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Debates I will accept with muslims after we negotiate terms. I am pro on the following. 

1. Jesus is God
2. Jesus died and then rose from the dead
3. Muhhamed was not real
4. Having sex with children is unethical
5. The Quran is corrupted
6. Islam is not a religion of peace

I will add to this list as I learn more about your sick religion.  
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I have a new video up where I take Benjamin's arguments apart.  He argues that Israel is committing genocide in Gaza and here are the arguments against that position.

By examining how I take apart his arguments you can likely improve your own debating skills.

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I am looking to explore what Islam is about for 100 hours and then for 100 days. This blog piece is to explore the first 100 hours. The goal for this 100 days is ambituous/

1. listen to the entire Quran 25 times in English and 25 times  in Quranic Arabic.
2. speedrun the entire dulingo Arabic course, it is not quranic arabic but there is enough overlap and it seems like a good foundation.

I already see some issues in Islam from my pre study. for one they change english translations of the Quran in response to controversy, such as when the prophet was sucking on the tongue of a young boy. This is essential for me to learn Arabic.

They also seem to think their book is uncorrupted, but arabic itself was not standardized during the time of the Quran's writing and the words weren't written down until years after the prophets death. There was also disagreement as to the what the words mean almost immediately with the Sunni Shia split.

Some things I am looking out for while going through the Quran, and I know there is more to Islam than the Quran but I want to read it first before getting more involved with the community to learn how to understand the words better. The point of the first 100 hours is to take things from the POV of Muslims and maybe the first 100 days before I dive into what the skeptics say. I will need to learn Islam at a basic level before I get into apologetics as well.

Here is what I am looking out for

1. Is their like a type of cycle of Jihad advocated for. I noticed societies with 1% Muslims will have Muslims claiming Islam is a religion of peace. Once it hits 20% Muslim the society starts defensive Jihad, where they will start attacking those critical of Islam. At 80% of population, Muslims will subjugate christians and Jews demanding a type of tribute to exist and unlike western societies who treat Muslims kindly, they will treat those who are not Muslim as lesser people.

2. Does your typical Muslim or apologist think "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed", Like a pedophile

3. Are they commanded to go after Jews and does the Quran actually claim Jews shape shift into animals and refuse to drink camel milk and other weird shit.

Day 1: I listened to an audiobook of the Quran for 2 hours. It begins with a type of rehash of the biblical old testament and criticizes Jews for their stubborness. The Old Testament in the bible seems to do the same thing and criticize Jews for their stubbornness but the God as portrayed in the bible is criticizing Jews from a place of love, where as Allah seems to refer to them as wrong doers and accuse them of lying about his words he gave them to write down. Just before the 2 hour mark it seems that Allah is challenging the Jews to kill themselves if they are confident they have done good and are ready to meet God. So already it seems to not respect the sanctity of life. I am not sure how this will continue but it seems the Muslim claims to love death because they are excited to meet God as they are sure they have pleased him, and accuse lovers of life of trying to live so long because they are afraid to meet God, because they know in their heart they are wrong doers.

This is my reading of the Quran. I intend to get a physical copy in addition to the audiobook and can listen about 3 hours a day. The audiobook is about 20 hours so I will give you guys daily summaries. Welcome to my blog.
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