick butt cheeks, and I'm just six
that's my mental age, so really RM is the one that's
doing statutory rape, you're a pedophilic cunt bitch
and I'll front-kick your nuts until your nuts squish like grapes

you're so counter-intellectualized
that I've got bleach I'm gonna send for your eyes
I'd put an end to your lives, but I'd never censor your thighs
no consent when I tie you up and I molest your behind


It's easy to rhyme when you're spitting diarrhea for lyrics,
Liquid shit on your tongue, that's a broke man's diet, live within yo' limits,
Preaching dietary requirements while your mother's living off of my apartment's weekly visits,
You aint black you're a gimmick, why you giving use your 2 cents can't afford that, idiot,
N-word slurrin' Snow White better pay your dad his rent, go and blow that midget,
I'm special ed while you're six in the head? I'm a grown man doin' real shit, this is me goofin' off; don't give me a reason to shift that spirit,
I'll make you regret what you're typing, grab some pliers and hear you scream like the feral freak on the loose and declaw you, grab a wrench n proceed to squish some digits.

Need help? Phone your mother up, let her clear her throat so she's clear up on the line,
You tell her you think your time is up, she says 'mine t- glug glug glug' that's a satisfied client,
Comes home to your father who calls her buttercup forgets that you exist, opens her legs with you there, eats her out that's that type of shit you rap, better suck it up 'n' watch as the same cuck loser makes you a sissy, unloved on here as an escape,
That's over the line?
Why're you here all the time?
Why's it you only stick around when I am?
What's your username before? Embarassed? All the shit people threw my way, still I can stand by mine,
Your friends with Wylted, posing as a 6 year old guess you're followin' in footsteps on a path I'd neither walk nor climb,
Best.Korea relates to 'ya and given your age, well let's let the audience read between them lines.
Round 2
Your diss was pathetic
now witness a diss I could rip ya to shreds with
I didn't forget it
when you told me you like to suck your own dick and pretend that
you're getting it sucked by yourself as a kid, it's a fetish
that isn't too distant from pedoph-ilia
isn't it? and if
I live with my dad and I'm givin' him rent, bitch
you're dissing yourself, so that bit is pretentious
your shit is horrendous

and now he thinks he can replace Sun Tzu with a "beast mindset"
but Sun could escape my cum while your buns are breached by it
cause' Sun Tzu would focus on defense rather than seek violence
while you run full steam ahead into my trap to be silenced

you're the cattywampus gassy, pompous twat who badly lost this
and you're getting raped because your ass cheeks prompted all my fag responses
I'll cut your dick head open then I'll pour some battery acid on it
think I'm a gimmick? I'll call you nigger with no black ebonics

pre-rap Couple of clarifications of Round 1:

'giving use your 2 cents'
*us not use

'like the feral freak on the loose'

like a*

Any other grammar errors are easy to figure out what I meant.


All you're doing here is revealing that the only guy on the site to bond with you and try to help you out of suicide should fear saving you on a later night,
You wanna fight? Alright, you wanna prove me right,
I told you I couldn't trust you, first minute your ego's bruised, you bite,
You think you're proving to everyone that I'm a fool, you're chock-full of insecurities,
I posted that R1 as a joke, you took as me exposing truths so what is it you do to me?
Think you're showin' maturity? Why'd you make this debate unless you wanted me to accept and what? You make everyone see you're an ugly person, beautifully,
I mean quite truthfully, we spent a long time talking, me to you and you to me,
I tried my level best to help a fellow in despair despite all the abuse on createdebate you threw tow'rd me,
You sit there trying to reveal a fantasy that you what? Kept in stock for years, you're stupid, G,
I call you a pedo in Round 1 because you called me it, but only a real sick fuck would get off and keep in mind that a guy sucked his own dick as a kid, so who's the freak?
Think you're scaring me? Boy, you're old news to me, tried to fill in for your father and guide you to be mature here, unfruitfully,
I am the primary reason Whiteflame didn't do shit when you came back on fishchaser, but bygones be bygones you wanna use anything I vent, prove to everybody you're the real snitch between us, sucked my own penis that's an achievement a lot wished they could do, so try better when verbally abusin' me,
I don't need 2 verses, versus you it's simple I grab some words and tell you truths, that's 1-2, fuck you, shattered bones brutally,
Now, every so predictably, you'll presumably tell us more how you'll rip my anus add some slurs, boo hoo, I'm hurt but you're just proving me truthful, see?
You're a nobody round here despite the same time on it, I took 6 months off, you took a hiatus not too soon after, I leave like oxygen from your body, na from DART itself, so blue, need tubes to breathe,
I'm the motherfucker you wish you were man, don't kill yourself stay and live through the ruthless experience of wishin' you was me!
Round 3
I'm like the elephant inside the room of faggoty fucks
because I'm drawn to your ass like a bag of peanuts
I'll make this nigger eat my cum til' he has acid reflux
I barely have the heart to tell him that he actually sucks

cause' he's so proud of that "wish you was me!"
how many times did you repeat "you" and "me", two or three?
a few at least, his rhyme schemes are dookie streaks
on the undies of rap
cause' it takes some piece of crap
to try to bite you then remove your teeth

was your mistake trusting me or unfriending me a hundred times?
I'll strangle him with rhymes and never stop until this cunt has died
says he helped me out of suicide but how? guess what he tried
to do's insult me til' I'm glad I was alive
and when you terminate our "friendship" should it come with much surprise?
when I say some shit that you don't like, and fuck you from behind?
I forgave you when you said that shit cause' it was justified
assuming that you really wanted me to level up and thrive
but it's quite clear it was a lie because a guy who doesn't find
a single thing about you worthy of respect is just the kind
who wants to see you kill yourself, prefers it when you're crushed inside
and now this fuckwit whines that I betrayed his trust and cries

I have no friends and no lovers
I could murder my own mother
fuck with me, I'm a throat cutter
kill myself? no, I chose others

how's that for being mature?
it's the way that Fiora just seems to prefer
and I'm sure she's agreeing that you're
gonna need to differ to the beast when you burn
in the hellfire that I release from my words
cause' your "beast mentality" couldn't keep you from turning to ash that I keep in an urn


Don't make a rap battle if you want a therapy session,
This is war, don't mistake that for an expression,
This is not the cure to your depression,
I tried to help you but you just want 'yes men',
You didn't want my 2 cents, were a pest and a nuisance, so fuck a 50 cent gangsta rap, I'll give you a much simple vibe, call this a tenpence,
You don't know my intentions but I get the impression nobody ever gave a shit about you, boy, and by 'boy' I mean a grown man trapped in adolescence,
I get the vague essence of relentless rage that you thinks heaven-sent,
You think if you put rage on the page the crowd'll go 'hell yeah' but you're bent, peasant, back strained from the effort that's not paying the rent, rapping going nowhere, huff and buff but big piggy madman's laughing from the inside of the air-vent,
You say you wanna kill your mother, dude you know that's your parent?
You're so lost it isn't funny, riding hood 'n' wolf in one, storywriter's mindfucked with the pen bent,
I'm the one to show you poetry, the one who rhymes time after time with a grammatical sentence,
Rational madman's vibe's a super villain, you're just an adamant henchman,
I'm the dad and grandad, discipline you savage, you're a tantrum-throwin' infant, dependant,
But pwees daddy accept my rap battle, everyone knows you were beggin' me to beat yo' ass with a vengeance,
So we understand why your butt hurts 'waa waa you unfriend me', emo kid in the background posin' as the big bad kid in detention,
If you unfriend a good friend, they make you regret it with kindness and repentance,
I don't think you repent your sins, you're telling women on this site you're gonna rape and abuse them so bad the mods delete the post, but the evidence requires reflectance and acceptance,
You're an apprentice of scum, school of cunts, in attendance,
I'm an apprentice of warlords, sever your tendons.