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    Please use this thread to solicit votes for your finished debate. While mentioning the theme, length, forfeitures, etc. related to the debate are fair game, do not make extra arguments or otherwise try to unduly influence the vote outcomes.

    As debates in this thread leave the voting period, please report them and a moderator will clean things up to keep relevant posts on the first page.
    By using this moderator thread, you have opted in to have content periodically deleted.

    Alternatively, users may view all voting period debates. A small red icon under the word voting, indicates that the period closes within 3 days.


    Voting Academy 101: How to Cast a “Good” Vote

    In order to vote on DART, accounts must have read the site's Code of Conduct (COC) AND completed at least 2 non-troll debates without any forfeits OR posted 100 forum posts. Once you have met these criteria, you are free to vote on any debate you please. For important voting resources, consult the following: 

    • Voting Policy (in short: read the debate, then name and compare highlights from each side on each category you've allotted points.)
    • Resources for New Members, which includes helpful voting guides and primers


    The individuals responsible for voting moderation are:


    Moderator Voting FAQs

    1) Why was my vote removed but that other horrible vote that doesn't explain anything allowed to stand? My vote is better than so many other crappy votes cast on the site.
    • Moderators tend to review only the votes that were reported. If you find a “bad” vote and would like the moderators to review it, simply hit the red flag and we will get to it as soon as possible.
    2) I've reported a vote but it wasn't removed.
    • Several possibilities: (1) The vote passed moderation review. (2) We haven't processed the reports yet (this usually happens in 24-72 hours). (3) The vote is past the statute of limitations. (4) The debate is non-moderated.
    • Additionally, when reporting a vote you can also create a comment tagging one or more moderators, clarifying why you believe the vote in question is insufficient (that it voted against you must never be the reason).
    3) What are the requirements for voting?
    • In order to be eligible to vote, accounts must have (1) read the site's COC, AND either (2) completed at least 2 non-troll debates without any forfeits OR posted 100 forum posts. Once you have done those things, you will gain the right to vote.
    4) My voting rights were revoked. Now what?
    • If your votes have constantly been removed, the moderator team will contact you and coach you through the voting process to ensure that you fully understand our standards. If your rights have been removed, you must appeal to the moderator team and write a sufficient RFD on a debate that is at least 3 rounds and is not forfeited.
    5) I didn't know the voting guidelines. Why was I punished for something I never agreed to do?
    • If you have the right to vote, it means that you at least read the COC. Ignorance is not an excuse for failing to vote properly.
    6) I want to explain my vote in detail but it won't fit in the voting comment box.
    • Feel free to use the comments section of the debate to elaborate on your vote. You can use multiple comments if you want (each can hold 2000 characters of it, we suggest starting at the end of the vote and working backward for better reading order). You can also use a Google doc and paste the link to the comment box.
    7) Can I revote once I've had my vote removed?
    • Of course (assuming you have your voting privileges) - as long as it is expanded or changed in an effort to solve the initial issues that caused it to be removed. Copy-pasting the same vote without justification will cause it to be removed again along with potentially other sanctions.
    8) I believe it was unfair that my vote was deleted, it was a good vote... What should I do?
    • Create a comment (or send a direct message) replying to the moderator who handled the report, explaining why you feel it met or exceeded the standards. Do please understand that moderators are human, so the occasional mistake is made.
    9) I think votes shouldn't be moderated. How do I escape the evil of having such standards?
    • List your debates as non-moderated (ideally both in the title and description). Granted, this absence of standards has been tried on similar sites... It leads to vote bomb wars.

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    You thought this was a voting request, but it was I, DIO.

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    --> @Kbub530
    I disagree, because my opponent didn’t actually offer any arguments except the dictionary definition. I used the same dictionary to suggest he is wrong, used an ethical argument about language, AND suggested that the first round was for acceptance only. It’s fine if you don’t buy that the first round shouldn’t have had definitions—but don’t forget that he also offered no other arguments, and my arguments went uncontested.

    The main reason I no longer participate in the current debate system is because most of my debates go unvoted on.

    The other reason I no longer participate in the current debate system is because I disagree with the RFD rules and most of the judge's OPINIONS.

    A "self-moderated" debate might end in a tie, but it will never go "unvoted" and if there is any dispute about "who won", at least both sides are on equal footing and it doesn't devolve into "who has the most friends" or "who's the most popular with the judges".

    And just to be perfectly clear, the current system and current rules and ranking system would be 100% UNCHANGED by this proposal.

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    DDO debate,
    Children can consent (Debate With Leaning)

    I'd appreciate people voting on this debate.

    Voting closes April 23nd.

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