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As of late, there have been many natural and manufactured crises going on in America. 
With heightened tensions with China, North Korea, and Russia...war is not impossible and could very well be highly probable if the democrats keep running America into the ground and flushing freedom down the toilet. 

So, what have you been doing to prepare?

Better to have and not need, then need and not have.
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 it is reported that China has a balloon in Kansas and the biden administration is going to bitch up and not defend our country's airspace.

Thoughts and prayers for American safety please.
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I will first define two terms, to avoid equivocation.

- The People’s Republic of China or the PRC is the contintental part of China and which excludes Taiwan.
- United China is the PRC + Taiwan and does not exist as a single country today.

Context : The PRC objects violently to US speaker Nancy Pelosy’s visit to Taiwan because it allegedly violates the one China principle.

In order for any foreigner to visit a country, permission of the state is required. Since United China does not exist, such permission cannot be given. However, in this case, permission of all regions should suffice. So if the PRC and Taiwan give permission, it would be OK. Since the PRC denied permission, on those grounds Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan on august 2nd was inappropriate.

However, to my knowledge no high profile individuals ever ask Taiwan for permission to visit the PRC. They should require such permission since United China cannot give it. Hence the PRC is hypocrytical. People visiting the PRC is OK, but visiting Taiwan is not.

It boils down to might makes right as is often the case in geopolitics. It could be that high profile individuals visting Taiwan is a problem while such visit to the PCR are not because the Taiwanese are just nicer and more tolerant. A more likely explanation is that the PCR is more powerful than Taiwan.

Or is there actually a relevant distinction that justifies different treatment of visits to these regions ?
Current events
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The gaying of society is the fault of capitalism entirely. We need a more socialist movement for right wing Americans. Some combination of nationalism and socialism to defeat the corporatocracy . Maybe even an a nationalist socialist American workers party. To understand the reason for the gaying of America, you need to understand two things.

1. Corporations want to increase profit as much as possible

Men are simple. I buy beer, work and pay bills. That's it. My wife spends the rest of my money. What happens if a corporation can gayify me though? I would automatically start spending more money, by buying anal bleach and dressing all gay.

But in reality, gay is a gateway drug to tranny. The real goal is to convince the homosexual to cut his penis off, so he can become a woman and start spending as much as women do.

If you are wondering why corporations are pushing the gayification of America, just look at how much the gay trannies spend.

You'd be wrong in assuming it's just corporations gaying up America. Who else wants America all gay up? The answer is Russia and China. Nobody is scared of an army of guys who cut their penises off. The russian and chinese armies when they face us, want to fight a bunch of effiminate lady boys as opposed to rugged men, such as myself. I can't blame them. I usually fair better against girls in fights as well.

If you do happen to be gay, don't despair. There is help out there for you. Don't let your country down. Don't be gay.
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For anyone curious about how cryptocurrency actually works, I'd recommend this video from 3Blue1Brown: .

I was considering making a debate about this at one point, but I decided not to for whatever reason (most likely lack of confidence). When it comes to proof-of-work, there's no way for anyone to create a block that contains a transaction that didn't happen, send out that block to only one entity (if you were trying to fool them into thinking you had sent payment, for example), and always have a longer-block chain (validity is always based on the longest block-chain) unless you controlled over 50% (let's say 52%) of the computing power involved in mining the particular crypto.

If you controlled over 52%, you would, per the law of big numbers, be capable of finding the hash needed enough that your block-chain that contains the fraudulent transaction that you never broadcast to anyone but the person you're attempting to deceive faster than anyone else on average and would be able to make it seem like your block-chain is the valid one. This isn't possible with things like bitcoin (as far as I know), but what if we reached a point where a government managed to somehow, maybe by preventing mining from anyone but the government (if that's even possible), control said 52%? They would be able to have complete control over the currency and be able to buy things without even having to spend currency as long as they hold the longest block-chain for long enough.

Having immaterial currency backed by a nation-state has worrisome implications for their ability to control money as well. If the government managed to have complete control over the currency, there's nothing stopping them from declaring all their currency worthless, forcing people to spend it in a certain period of time,  taking it away from people without even needing to be near them or their assets, etc...

I am very open to the possibility of being wrong in a lot of things that I said. It's been a while since I researched it, but I'd be curious if anyone else has similar or differing thoughts on nationally-backed crypto, especially with China's creation of one.
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