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Atheism towards The One True God is foolish and/or ignorant


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The existence of God is irrefutable, and denial of the monotheistic God is self defeating.

Con position is expected to argue the position of the atheist.

Round 1
Oxford defines God as...

(in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

Merriam Webster defines God as...

capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality

To quote a father of the catholic/orthodox tradition and canonized saint... Augustine of Hippo...

"Where I found truth, there found I my God, who is the truth itself"

Augustine repeats in no uncertain terms throughout his vast corpus of works that The Truth is God.

Also in the Christian protestant tradition Herman Bavinck wrote
God is the truth in its absolute fullness. He, therefore, is the primary, the original truth, the source of all truth, the truth in all truth. He is the ground of the truth – of the true being "

And though these are examples from western academia and Christian traditions, you will find this understanding of God is fairly universal in the various religious traditions of the world. The Abrahamic faiths all recognize The Truth as being God. Even in vedic monotheism, God is understood as ultimate reality. 

So to make what I am saying very clear, The Truth is God.

So to say "There is no God" is to say, "It is the truth that there is no such thing as truth!". Clearly self defeating. 

To say, "I do not believe in God" or "I don't know if God exists" is to admit that you have doubts. If you have doubts, you know at least one thing is true.. that is, you have doubt. If anything is true at all, it is because The Truth is in it. 

Atheism towards God is a self defeating and foolish position to hold on to, as it is fundamentally a denial of truth and reality. I personally don't believe that this is what atheists actually believe. I think most atheists likely do not believe that God exists because they have a superstitious conception of God. They have a conception of God that is not real. However, being real is literally the defining characteristic of God, as God is literally, not metaphorically, The Truth.

Round 2
The Truth is God.
Just because people who believe God is the truth say he's the truth doesn't prove that God is the truth.

Purple flying hippos that fart magic talking rooster pellets are the truth.

Doubt is the true sign of a truth seeker. It is those who think they know everything or believe blindly that have the hardest time discovering the truth.

Round 3
"Purple flying hippos that fart magic talking rooster pellets" cannot arbitrarily be said to exist.

I am not arbitrarily saying "God exists" because I believe so. This is literally the defining characteristic of God. If what you are imagining doesn't exist, it isn't God.

Ultimate Reality means it exists. God means Ultimate reality. The ultimate reality by definition exists. That is what reality means. If it doesn't exist, that would be unreality.

So no, it is quite certain that God exists, and there is no argument against God.

Atheism towards this God is foolish and self defeating.

God cannot arbitrarily be said to exist.

You are arbitrarily saying "God exists" because you believe so.

People thinking something and writing down words or including them in arbitrary man made definitions of symbolic shapes and sounds does not make them true.

Ultimate reality doesn't mean what you say simply because you are a dirty little tomato sucker who defines your spiritual delusions as reality itself.

If  part of the definition of Mopac was tomato sucker, would that make you a tomato sucker?
Round 4
Your argument is...

"What I think God is is not the ultimate reality"

But I am saying, along with my sources, that God is The Ultimate Reality, as in, that is what the word means, and that clearly transcends peoples conceptions or understanding.

I am not being arbitrary. I am telling you the truth. If that makes you wrong, that can't be helped. There is no shame in being wrong, but their is shame in persisting stubbornly in one's error

Your sources are merely people who share the same arbitrary opinion as you.

A buddhists opinion or an atheists is just as valid.

Your claims could be a refuted by a two month old kangaroo still in the pouch.

You do not have a single argument, only shapes and sounds that humans arbitrarily assign meaning to.

You will need more than words and cherry picked definitions to prove your claims.
Round 5
The Truth is my God, and everything about my religion has to do with aligning myself more to The Truth. That is the entire purpose of discarding the influences over me that keep me from being honest. I discard the things that keep me from having peace with reality.

You equate my God with a false god. You equate my God with a god who was created, is known for a period of time, and then is forgotten to time. 

My God is The Truth, which always was, always is, and always will be. You were born. You will die. My God was here before anything. My God will continue to be after everything perishes. You would not exist unless my God formed you in your mothers womb. You would not be alive unless my God gave you air, food, water, and life.

Your life is vanity, and you abide in death.

I pray that you one day come to know The Eternal God, The God of your salvation.
I do not believe in words, I believe in evidence.

That is why I'm an atheist, because I don't see any evidence of God, but I have thousands of reasons not to believe in him.

When I read the bible, I do not see transcendent wisdom, I see a fictional being with the mindset of a human characterized as God.

Your God is not God, he is a primitive animal that destroys cities full of children because the adults in that city have an affinity towards consentual butt sex.

He is a monster who curses people for things their ancestors did, simply because they are part of a certain bloodline.

He is a racist who favours certain tribes and peoples over others.

He has the markings of a fictional character that very stupid, very primitive humans made up.

Your morality comes from a fictional tyrant that lives in the sky who was made up by barbaric bronze age retards.

You wouldn't know "reality" if it abseiled down your butt crack with a climbing rope.

You wouldn't know "truth" if it drilled a tunnel through your belly button and started mining for lint and dorito crumbs