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In this debate, Con will use at least one word that contains the letter "E"


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Burden of proof is shared

Rules: Con can only use English.

Round 1
Why Con will inevitably use a word that has the letter E in it:

1) Common use
As you can see here, 12% of the English language contains the letter E. The average college or high school essay is 200~300 words. Now let's see, what are the chances that he will not use English language for 200 words in a row? 0.88^200 = 7.880149e-12. Oh. That's not good at all. That's lower than the chances of you winning the lottery. Unless con proves he is lucky enough to win the lottery (without using the letter E somehow?!), he loses the debate. Consider all of his past debates (, he has never successfully went through a debate without using the letter E. Indeed, it is concrete proof that he will use a word with letter E in it, within this debate. The fact that this debate is five rounds adds to the insane difficulty and impossibility that he will succeed.

2) Impossibility to counter me
Because I am free to use the letter E, he will have to struggle and constantly paraphrase everything I say, and I would be able to question his paraphrasing as it would not be my exact words. The vast majority of past tense words are not available to him, as they end with -ed, or even -en (forsaken, forgiven, etc.). He cannot say I posted something, he cannot say I made an argument, he cannot even say to vote for him. No. All of these are impossible. As he would lose the argument without countering me, he would lose the debate. He might think, what if I forfeit? Then you are using your privilege to not post. You are using the word "forfeited" in place of your argument, and therefore using a word containing the letter E. Hence losing the debate.

3) Can't challenge burden of proof
As "burden" includes an "E" on it, con cannot contest the definition by saying "opponent has burden of proof", and must accept that burden of proof is shared. He must establish his own case and reasoning why he is willing to expend the incredible effort that is required to resolve the problem and not use the letter E. He might say, oh, Gadsby the book without "E" already did it, but consider that it is fictional, with fictional character names and situation. All these arguments are based upon logic and reasoning, things that occur in real life. As such, he has little to no control over what kind of situation he might have to describe. Could he say I spelled something wrong without "E"? "Spell" has an "E" in it, so he cannot. Could he even say I forfeited a round, and that he will extend his arguments? No, he cannot. He cannot even say his own username or my own username. 

4) Con's profile picture
Yes, Alastor from Hazbin Hotel. But you can't very say "irrelevant", "pointless" now can you? Because con thinks Alastor is a good representation of his true self, that is why he will lose. Alastor is incredibly eloquent and a radio operator (source: Hazbin Hotel), this adds to his pizzazz and he would rather make a deal to make you forget that he said a word with "E" in it. But that does not negate his fact if he speaks a word with "E". Since con likes Alastor so much, it seems inevitable that con will act similar to Alastor and lose this debate due to mistakenly thinking he has demonic powers. 

Case closed, vote pro.
This round will not contain it on my half. Sucks for you. It limits my ability to talk but I will win. This paragraph functions as proof on its own. Submit, for I cannot fail.
Round 2
Pro Forfeited This Round.
Amazing! Your plan was waylaid, and now you must wait until I vanquish you.

I satisfy all conditions of this disputation by not using this symbol that Pro thinks I must apply.
By avoiding it, I show that Pro is a liar and that I am right in this situation. In short, I win.
Not a long round, but that is "the soul of wit," as good old William said. 

Round 3
As you can see con's username contains an "E" and hence he has used a word that has E in this debate.

Vote pro.
Wrong. Your original claim was about using it, not containing it. I did no such thing. It was not put in this disputation by my doing. It automatically loads as it is. It's DA's fault, not my doing. If truthful voting is to occur, Pro will not win. This is possibly in bad faith, but I know it is wrong.
Round 4
I did not think this through lol.
Round 5
William may have said it, but Con copied it in R2 ( GG Bois

Ctrl f saves lives
crap. I was Ctrl-Fing my paragraphs too. My bad. I was cocky too.