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Freedom of speech is dead in Ireland. It has been murdered by the typical libtard 'hate speech' nonsense that allows corrupt governments and malicious people to destroy others for disagreeing with them. Not only that, but a reversal of the golden criminal justice principle of 'innocent until proven guilty' is about to take effect, too, wherein people need to explain why they have material on their devices, else they are assumed guilty. FuzJqkqX0AEbXtR (1080×1137) (

Ireland is about to pass a law that prevents people from having "material that is likely to incite violence or hatred against a person or group of person". What that means in practice is that if you have something that is political that refers to controversial issues on your phone or laptop, those are illegal and could be used to criminally prosecute you, because the standard for inciting violence/hatred is vague and assumes you're guilty.

If you have a picture of Hitler on your laptop or phone, perhaps used for a research project at school, you'll need to explain yourself before a judge. If you have a meme about Asians not driving well, you'll need to explain yourself before a judge. If you have a video of some African Muslims bashing people, you'll need to explain yourself in front of a judge.

Say what you want about America and its failings, but at least it has robust freedom of speech and criminal justice laws. 
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