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Have you ever crafted a material object, (Arts and Crafts kind of question) If so, have you any thoughts on said action/object/s?

I've done some woodwork; I've done some bookbinding--I have an embarrassingly large number of old books--I've done some sketching and drawing, though admittedly, not in some time. I've always liked the indulgence in such activities because it requires focus and that can often be meditative. It's like one doesn't think about anything else.

ever tried mafia? I got a game ready

No. I've never tried forum games. How does it work?

In schools required reading, have there been any books or stories, that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. It stood out because of the suspense and its very descriptive language.

I've seen you allude to it a lot, but your exact philosophy alludes me. And it really intrigues me, I haven't seen a lot of people think the way you do, what is your general philosophy?

Political Philosophy: Individualism
Economic Philosophy: Free-Market Anarchism.
Religious/Ontological Philosophy: Subjective Idealism or Epistemological Solipsism.

Are you an AnCom, AnCap, or AnPrim? Or maybe something else (I'm not educated on Anarchism)?

I'm an anarchist that believes in the elimination of the State. I'm an individualist who believes in voluntarism, autonomy, and sovereign individuals. I'm a proponent of free-market economic principles. I suppose one could say that my views align closer with anarcho-capitalism than the rest, but I've never taken to that label because my endorsement of anarchy is derivative of my sustaining an individualist philosophy.

Are you angry that I'm sending you questions?


Do you feel a selfish urge to help people, ever?


Do you think selflessness is toxic to aim for?

Selflessness/Altruism is logically incoherent. Value is a fundamental manifestation of self; thus the self is intrinsically tied to all expressions of said value, including "concern more for others."

Do you identify as an anarchist or a Libertarian?

Neither. I subscribe to individualist philosophy. My sustaining anarachist and/or libertarian positions are merely manifestations and inevitable consequences of said philosophy.