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African Americans, from the bottom half of the American income distribution, have had worse homicide rates than any other country in the world.

Crunching the numbers, we can see that some of the worst homicide rates (per 100,000) worldwide range from 20.8 (Dominica, 2020) to the 49.3 (Virgin Islands, 2012) FuF7chEWIAAb0ux (844×592) ( . Most of the countries listed here are from South America, Carribean and (a few) being from Africa. South America and the Carribean are the most violent today, whereas Africa has been so in the past but appears to have improved (if African data is to be trusted, which is debatable: FuGF-N6WYA8dHjI (712×811) ( )  FuF8yp1WAAMvQCg (850×620) ( .

For African Americans of the 0-10 income distribution decile, their homicide rate has ranged from 86.1-117.0 homicides per 100,000, making them on average twice as bad as the worst country (Virgin Islands 49.3). The 10-25 percentiles ranged from 48.1-63.9, again making them on average worse than the worst country. Even the 25-50 percentiles ranged from 39.8-65.2, still average higher than the worst country, thus proving that at least the bottom half of African Americans, in terms of U.S. income distribution, have greater homicide rates than the worst country in the world. FuF7cgzXoAIV0nR (660×413) ( taken from Unequal Incomes, Unequal Outcomes? Economic Inequality and Measures of Well-Being ( 

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94% of ALL abortions take place BEFORE 14 weeks gestation, the majority of those being BEFORE 6 weeks gestation. Absolutely. Positively. NO BABY involved.

Words have meaning. That meaning is defined by the context in which they are given. Semantics matters. Syntax matters. When you use words out of context, out of syntax, and semantically end with emotively charged terms based on a perverted context in which they are given. As a result, many words are used as misnomers and many are also conflated with others, albeit incorrectly. Terms like baby, child, children...the "pro-life" crowd never, ever uses the scientifically accurate terminology of any of the stages of pregnancy. Be it biology, psychology, legally, or reproductively. They are too truthful, too dry and meaningless for them because they cannot handle the truth of it all.

The obvious ignorant (uneducated) #prolife bandwagon considers #conception = to [a] #humanlife or [a] #humanbeing. Problem with that statement is, #cellularlife does NOT equal #ahumanbeing or #personhood.

FACT: #Potentiality does NOT = #Actuality. Never has. Never will.

Cellular life (i.e., conception), the basic biological criteria for #life, is merely potentiality. Without #viability (capable of extrauterine survival), the pregnancy is immaterial. It will not exist until it gestates long enough within the female #womb, period.

Again, 94% of ALL abortions are BEFORE 14 weeks, and viability is technically 19-20 weeks. Less than 1.2% of ALL abortions are AFTER 22-24 weeks. So, the whole "baby killers" argument is unsubstantiated uneducated nonsense. While there are some late term abortions, they are far, few and between (the noted 1.2%).

While fertilization, or conception, meets the very basic biological criterial for cellular life, that cellular life simply does not equal an actual #humanbeing. It just doesn't; as potentiality can never equal actuality. And yet the pro-life crowd keeps using incorrect terminology, misnomers, to describe accurately labeled stages of human reproductive development of a pregnancy. Baby this, baby that.

A zygote is NOT a baby.
A blastocyst is NOT a baby.
An embryo is NOT a baby.
An unviable fetus is NOT a baby.

An initial heartbeat does NOT equal a baby either. A heartbeat only means that an albeit immature organ (not entirely fully developed) is functional. Take the embryo/fetus out of the womb too early (before 19-22 weeks), and it will cease to exist. That being said, #viability is the ONLY issue that should concern anyone where a pregnancy is concerned. This proves why 94% of ALL abortions are before 14 weeks gestation, the majority of those being before 6 weeks. NO girl or woman wants to be responsible for the outright death of a viable fetus (i.e., if viable, an actual "baby"). Despite viability, the pregnancy still has no legal rights outside of Roe v Wade (i.e. - prohibition of late term abortions for mere contraceptive purposes).

Yes, many come back at me with the laws concerning double homicide of a pregnant woman; yet the fact remains that both the state and federal laws written of same categorize or ascribe the label of "legal victim" to the pregnancy, regardless of stage, and never that of [a] human being. The legislators knew that to state otherwise would immediately conflict with established case law (precedence) and Roe v Wade; not to mention the 14th Amendment of the Bill of Rights. So that argument is dead in the water (pardon the pun).

The undeniable fact remains, that without fetal #viability there can be NO actualized "human being."

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