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Unrated Rap Battle vs the Kingpin RM


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Round 1
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Botched abortion Crocodile steps up like can box with me,
He's 'smart when (he) want(s) to be' thank you for the honesty,
Croc with the hideous smile comes to the dentist, saying he 'wants' all of his rotten teeth,
Profile description a depiction of bank that opts-in to a robbery,
Come here bitch and bother me, tell me you chose to be so horribly mistaken and taken for every penny that you're worth, you're a commodity,
See while this is unrated, it's undebatable I slaughter beats,
So if you're here to beat the champion guess your beating heart'll pause, go sleep.

You think you're on my level? I agree, case closed sir,
You aint even played Round 1, it's stageless, you're stuck here with me in 'game over',
Pitiful excuse of a vigilant recluse; cavemen beating on his chest, front door is a boulder,
I'm so vicious with the noose that they lynched with excuses, David don't want beef with RM, day he picks a fight with me hell will have frozen over,
I'm untamed on the loose, I'm the dire wolf fused with moose that you're hunting in the forest but next thing you know it's your limp body on its shoulder.
Round 2

It's time to accept it, this here's a play; site's a theatre dome,
Minds can't reject I got a way with words; shit I say you can feel through the phone,
Those aint crocodile tears, he's terrified and nowhere near to the zone,
I invited him to write something here but instead he's deep asleep with nighmares of me on a throne,
This obedient son knows he isn't my peer, I'm the tyrannical father that instils fear when he's home.
Wax on wax off like karate kid,
I'm eating the largest creatures on earth, you pale in comparison.
You call yourself RationalMadman, the god, the Kingpin?
Then how come you got beaten by two black and white men in a spidey skins?
I'm like DIO, approaching the emerald splash.
You lack the power needed to taken down my relentless attacks.
You're like a Floridian spitting insults about a crocodile,
Insulting a smile of a deadly predator from the nile,
what else could get you killed in a while?
I step up to the challenge like Joseph Joestar,
Blew you up into space like he did to Kars,
My one line "forfeited" was enough to beat whatever round 1 was about
My power is so raw, that alone could win this bout.

Round 3

Note that Crocodile used to be the user Gatorade, this is knowledge required to understand some of this rap.

If you're gonna make references, surely you gotta make 'em true?
Like if I just said I'm the tyrannical dad that makes you panic like mad, calling yourself a character with daddy issues only makes you a dancer as I play the flute,
You're the Dude I Own Mr. D-I-O you're the crocodile tamed, layin' in a zoo,
I'm G-O-A-T that you love to hate, T-Y-V-M for the achievement, boo.
Guess your pants were soiled so you forfeit Round 1, now your plans get foiled, I'll Cobra Kai your bruised ego, LaRusso, 'til you wax-on, kneel and lick clean my shoe,
This formidable veteran you call Floridian's better than you at even making your dead thread concepts hit the hall o' fame, now aint that an inconvenient truth?
Now smile for me Croc, try and bite on this rock, give yourself a new reason to need treat each tooth.
Round 4

He said he thought it was a 3-day Round so he missed Round 1,
When I walk in the room fear and respect can't be neglected, Dio I'm proud of you son,
You aint built for this sport, can't think let alone ever spit what I talk, dumb cunt,
Try ride my trip, one slip and you won't even get to hobble was you wobble wishing you could wince as you walk my run,
Ragnar and Dave tried to make me a slave, said I harassed some people but there wasn't any shit that I'd done,
So it's time with my rhymes to sublimely provide 'em with a sample me mercifully throwing trash like you in the dump.

I'm done playing nice, try and take my advice, never ever come near my area,
That's not a death threat, but you're the croc of the savanna, I'm the uncatachable mozzy that numbs you with venom as you contract malaria,
Never said this was fair, don't dare try compare to me; You watch too much anime for references, read some books; you're a jock with sock in his jaw and I'm the nerd that you picked on; one sadistic librarian,
I don't care that you stare at me like 'why be so cruel' this is me with no teeth baring, you're the carnivore croc come unlock me, your rap as a rapper's a helpless beanstalk and I'm a jackass vegetarian,
Next time you try to pull the water-based creature thing, be aware that there's about as much inhabitable water in this domain I dominate as the landlocked terrain of Bavaria.
gg i lose.