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Rap battle for RationalMadman


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Two months
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If RationalMadman wins this debate, I will reveal my alt account(s)
But if I win this debate, RationalMadman must create a forum topic titled "7000series is the best rapper on this site"

Round 1
Your reputation is on the line
Correction: lack thereof

My Cadillac is blue, and my verses are OP
I am the trickster god, call me Loki
I am lowkey a prophet
Like Moses I part the sea
And yet I cannot see your skill
It would be a miracle for you to win against me

I will katana slice right through you
Thank Leonardo, my muse
You are an ordinary turtle
While I be blasting rhymes like Squirtle
I am a snapper, snapping spines
Surrender or you die 

I am so stoned right now
Call me Thanos

I must have the reality stone 
Because these rhymes are unreal
Like your girlfriend

No more honey for you
You’re fat like Winnie the Pooh
Speaking of Pooh Bear, he can’t compare
I am the rap equivalent of Goku
Xi couldn’t control Taiwan if he wanted to

Power scaling is just not fair
I put the gay in gamer
You put the U in outstanding
Correction: There's no you in outstanding

Here’s some Spanish for you: Tu es shit
You're a dirty brit
I'm 2 legit 2 quit

Yes I’m breaking it down, like MC hammer
U cannot touch this, you gay child slammer
You call it slander, I call it libel
For your wounded ego I am liable

I have memorized the entire troll bible
They call me troll Jesus, I am your preacher
They call me professor troll, I am your teacher

You cannot understand or even compare to me
This rap battle is your obituary, you bitch
My 2 alt accounts are “Fuck” and “You”
Yes you really suck, you really do
Sucking on my nuts right now, it’s true

I am wiping the floor with you but these bars aint clean

My verses cannot be considered PC
So I can only be considered an MC
Please do not hold it against me


Yeah, yeah, I lack a reputation, that's why you called me out for some laceration,
Like what even is the point of denying it? I was happy debatin',
You want me bad and I'm worried 'bout your age so let me just say it's blatant you were master-baiting,
The problem with baiting a guy like me's the waiting,
The time spent in desperation while contemplating,
Will all your bars go to waste if I say fuck you, atheist I'm Pagan and stay in my lane without deviation?
Those are the question I laid to waste when I accepted this for your sake and the entertainment of the fuckboys hatin'.

Same guys telling me in the comment I'm whack are for my raps, that's an obvious fact,
You're not in tune with the audience, you're pausin' every 3 lines, stopping for claps,
Only clap is to your head boy, stop the flipflopping, you're whack,
You're gonna tell me you're not a washing machine that's non-stop slopping some rags,
Wikipedia of Winnie the pooh's the only personal you had on me, I couldn't give a shit if you think I'm british or you're black,
If you're a white man in China or a Jew in Gaza, trapped the reality is I'm the Bomb droppin' there and just as bad on Baghdad.

Stick to the unrated debates boy, 'standard' is something you should strive for,
Challenging me at this shit with those bar's something the law should be changed so that you can die for,
That's a death-penalty debate we can do standard and you can cry goodbye for every minute you've been alive, adolescent I feel bad when I tell you that you should hopin in that volcano that your pic's of, you eyesore.
Round 2

A thirty-something pedo beaten by an eight year old prodigy
That's gotta be the funniest thing since Pagan Ideology

I am on par with the X-Men
While you struggle to spar with the star of children's TV
There's three, they're the Power-Puff Girls
You're getting your ass kicked by Bubbles

You're like the Sinister Six: Dr. doomed from the start
I'm fantastic as four, you look like Professor X web art
So I mic drop like Cyclops 
You are a cyclone, I am a hypercane
Feel the pain

Pack light man
This is a long distance hike and
Beyblades: I use the stamina type 
I'm picking up speed
You're high on speed
It is agreed that my verses are perfectly uniform
Your verses take the form of play-dough worms

Speaking of speed, you should have held down B
You're late to the Mario party
Yes I have the lead; In Mario-Cart I can't be beat
So go ahead and concede you B
I am only beginning, and I'm already winning
Like the New York Gold vault, my bars are elite

Who knew that white supremacists could be so stinky?
You're a Hitler supporter, so I guess you don't shower much. . .
Pre-Rap clarifications

'hopin' was supposed to be hop in

Same guys telling me in the comment I'm whack are for my raps,
'are here for my raps' is what it meant to say.

I wrote that in a few minutes to reply ASAP.


Can't rhyme, can't flow, can't time? Oh no,
My mind's so blown at your pogostick hop 'n' flop delivery falling over your ego down' on the flo' with your toeless homeless man shoe's on show,
What you know about me? Pedo accusations thrown at me, calls himself a kid too young to be on this site, self-diss yo-yo,
What the actual duck-in-a-pond-swimming-fuck am I up against, though?
Like okay, maybe I'm slow, help me out here bro but did any of that shit that dissed me rhyme or that rhymed make sense? No.
I mean I'm a Hitler sympathiser? Where the fuck you got that idea, hoe?
You're a just selling yourself to the sleaziest disses, up and down a pole, cops wanna stop you degrading yourself can you even consent yet? If you're only 8 I'm sorry to have even acknowledged you exist, bring your dad here, yo,
Nevermind, you got that fatherless vibe, let me deal with your mother, one step two step dad I am, woah, that fast? Son, it's my first day on the job and I'm hungry to punish so don't say it aint so.
What you think? You're a troll? You're small-scale, all-fail, tic-tac-toe,
I'm the troll who trolls trolls, let's quit being your stepdad, I'm ya' big bad bro,
I invented what you're doing, my shoes, my legacy? Only way you'll fill my footsteps is to stuff your face 'n' waddle, tiny dick fatso,
You're a shame to this site, blacklisted from mafia games and comic book characters 'n' cartoons are all you got, you're just a kid, damn, grow the hell up and you'll realise you're a nobody to anyone except Best.Korea, freakin' Amadeus Cho,
I'm the Hulk with Daredevil, people don't need a URL to know what I am, I'm the reason anyone's reading this, main character to this grand show.
Round 3

What you gonna do? Ask to restart it?
I'm the biggest dog in the yard, little bitch you're beyond retarded,
Fishchaser thinks he's hot shit, get the the shark harpooned, eat it and shart it,
I'm an artist with the sword way I castrate 'em all with the sharp, glass shard-like bars I punch punks like you, fuckwit,
and there's 2 Rounds further, you're a sucker I assure you I'm far from done with.

Never step into the ring with me again, not ever,
Not debating, not rapping, not any time of day, regardless of weather,
I'm not the one you wanna mess with, I can't stress this better; you're the misbehaving punk and I'm the champ with the belt and I'll use it as a delt-exercise as I make you wish you were whipped with leather,
I smack with metal, I punch with knuckle-dusters,
The courage you found in yourself to face me, you're gonna deeply gulp and pray to God you can undo time and forget you mustered,
I'm the threat you fucked with,
OD on alcohol you ingested, dumb kid,
So young and the whole club blarin' 'cause nobody round here even cares your body's slumped, fish,
Some will chase you, some will blow your trumpet,
I'm here to break your ego, humble you to the point as you lay dead you're grateful you can't raise yourself up for the next strike you're struck with.

Round 4

The debates around here are ending up voteless,
Situation's dire, being real with ya', this shithole's hopeless,
Thing is I was born to leave opponents throatless,
So you can take away the porn but the hoes with the pro skills don't get boned less,
You can take away the audience, applauses, the stuff that drives the posers,
But you're a Jesus wannabe punk I'm the lonesome Moses,
You just want attention, you aint close to ferocious,
You're a young'un in the junglehoping your growth's precocious,
I'm the one that's done the time, I've been grindin' fo' six fuckin' years in Augus'.

You can run the race but when you're wheezin', burnin,
I'm breezin' past, steady, breathin' easy, vermin,
No pacing yourself, 2-Round sprinter, already queasy, churnin',
See that's the difference that the practise, attitude and strategy determine,
Your mother's torn both wishes I was her son instead and that her holes could be less hollow while she swallows my sperm in,
She confesses to her priests, preached a stern lesson-learned type Sermon,
You say I'm British well if I am you're a colonised servant,
 I'd rather assume you're disabled and gay and call myself a World War 2 German.
Round 5
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