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Rap battle for RationalMadman


The participant that receives the most points from the voters is declared a winner.

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Two months
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If RationalMadman wins this debate, I will reveal my alt account(s)
But if I win this debate, RationalMadman must create a forum topic titled "7000series is the best rapper on this site"


I am sorry for insulting you, and now we can have peace.



I wouldn’t expect a rap battle to get so heated. It’s mostly in the comments even not the battle itself.


Oh God, just saw some of the reports...

Please stop. You can initiate a rap battle and have all that hate inside the rounds, but the comments section does not have the same protections for what would otherwise be targeted harassment.

This isn't proclaiming you can't make a witty remark at someone's expense (note that no one else is tagged...). The issue isn't wit, it's poison.

So far 7000series is winning.


Not sure the context, but there is no rule against quotation.

Possibly thematically related, anyone who has “honor” as a common part of their vocabulary, cannot stand to be quoted, because it’s an insult to their honor to accuse them of saying the things they said.

I am a lyrical genius.


I can be his friend again if he wants me to, so I am giving him the opportunity which I am sure he will reject because he is getting attention like this.

You are always after people's approval which might be the result of all the beating you endured as a child so when people support you then you feel like they wont beat you anymore. The fact that you have to compare yourself to me to comfort yourself by saying that people like you more than they like bestkorea, despite that I intentionally do everything so people would hate me, what you do is honestly pathetic and that you are that desperate to be liked by others that you so desire to be liked and your self worth is basically defined by other people liking you. You will never be anything more than approval seeker and if thats your definition of strong person then you have no clue what strong person even is. You will always be other people's bitch and I guess I can be your friend if you want me to, but if you dont want then its your fault and I dont even care if I have to destroy myself to destroy you completely and make you feel like a worthless approval seeker which you are right now.

but nearly everything you do on this website is worthless, unlikable and garbage. So, I can't help but roll my eyes at who this abuse is coming from. It doesn't hurt coming from you at all, it's just pathetic.

Nobody at all is cheering you on, in fact so far 2 people sided with me who didn't have to. Nobody is your friend here, if I'm a loser, you're the loser of all losers around here. Oooooh big insult by me. ooooooh


I dont know if you are hallucinating or something but I never even claimed that people like me nor I ever said that care if they do. I am just saying that they dont like you despite your worthless efforts to be worshipped on this site remember that no one worships an abuse victim or people who pretend to be abuse victims.


Do a survey, as I said. Your words are meaningless until you back them up.

Ask people if they like you, to rate you across multiple criteria etc. Then do the same for me and other users. Until then, you are just talking shit.

Make a list of your friends while you're at it, because you have 0 also, you're just in delusion. Nobody here gives a genuine fuck about you. I am probably closer to Whiteflame, Fishchaser and many others than you ever have been or will be. You won't realise it because you don't see our private interactions and haven't done a single survey to objectively verify it.


What kind of gaslighting world is it where you're going out of your way to abuse me across debate comments on 2 different debates and I'm not the victim?

I've blocked you and you're still in my debate that has nothing to do with you ranting your heart out about what a great bully you are telling me I'm pretending to be a victim of your bullying all at once.


clearly not, it's a nice theory but there's a clear skillgap there despite enduring more abuse.


At least being abused and abusing others on the regular has given you an impeccable knack for insults, perfect for a rap battle. Also a good opportunity to let some steam off.

I think you are stuck between desire to be abused and desire to abuse others. Usually, people only have one of these two desires. You think you have no friends on this site, and thats true because of your behavior. When you left, no one even cared. People were just laughing at you for weeks before you quit.

You turn people into enemies as you enjoy putting others down and think they are actually just gonna sit back and let you put them down.

Then you fake being a victim to make them look guilty.

Its a good plan, I have to say, but you are not strong to carry it out.

The pressure builds in you as people start abusing you and you feel bad that you cant do some abusing too.

You think negative attention is good because you read so in your autistic book, but not many people can handle negative attention and it just gets them destroyed.

Now now, you're both super abused and super affected by abuse and whatnot. Stop arguing over who is more abused and get on with your lives.


look at your own life and childhood and wonder what abuse makes a person act like or not.

Thats just sad.

You are weak and just want for abuse to stop.

You also come back for more abuse to practice being abused.

I guess too much abuse does make person act like you act.

But I do like to use this as practise on how to avoid abuse working on a psychological level so sometimes I engage it like now.


Nope, I'll spend my spare time hobbies doing what I enjoy.

As I am masculine and do get a rush from some conflict it's fine in moderation but as soon as it's abusive instead of healthy competition I have no reason to waste my precious time and energy on that.

I have to get chores done, daily life/work done you get me? The last thing I want is my destressing free time wasted on abusive garbage like you. :)

"This dilemma is the gaslighting dilemma abusers put their victims into:
'stay with me you coward you can't escape, wow you ran off you coward trash pathetic loser.'"

Actually, the solution is not to run away and not to keep being abused, but to stay and destroy your abuser.

If you run away or just come back to be abused again, one can only think that you are weak.

"Yeah, so which part of that makes them strong?

Returning to be abused or running away because they were abused?"

This dilemma is the gaslighting dilemma abusers put their victims into:
'stay with me you coward you can't escape, wow you ran off you coward trash pathetic loser.'

This dilemma doesn't exist at all, their opinion of you is as significant or insignificant as I allow them and the environment they're present in to be to me. Learn to be a bit toxic back. I think that's what people get wrong, they try to respect their abusers when they need to see them as pathetic flawed creatures whose hurtful words are merely extensions of their own insecurities.

Without this site I'm either good or bad in life regardless of it and with it it's either a fun hobby or toxic addiction, I need to decide that balance and decide if I engage here or not. If people think I'm this or that it's their issue. I'm just RationalMadman, the energy and negative or positive emotions they put to that identity is on them. I'm focused on me.


Ironically, this site has such few users because it encourages formal arguments. Reddit and YouTube have way more people arguing in the comments and also way more users.


Nope. Still here.


that meant quitting the site


Hurry up and post a fucking verse.

I wonder why this site doesn't attract many new users. . .

"What I am reading is simply a cold take by 2 of the closest people to suicide on this site."

You wrote on your profile that you will commit honorable seppuku after people here fucked you up mentally.

Of course, I knew you wont do it, even tho you were clearly thinking about it.

"they leave the place that related them like dirt and come back if they wish to"

Yeah, so which part of that makes them strong?

Returning to be abused or running away because they were abused?


It's part and parcel of calling me out. I'm epic here even if it's negatively epic.


I never said it was. I’m saying that I’m suprised there’s that many comments and not a single debate posted.


Not my problem or fault.

42 comments and yet not a single debate side posted.


Lancelot didn't ever get banned properly after all he did, he self-banned meaning he is free to make an alt as he wishes. That's part of why I quit plus irl was getting busier.

Strong people don't need to abuse, they leave the place that related them like dirt and come back if they wish to, later on their own terms. What I am reading is simply a cold take by 2 of the closest people to suicide on this site.

Thats disgusting that he probably masturbates while reading my abusive comments.


You discovered his secret. He has a degradation kink and he was trauma bonded to Lancelot. He used to touch himself to Lancelot's abuse and he cried for 3 weeks when Lancelot was banned. He sometimes wears his mother's panties while fantasizing about Lancelot spanking him and calling him mean names.

RM, I dont think you care much for your mental health. Even when Lancelot was abusing you, you were always around him so he abuses you more. You could have just ignored him, but you kept coming back to him and he kept abusing you. So I think you like being abused. You want for people to abuse you. You also want to abuse others, but are not really capable of it when you engage someone stronger, so you resort to pretending to be a victim.

I'll dissect em' in the rectum and eject cum on their breasts, I'm on the spectrum.

Everybody on this site is a shitstain.

Look how you talk, act and think. Look at others here too. It takes a strong person to value their mental health over taunts to stay in a place they don't enjoy.

I came back ready for abuse from you and others, I'm less invested here emotionally now. It's a shame that our friendship that formed bonding over discussing the chicken farm and whatever happened because you were a fake person. I don't like the real you, you didn't have the pretend to like the real me either. Only one of us had the privilege to meet the other with the mask off.

I didn't attack first. You're wrong. You didn't look at the history in the first place.

RM, if you are after people's approval this much, its no wonder your confidence shrinks once said approval is not there anymore.

When Lancelot was hurting you, I was the only one to come help you because I thought you were the victim in that situation and Lancelot did look like a bully from an uninformed perspective.

But I was wrong. Being abused doesnt mean you are victim. You attacked first. Its no wonder people fucked you up to the point where you called everyone on the site "shitstains" and ran away for 5 months to restore lost confidence.

I appreciate RationalMadman more, but not by much.

There is a reason 7kseries doesn't want to vs you and Wylted blocked you.

Do a survey, ask which of us they appreciate more.

Well, do everyone a favor and dont come back next time.

Problem isn't I run away, it's that I come back to this shit hole.