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Is Cassie in the wrong for sleeping with Nate in euphoria


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Round 1
Nate uses Cassie's desire for male validation to his favor  in order to keep their relationship going. He's also using Cassie's fear of consequences (Maddy possibly fighting her) to isolate the friends from each other and keep his and Cassie's fling a secret. On the phone, Nate tells Cassie, "If Maddy finds out, she's gonna spend the rest of her life trying to kill me. But she'll actually kill you."This treatment isn't right for someone to do to someone they were just having sex with, let alone "love."Nate sent Maddy a loving text after his and Cassie's hookup. it seems like Nate is trying to keep Maddy in his life, which doesn't line up with his desire to have a relationship with Cassie. His communication with both girls in secret allows him to be in control of the situation, as he knows how each of them feels about him and will likely be able to pit them against each other rather than him.Nate's idea of "loving" Cassie is based solely on sex. Furthermore, when Cassie isn't in a sexual position in his fantasy, she is pregnant and quiet, talking minimally around Nate and his father.
It's understandable why she can't cut ties with Nathan, but it doesn't make her less accountable.

Considering Nate is in a relationship with Cassie's friend, this is a violation of her friend's trust and is the deepest level of betrayal. Nate's manipulation of her may make her actions understandable, but someone having an affair with their best friend's boyfriend is wrong. This is exactly what Cassie has done.
Round 2
When Cassie and Nate get into a fight about Maddy,She says that she wants to end their “Relationship”  when she figures out that him and Maddy are getting back together and he says that she is a horrible person for sleeping with him and says that she’s afraid he’s still in love with Maddy and  completely ruins her self esteem so she becomes dependent on him. She even states in an argument with Nate "If I knew you were gonna get back together I never would have done this,Shes my best friend"  not to mention the fact that they had been broken up for 3 weeks and 3 days.
Cassie understands logically that what she was doing is wrong. Even though Maddy and Nate were broken up, she knew Nate was off-limits. 

Never once did she attempt to ask Maddy if she was okay with it. But when confronted about it by Rue, she lies and tries to deny. 

Round 3
 Cassie is seen as insecure and constantly seeking male validation. Her friends and family constantly say how Cassie has never been single and its because at a young age her dad got addicted to opioids and would take advantage of her kind heart to get back in the house after he was kicked out so he could steal stuff,Later on he eventually cut all contact and as Cassie got older and her body developed more and more men would sexualize her especially family members so to fill the hole from trauma and abandonment she is always seen with a man because she never wants to be left again.
A tragic sob story makes Cassie’s actions understandable, but not justifiable. She witnessed the abuse her friend Maddy dealt with. 

So her sneaking around and then blackmailing Nate was a huge mistake.
Round 4
While she never first hand witnessed the abuse she did however see the toxicity and  hear about the abuse from Maddy. And when Nate perused Cassie she was clearly Intoxicated and he continued to get her even more drunk and drive fast with the windows down so that the wind would blow her dress up,Therefore she more than likely felt forced into the whole situation and bye the time she sobered up and realized what she had done he continued to manipulate her into the relationship by saying Maddy will kill her.
So here we have what resulted from Cassie and Nate.: 
1. Betrayal of a friend. 
2. Blackmail.
3. Jealousy.