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Resolved: In the United States, the survival of democracy depends on social censorship

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Resolved: In the United States, the survival of democracy depends on social censorship.

As Instigator, I am taking the Contending role; I oppose the resolution, and will have that opposing BoP. Pro will have the BoP of the resolution.

The extreme left wing of the Democrat Party, along with progressive-leaning internet providers, typical media outlets, and individuals aligned with these enterprises, declare that democracy is endangered, specifically in/by the person of Donald Trump. They therefore declare that any supporters of Trump’s presidency, let alone Trump, himself, are painted with the broad brush of censorship as the only sensible reaction to their presence on social media, in news media, and in government. I further declare this collection of opponents to Trump is, combined, a subset of “social” as contained in the resolution, by Definition in the Description. They will be explored and cited in Con’s arguments.

Definitions: all definitions taken from the OED, with [noted] exceptions which are, nevertheless, considered as part of the definitions.
Survival: Continuation to exist after the end of something else, or after some event; spec. continuance of a custom, observance, etc. after the circumstances or conditions in which it originated or which gave significance to it having passed away. [not in dictionary: the “event” in the OED definition is the election of Donald Trump, and his subsequent administrative actions, and, by association, by his supporters]

Democracy: Government by the people; esp. a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly; [more generally] a system of decision-making within an institution, organization, etc. [not in dictionary: The United States is exemplary of such an “institution.”]

Depend: To hang upon or from, and, as a result or consequence, is contingently attached to its condition or cause.

Social: of a group of people, an organization, etc., consisting of or composed of people associated for friendly interaction or companionship. [not in dictionary: this definition, by the scope presented in OED, includes the use of “social media” as an interactive communications vehicle contained within the dictionary’s idea of “a group of people, an organization,” i.e. an “organization” such as the citizenry of the United States.]

Censorship: to review and delete all examples of media distribution by individuals or groups to secure that the material distributed shall contain no immoral, heretical, or offensive material. [not in dictionary: the definition, as given by OED, does not define, and therefore begs the question: who shall be responsible for the censorship as defined?]

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R3: No new argument allowed. Rebuttal, defense, and conclusion shall be the only elements of the last round.

All argument, defense, rebuttal, and sourcing will be listed within the context of the debate argument rounds only, except sourcing may also be listed within comments within the debate file to conserve maximum space for argumentation, but only during the argumentation phase. No other external reference may be made within the context of the debate argument rounds.

No waived rounds. No more than one round may be forfeited, or forfeiture of entire debate will result. Concession in any round is a debate loss.

Rounds 1 & 2 will contain arguments, rebuttals, and defenses, plus 3rd round rebuttal, defense, and/or conclusion, but no new argument in in R3. No declaration of victory will be made but in the 3rd round. No declaration of assumption of the opponent’s concession or forfeit in any round. These conditions will be obvious to voters.

Arguments, rebuttals, defenses, or conclusions may not address voters directly for voting suggestions beyond statement of validity for arguments, et al, made in all rounds.

BoP for both sides will include supportable argument answering the critical question contained in Definitions: Censorship, i.e., “who shall be responsible for the censorship as defined?”

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