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The American government is disreguarding the constitution, the people, their rights, As well as Joe biden is not the president of the united states because he lied and cheated his way into the presidency.


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Round 1
Resolved: The American government is disreguarding the constitution, the people, their rights, As well as Joe biden is not the president of the united states because he lied and cheated his way into the presidency [sic].

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  • As a typical baseline for the progression of any debate, I note that pro bears the burden of proof, and with the absence of any argument from the contender, the resolution automatically favors his position in respect to the absence of an upheld burden from the instigator.
  • There are many prepositions within this. 
    1.  The American government is disreguarding the constitution
    2. The American government is disreguarding the people (which people?)
    3. Joe Biden is not the President of the United States
    4. Joe Biden lied and cheated his way into the presidency
    • All con needs to do is falsify pro's argument for one of the following contentions, and needs not make a case or argument of his own. 

    Round 2
    1. The American government is disregarding the People.

    If you are familiar with pod caster and former lawyer Krisanne hall you will understand some of the things i am about to reference and quote.
    "There is an argument that seems to resurface repeatedly that the Constitution has failed and as a result, American politics are out of control.  I have seen these arguments posited by journalists, professors, and Supreme Court justices.  The standard argument declares two failed intentions for the Constitution. The Constitution was intended to 1) limit the power of government over the citizenry 2) limit the power of each branch of government.  However, the purpose of the Constitution as expressed by the drafters and ratifiers is not to “limit” the central government but to “define its limits.” And that distinction is critical.  Much like a stop sign defines the place at which a vehicle must stop, yet no stop sign has ever stopped a vehicle."
     In my personal opinion the government has not only failed the people but have failed themselves because when they were sworn into office what did they swear into what was the oath and as these years have gone by it is quite obvious that they are just in it for the power and the money they do not care about the people it's all about money and power and status and prestige.
    "The first serious federal attack on personal liberty came in the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798, which criminalized criticisms of the federal government and the administration of President John Adams. The same generation — in some cases, the same human beings — who had written in the First Amendment "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech" did just that a mere seven years later. The underlying value here is that because the Constitution is a voluntary compact, those states that formed it and joined it voluntarily have the sovereign power to leave it. Jefferson and Madison believed that the Constitution protects the right to leave the government whenever it interferes with or fails to protect fundamental liberties. The very idea of secession terrifies government, whether it be the feds or the states, because — if successful — it diminishes government power and income.
    Has the Constitution failed us? There are two approaches to this question: A formal and a functional approach. Formally, the Constitution is still the supreme law of the land and enjoys vitality. Formally, the government the Constitution established persists in America. But functionally, as an instrument of restraint, the Constitution is an abysmal failure. The feds regulate, tax, coerce, steal and kill, and they bully the states — as they see fit. Every day, some government official who has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution violates it with impunity. It will soon get worse. As the Biden administration grows more fearful of its inability to control the latest strains of COVID-19, it will begin to use coercive means to compel mask-wearing and vaccine administration. These so-called health measures are essentially experiments that, when administered coercively by the government, violate the letter, values and lessons of Nuremberg.
    If vaccines work, why do we need masks? If masks work, why do we need vaccines?
    If I am a free person, why do I need the government telling me how to be healthy? If only the legislative branch of government can write laws, why do we allow mayors and governors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to do so? If the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, how can government attack the rights the Constitution protects? If freedom is our birthright, what has become of it? The time has come to nullify government interference with personal autonomy by disregarding them, and to threaten seriously to leave and ignore the governments that hate our freedoms. If we don't do this, make way for voluntary servitude."

    "Satisfaction is linked to broader goals in the political system that it wants to maximize, like confidence and trust," said Forrest Morgeson, director of research at the ACSI. "It's much more difficult to govern if the entire population dislikes you."

    So in the end my entire argument is that the government does not care about the people they care about themselves. let me tell you something kamala Harris did you know she was a stripper and a prostitute before she became a politician and the only reason she got to the position she is in now is because she slept with the mayor of San Francisco Willie brown was his name. so my point is that the government wants power and control over our lives and they will use any measure they want to achieve that goal.

    • The resolution is "the American government is disreguarding the constitution..." This suggests that they are currently doing so. Citing historical incidents from 1798 does not provide evidence for this notion. 
    • The rest is some tangent on mask wearing and vaccination mandates etc. No specific argument that demonstrates how X policy disregards the constitution can be found. 
    • All the other claims in the resolution are not attempted to be proven. 

    Round 3
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    Round 4
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    Round 5
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