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Trump should not have bombed the Syrian Air Base in 2017


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I am a Trump supporter, but dammmmmmmm was this BAD. Worst mistake he's right up there with his government shutdown that ended in a republican disaster. Anyway, dont ask for any definitions for these words. There are the definitions you just search up on Google. No forfeiting, no personal attacks and have fun. Good luck!

Round 1
{--ANOTHER FU***** WAR--}
The only thing this created was the same affect the Iraq war created. More terrorism and destabilization. This lead to massive tensions, helping ISIS, and destabilizing the region. Libya,Iraq, and then Syria. Intervention does not help. Name one positive thing to come out this.

Trump said in a 2013 tweet after the chemical attack “Don't Attack Syria-an attack will only bring trouble to the U.S. focus on making America strong and great again.” This is what Trump campaigned against.{1}

The very air base that Trump bombed was protecting a Christian town that was under attack by ISIS almost every day and destroyed churches. By doing that, Trump is helping ISIS who came out and said that the bombing of the air base was GOOD. As well as al-qaeda. Trump helped jihadists. The first airstrike Trump did in Syria killed 30 civilians.{2}{3}

First of all in the 2013 attack, Syrian rebels in the Darra district admitted to committing the atrocity. So we know that they have chemical weapons as well as why should Assad commit this atrocity? He is winning the war and is in a perfect position. It makes no sense to kill civilians. At this point he took Aleppo. The area where the chemical weapon attack took place, the rebels took defeat and agreed to leave out of the are in 2 weeks.The stage is set and in favor for the rebels for committing this.

A rebel chemical factory was discovered in the same region where the attack happened and found the very same chemical weapon materials used in the attack. The military of Syria warned civilians of a chemical attack from the rebels. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense admitted that there was no evidence Assad did the attack.{4}


{--ANOTHER FU***** WAR--}
No, this is absolutely false. Syria was already a complete cluster of hell and war riddled. You cant cause a war when there is already one going on. Positive things that may occur are that the missiles were a warning strike to keep Assad from getting more creative with how he kills.

This is not being a hypocrite. You are able to evolve your thoughts over time, although i sincerely believe trump only bombed Syria because of pressure from human rights organizations.

The link you gave was with relation to the Yemen war, which is not relevant in this topic. You have yet to provide any evidence of the city being majority christian and “under protection” and 0 evidence supporting that ISIS said it was “good”.

The final link you provided LITERALLY SAYS that in one of the attacks a SYRIAN ARMY COPTER is the only thing responsible for launching the attack. There is 0 solid evidence that the rebels did this.

Round 2
I apologize for not proceeding the right links. I had this debate in another website, so I apologize

point 1. Syria was winding down as a war. Aleppo was liberated and ISIS was starting to collapse. This made things WORSE. A "warning strike" means nothing when Russia is backing you up.

point 2. No. This was a CAMPAIGN promise. He PROMISED he would stop intervention in foreign countries,but he didn't. He didn't simply just evolved. 

MSNBC interview 2016 Reporter asks Trump-"Should the US continue intervention in Syria?." Trump replies-"What, are we gonna start WW3 over Syria. NO"

point 3. It was the Christian city of Mhradeh. A church was bombed.{1}

point 4. Ok you tell me this. The Rebels were LOSING. They admitted they were behind the 2013 attack.{2}. And ASSAD was winning, and was on offense. WHY would ASSAD ever think for a trillionth of a second to poison their OWN people. Another attack was founded in 2018 which there was undeniable evidence the Rebels did it. Whats the evidence ASSAD did it huh tell me. You didn't respond to MY evidence the rebels did it.

point 1. It does mean something. Although Russia is backing Assad im pretty sure they dont go around bombing civilians with gas.

point 2: Well then its a promise he clearly failed to do as we are helping Saudi Arabia do thier stuff and now  trying to intervene in Venezuela, which leads me to think that hes being pressured by his advisors.

point 4.Your conveniently confusing rebel with ISIS. There are just some Syrians who wish to overthrow Assad and are therefore fighting against his army. ISIS is a terrorist group.It literally says IN THE ARTICLE “ the jihadist rebels issued a statement telling the civilians of Mhardeh to not fear them because they only intend to fight the government”.

“And ASSAD was winning, and was on offense. WHY would ASSAD ever think for a trillionth of a second to poison their OWN people”. WHAT! YES! He does it EVERYDAY. He not only kills terrorists but CLEARLY bombs civilians with ABSOLUTELY NO lashback.

Round 3
point 1. It doesn't mean anything and it hasn't. What changed in that attack. NOTHING. There was another round of chemical attacks the very next year. 

point 2.It doesn't matter if pressured by advisors or not. He promised he would rain the swamp which he din't int that area. It was a PROMISE. he was hypocritical, no denying that. 

point 4. It don't matter, they were jihadists. Rebels were jihadists. Jabhat Nusra, Syria’s homegrown Salafi-jihadist group, has important links to al-Qaeda affiliates and demonstrates a higher level of effectiveness than many other rebel groups.  Jabhat Nusra has demonstrated sensitivity to popular perception and they are gaining support within Syria. The emergence of indigenous Salafi-jihadist groups such as Jabhat Nusra is far more dangerous to the long-term stability of the Syrian state than foreign jihadist groups because it represents a metamorphosis of a Salafi-jihadist ideology into a domestic platform that is able to achieve popular resonance.

No evidence for ASSAD doing war crimes nor responsibility for chemical weapons attack. The media literarily used a little boy as a war crime for ASSAD when his own father supported ASSAD. The media said that a little girl was running away from ASSAD bombs but it was a music video cover. 
point 1: Even if what you are saying is true (same attack next year) there was 0 harm to come from it. There was no harm in trying.

point 2: As i said, in his campaign promise he mightve been thinking differently. Im not saying its okay to break a promise just that his thoughts about the subject may have changed.

point 4: It does matter. They are not fighting in the name of Allah like ISIS. There goal is to overthrow there failed leader Assad. There is no “threat to long term stability” as Syria is already FAR from being even close to stable and it is in ruins. These rebels are not perfect however.

“No evidence”. There is PLENTY! Human rights violations from the opposition and Assads army. Here is an entire article on it.

Round 4
point 1. THERE WAS HARM. How do you tell the families of the seven dead syrian soldiers that they died over a MYTH.

point 2.We voted for it,and we didn't get it. It's ok to change though but not a MAJOR campaign promise. 

point 4. THEY ARE JIHADISTS. Watch any documentary and they are screaming allem snackbar. >>

Un Secretary called Idlib province the biggest hot bed for terrorists since North Pakistan in the 90's. 

I said no evidence for the chemical attack

AHH YES, good one. The government committed crimes ok. But so did the rebels. ITS right there in your source and its a lot more than ASSAD. 

"On 20 March 2012, Human Rights Watch issued an open letter to the opposition (including the FSA), accusing them of carrying out kidnappings, torture and executions, and calling on them to halt these unlawful practices. In July 2012, the Daoud Battalion, operating in the Jabal-al-Zawiya area, reportedly used captured soldiers in proxy bombings. This involved tying the captured soldier into a car loaded with explosives and forcing him to drive to an Army checkpoint, where the explosives would be remotely detonated."

AND SO SO MUCH MORE. See the beach part. Woman can NOT do anything like that under Sharia Law. Syria looks peacful and you look at Idlib and its a disaster.

They did not die over a myth. At least one helicopter did launch chemical attacks on CIVILIANS. Not JIHADISTS. People in buildings eating breakfeast. As i said i believe he was pressured to do the attack, i get it was a promise. Not all are Jihadists, if you think otherwise please give me a statistic on how many (non ISIS) Jihadist rebels there are, specifically with the intent of “killing infidels” because the ones im speaking about literally said they dont wish to hurt the christian people in the city, only to overthrow Assad. I never said rebels didnt also commit warcrimes. Its still a fact that Assad did and my main point is that our attack against him was to keep him from steppiing out of line again.