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Angry song battle (3 per round).


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Round 1

The below song was written after the rapper who made it lost his best friend to a gang related shooting. This song is about how he is affected by his best friend's death and his desire for revenge. FG Famous actually is in jail now because he did a drive by and tried to kill the people who killed his best friend.
Fg Famous "IN DA NAME OF 23" Official Video (Long Live 23) - YouTube

My opponent tries to infect you with feelings of the pity for the guy who is in jail. This you should reject and not even take into consideration, as only anger counts and not any kind of pity or sad stories.

Song 1. Olivia - Good 4 you

I think you will like song 2.

Song 2. Arch enemy - No Gods, No masters

Song 3. Gayle - abcde fuck you

Round 2
Con says I'm trying to make you pity FG Famous and that you should disregard it, but as long as the song itself expresses anger there is no reason that the audience shouldn't feel pity or anything else and let it affect their vote. FG was feeling a combination of sorrow and rage which can be a more powerful form of anger than just anger on it's own. Emotions can often blend together and amplify each other, and the audience is free to feel however they want about the anger of the artist and how they express it.

Then Con hypocritically chooses a song like "good 4 you" which has the same sorrow/rage vibe only it's about something way more lame. One song is about losing your best friend and wanting revenge, while the other is an attractive (and thus privileged woman who has never experienced true loneliness) whining that some Chad broke up with her. One song says "they stole my dog from me and I'm going to kill those niggas" and the other song says "boo hoo you're such a big mean Sociopath just because you wanted to date someone else but I thought you were a good person just because I thought you were hot and I'm a stupid shallow bitch".

"no gods no masters" only has an angry sound because of the metal style, the actual words aren't very angry.

"abcdefu" has a similar vibe to "good 4 you". It's just a spoiled privileged attractive rich person complaining about failed relationships when they have an endless supply of other options.

Teo Laza - Murder Suicide (Official Video) - YouTube

Please remeber that topic says: angry songs.

So it doesnt say sad songs and it doesnt say pity songs, as only anger counts and you are not supposed to reward my opponent for sad or pity elements of the song, as this is not a sad song battle, and if my opponent wants to have a sad song battle, we can do that, but not here.

My opponent also says that my songs are like that too, however, I did not describe them like that but he clearly went for the pity element in round 1 for his songs, and pity has no relation to anger.

As you are only supposed to reward anger, if my opponent's songs make you feel sad or pity instead of angry, you should just dismiss them as forfeit.

Now, onto my songs which are much more angry than my opponent's songs, as demonstrated by mere title.

These songs absolutely destroy my opponent in terms of anger:

Song 1. Pink Guy - Kill yourself

Song 2. Pink Guy - Shut The Fuck Up

Song 3. Nowhere to run

Round 3
There is no rule that says other emotions can't be present in the song, and saying a song about killing people and wanting revenge is a "pity song" is dishonest because there is clearly anger behind it. There is also a difference between the audience pitying someone and someone's song being about pity. The audience is allowed to say "damn I feel for him" and let it affect their vote.

Just ignore everything my opponent says, as this is not pity song battle and pity doesnt count

Song 1. Ode to Showa Restoration - English version

Song 2. Leader, just issue the order

Song 3. Palestinian resistance song - Resist