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Warning, this is a hot take

I have been a significantly worried left wing progressive due to the increased population and influence of Islamic immigrants in western culture for some time and kept my mouth shut for fear of bigotry calls but it is not just them at all.

The actual cultures and ideologies that the left of US wing defend immigrating heavily to their nations are as far right as it gets.


Mexico? Syria? Brazil? Argentina? Peru? Puerto Rico? Ukraine? Pakistan, India (which has Muslims and even the Hindus are quite right-wing depending on subculture variation, the Sikhs lean left).

I support the immigration, I do and I love the refugee influx from Ukraine (but resent that Ukraine hasn't allowed its men to surrender and flee, they are trapped for slaughter or capture at this point, I am a realist not a fairytale writer, I loathe Putin but a lost war is a lost war). 

I support the immigration, I repeat it to make it clear.

I do not support the lack of direct integration. Only Scandinavia does direct integration, they force the immigrants to study for exams on western, leftist values if they wish to become true citizens at any point and even to do business and long-term work there they need to do it.

This is something the left puke at but do you really think no immigrants are voting for Republicans? These are severely conservative Christians and Muslims, use your damn head! 

We must realise that we, the Left, fucked ourselves over by embracing the most homophobic, anti contraceptive, anti-abortion, anti-social-democracy cultures out there.

It is time to seriously sit and consider if it remains a smart idea to amicably be embracing the same ideology that all Sharia nations are based on and the very Christian conservative cultures of South America, which are anti-LGBT, anti,-abortion, brutally anti-feminism and basically anti-left altogether.

I am saying we need to show them respect, not disrespect. We must respect their core values are deeply right wing and conservative and ponder if the right wing has actually been inadvertently been a taboo deterrent to their own agenda's success.

If this offends you, I dont say this irl for a reason. Please let me have a safe space here free from cancel culture.
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Overall Impact

Research from Ian Goldin attributes two thirds of America's economic growth since 2011 to immigrants, coming to the conclusion that immigrants are "highly beneficial."


A 30 year meta analysis of immigrants and their impact on wages suggest that a 1% increase in the share of labourers that are foriegn born increases wages by 0.008%.  In other words, immigrants do not have a large impact on wages.

Keep in mind that this analyses the short term impacts of immigration in the long term they might be some positive impacts...

"Immigrants are not simply workers but consumers. They increase the host country’s demand for goods and services. In the long run, immigration can lead to more investment, resulting in greater demand for labor and thus increased wages and employment in the economy."


A study by Rachel M. Friedberg and Jennifer Hunt came to the conclusion that a 10% increase in the share of labourers that are foriegn born decreases wages by 0-1% and has no impact on employment.

Keep in mind that the study I used for the wages segment stated that employment for natives could even increase in the long run.



A 2018 analysis of all 50 states and DC over the course of 24 years found that illegals were less likely to commit crime than natives.

The Cato Institute reported that illegals were 40 percent less likely to get arrested and 46 percent less likely to commit murder.

So far I have only seen one study that clearly demonstrated illegals committing more crime, but Cato did a debunking. According to Cato the study assumed all people classified as “non-US citizen and deportable” were illegals, but in actuality a very large portion of the people under this label were legals that violated the terms of their visas.
Moreover, even if this was a valid study, which it does not appear to be, it seems to be a massive outlier.


A study observing strictly Mexican immigrants found that Mexican immigrants were not more or less likely to commit property or violent crime.

Likewise, this study also found no relation between immigration and crime.

This has been one of the many issues I’ve changed my mind on, I was wondering if the people of DART could sway me back to being anti immigrant or not.

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So awhile back I committed some Red Herrings in abortion debate. I'm curious if anyone on the other side would like to defend what I take to be hypocrisy. I do not assume any one pro-life person to believe in each of the following; it's rather a starting point for potential discussion.

  1. I'm curious how beliefs in stripping women of their rights for the benefit of strangers (AKA "the unborn"), line up with investing in a border wall and a general anti-immigrant stance? After-all people who die trying to cross the border could live if given residence in the homes of citizens at the expense and against the wishes of said citizens.
  2. Stances against universal health care, which would raise the quality of life for any children forced to be born against the wishes of the mother, and likely make less women want abortions when there's not the up front cost of around $12,000 to give birth in a hospital.
  3. Gun access at the expense of life. Just universal background checks is estimated to be able to prevent over 1000 murders per year.
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The SCOTUS just voted 5-4, along ideological lines, to allow new changes to legal immigration. It will allow immigration officials to take into consideration whether or not a legal immigrant will become a public charge and rely on public assistance.

This seems rather pragmatic to me: why would you let someone in the country who will end up costing you money? We are a country, not a charity, and being a charity is precisely why we are racking up trillions in debt.

So, anyone feel free to post your thoughts on this new development. I have heard this may be a good way to stop chain migration.

If any lefties would like to explain why we shouldn't be allowed to engage in financial responsibility, I am all ears.
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