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PRO shall only argue that Abortion Is Murder

CON shall only argue that Abortion Is NOT Murder

* * *


All medical terms shall first be defined from Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary, available here:

All legal terms shall first be defined from The Law's Legal Dictionary, available here:

And if either Merriam Webster's Medical Dictionary or The Law's Legal Dictionary cannot provide a definition, then Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary available at will be used for all other words.

Specific definitions for debate:

Abortion: The premeditated and willful removal of a fetus by all causes other than any form of spontaneous miscarriage, birth, or delivery procedure. The Plan B pill does not count as a spontaneous miscarriage.

Murder: premeditated killing of a human being.

Killing: the act of making a living thing dead.

Fetus: an unborn vertebrate that follows the developmental plan of its kind.

* * *

1. Burden of Proof is shared.
2. No Ignoratio Elenchis.
3. No trolls.
4. Forfeiting one round = auto-loss.

Round 1

Thank you to Intelligence_06 for accepting this debate.


This is a debate on whether abortion is murder. In accordance with the debate description, I must argue that abortion is murder. Whereas CON must argue that abortion is not murder.

To accomplish this, I shall first prove a fetus, which is defined in the description as:

"an unborn vertebrate that follows the developmental plan of its kind."

is a human being. Once this is completed, then I shall prove that it is alive. Because of the utmost importance of this issue, scholarly resources, and not low brow publications like "CNN" or "Fox News" or pop science journalism websites like "LiveScience" shall be used, unless providing direct quotes from scientists, medical doctors, or other experts.

Once I prove that a human life begins at conception, then it is an automatic conclusion that abortion is murder because getting an abortion requires one to premeditate the process.

This will be proven through explaining from Planned Parenthood and the guidance of the World Health Organization's materials for abortion.


That a fetus is a human being is not foreign to biologists. In fact, on the contrary, 96% of them say that human life begins at fertilization. [1] 

So, to go against this medical fact is to go against the established scientific consensus that human life begins at fertilization. 

But let's break down precisely why it is medical and biological nonsense to declare that a fetus is not a living human being.

As the Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Allied Health states under the entry for "fertilization":

"in human reproduction, the process by which the male’s sperm unites with the female’s oocyte, creating a new life." [2]

So, as we can see here, the second a sperm unites with an oocyte, a new human life is created.

But this is further confirmed with the fact that all four biological markers of life are present the second fertilization happens. [3]

Additionally, the human being's full genetic material is present at fertilization, as the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care notes in their primer on fertilization and early fetal development that was republished on the NIH's medical information website that:

"The first cell of a new human being forms during fertilization when an egg cell (from the mother) combines with a sperm cell (from the father). This cell has the genetic information that includes the encoded building instructions for the whole body." [4]

So it is apparent from the scientific literature that a human life begins at fertilization, meaning that a fetus is a living human being. In fact, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care even goes on to state:

"As the growing baby develops in the womb, cells continue dividing, leading to the formation of various types of cells, tissues and organs. Even though the cells in different types of tissue (e.g. muscle cells and liver cells) carry out very different tasks, they still contain the same genetic information that was passed on from the very first cell." [4]

As if there was any question at all, the primer document explicitly calls the fetus a baby and states it is growing and developing in the womb.

The science is settled, a fetus is a living human being whose life begins at conception. Genetically, biologically, and developmentally, a fetus is alive and human.


Now that the scientific consensus has been shown to prove that a fetus is a living human being, it shall be proven that abortion murders this living human being.

To get an abortion, one must speak with a health care professional. As Planned Parenthood, the premier abortion provider worldwide, states on their website:

"Laws vary by state, but here are the things you should consider:

Learn about the laws in your state. Laws about abortion vary by state, including whether or not it’s legal and how late into pregnancy you can get one. You may need to travel to another state for care.

Find out if there’s a waiting period in your state. Some states have waiting periods, which means having an appointment and then waiting 1-3 days before having your abortion.

If you’re under 18, find out if you need parental consent. Some states require people under 18 to get parental consent or notify a parent. You can get around this with a judicial bypass." [5]

So, it is clear from how an abortion is carried out, that it must be a premeditated action. This is similar to most of the rest of the developed world. As the World Health Organization's Abortion Guidelines website states:

"As illustrated above, this guideline is centred on the values and preferences of abortion seekers, and considers them as active participants in as well as beneficiaries of health services." [6]

So for an abortion to take place, a pregnant woman MUST participate. This means they must be cognizant and aware of what they are doing and make a willful decision to go through with it.

In accordance with the debate description, I shall define premeditated from Merriam-Webster's online dictionary:

"characterized by fully conscious willful intent and a measure of forethought and planning" [7]

Recall that Planned Parenthood's website tells pregnant women to plan their visit and figure out the logistics of their abortion.

Further, recall that the World Health Organization calls women who receive abortions "active participants" in the abortion process.

In both instances, forethought and planning are mandatory for the abortion to happen. There is no way a woman can receive an accidental abortion. It requires participation.

Therefore, let's recall the definition of murder from the debate description:

"premeditated killing of a human being."

From here, it is conclusively proven that abortion is murder. It is a premeditated killing of a living human being. 

The scientific consensus shows that abortion kills the fetus. [10] [11] Even abortionists know this.

Faye Wattleton, the longest-serving president of Planned Parenthood, stated in an interview:

"I think we have deluded ourselves into believing that people don’t know that abortion is killing. So any pretense that abortion is not killing is a signal of our ambivalence, a signal that we cannot say yes, it kills a fetus." [8]

Moreover, medical doctors have expressed the same sentiment:

"I have angry feelings at myself for feeling good about grasping the calvaria [head], for feeling good about doing a technically good procedure that destroys a fetus, kills a baby." [9]


The scientific consensus is that a fetus is a living human being from the moment of fertilization. Multiple scholarly sources and the consensus of Biologists attest to this fact. A fetus has all the biological markers of life, fully-human DNA, and begins as fertilization.

To perform an abortion, the woman must premeditate the actions. She must plan her abortion ahead of time. This is apparent from the literature from Planned Parenthood and the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

The scientific consensus has also shown that abortion causes the death of the fetus, meaning, therefore, that abortion is murder, since it is a premeditated killing of a human being.


[2] Entry: “fertilization.” Encyclopedia & Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Allied Health (7th edition). Edited by Benjamin Frank Miller. W. B. Saunders, 2003

[8] Faye Wattleton, "Speaking Frankly," Ms., May / June 1997, Volume VII, Number 6, 67.

[9] Diane M. Gianelli, "Abortion Providers Share Inner Conflicts," American Medical News, July 12, 1993

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