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Round 1
my pterodactyl tear your ass hole paragraphs blow ferret backbones and inherit castles from the carrot pasture
unaware of hassles there's a rascal who compares your trash flow to embarrassed scat loads with no merit scattered

its amazing how the flows are syncopating with a crystal gazing bitch awaiting incubating egg sacks
its inflaming rage with situating sith in training dissuading you from any reply that I could get back

I'm inside of your colon laying eggs and fornicating maliciously intent upon deliciously feeding the stench of humans bleeding makes me want to have sex and cum while peeing all over your breasts its a sweet thing

I'm a figure skating flipping flaming homosexual bitch I'm banging RM's booty with ricocheting dick inflating disses hating on the gay things I'm saying isn't paving the way to progression it's abating human relations, put you in a waste bin equation who can taste him, I can taste his loosened wank been put through an asian glue adjacent to a placement in the SPED unit mating with mutant cavemen, this is booty hole mutilation

fact is I'm insane and I don't give a craplet I'm a magnet attractin' vapid statements out the ass to risk a star collapsing thats an asterisk, a star get it faggot bitch? flatulent fanny chips, as if any of your asses can stand reading this

I like to glue myself to the side of trains, because I cum when I'm in pain, I'm inside your cyberframe stealing the chips from inside your bank, your bankroll entire's drained, a bike with no tire training, a one-wheeled mind insane, all of the drugs can I obtain I would ordain that I should never abstain, wide awake on cyanide lakes I would drink because I want to kill myself and drink your blood from an iron tank

kill myself build my wealth pills might help til' I melt will I smelt your nuts into testicle ore?
I ingested your blood and your jizz and your flesh and your nipples and then I ingested some more


Rapping on the random 'ting, bling bling, easy win, rape a shark, wet fish takes a 5 incher ripping a hole in it as I break the fin,
Why 5 inches only? Bitch you don't know me, I talked harpoon depth, my lightsaber swift like Kenobi's dong diggy ding,
Obi's homie, I run with the broski, slice the inVader like the harpoonani, shark, thick finger can't fit in the ring,
Slowly slowly begs the bitch this is painful, don't get anal about it, I'm a king, you're a peasant to take me you objectified thing.

I'm the best at the rapping, I'm the best the fapping,
You're the wild West cattle, I'm not just a bull to you cuck, I'm the cowboy, badman, madman noose to the neck you're a fish chaser, got tentacles on my face, I'm a Kraken,
Run motherfucker, go gun for the first place, dirt-faced, fallen on the ground eat shit that's a trip right there high on LSD, watch a sane mine's clarity blacken,
That's no racist shit but this guy gonna try to cancel me but happens to be more white than a bright light basic type-1 pattern,
I'm a type eleven you're the type for heaven, I'm the type that's in hell but Devil let's wield weapons,
You're a type that's never gonna break me, seven damn accounts could be created, you're a type 2 bellend.
Round 2
banana bodied bolt cutters sheer through your esophagus
my lyrics are cacoaphanus thats chocolate in your moms anus

I'm going to tickle your mom's feet
and bite her nipples during shark week
so let God speak
open up the bible and inhale dark meat

have you ever read the bible cover to cover?
like when a shark with no blubber saved a fuck for your mother
she was swimming in the ocean with no undies upon her
I had to cover her with lobster with the money I laundered

you wanna hunt with a harpoon
cause' I fucked on your mom's poon
during the monsoon 
that washed frogs through your thong room
you were in the closet trying on shoes
with a gay shoes salesman making ah-oohs

he liked the way they fit you
but it wasn't pay day yet you

couldn't buy the new fits
in your dick hole slide a toothpick

I'm going to lubricate you with grease and slide you down a tube into a bucket of razor blades
with a laser aimed at your butt hole while your dame is tamed with a fuck by a flaming wang
with a lit candle in the urethra, it was orangutan dang insane like a greedy banker's claim
shameless gays mate with aids at a lemonade stand made of eggs from a baconating burger chain

Wendy's egg sack cubes the steaks
I'll eat the whole human race
its as good as food can taste
cum on your mum's boobs and face

flabbergastically jabber jagging my jackolanterning stab your fanny
hammer hawking my hammurabi hastlehoffening castle coffining wabberjammy
slather slobber on my massive wank meat
bank cretin frog nipples area 51 beauty cream with vitamin E
garners saddle backed odin osama bin side of whipped cream
on your inner cunt folds that I slice a slit tween'

i NEED t0 smoke Sum alcohol
call it incalculable mouth dissolve
outer-ball fragment out of my sackusol
lysol in my lean, codeine in my cup of frogs
fuck your mom
codeine swimming pool I fucked your mom


1 2 1 2 BUCKLE MY SHOE, from the depths of my sole, I sneeze at'you,
Fuck you fuck you, summon a shrew, watch your worm wiggle, I suck, it's true, Zuck's a Jew,
One Jew, Two Jews, Nazis hate who? Is it real that it's rails on a train track CHOO CHOO fuck you're screwed,
You want random? Fuckin's spaz on it, Gates, you're a Hebrew? Wrong information, Covid-19, too-little too-late,
Netanyahu up the wazoo, he's a genius, he's great,
As for Einstein and Tesla, fuck dude, Tesla's not Jewish, that's bait,
Sorry about that, really just look, you took the bait, white supremacist come wait for this hook:

I'm the random spastic, madmantastic,
I'm the one you come to watch 'n' scream 'THAT'S SHIT'
I'm the idiot, moron, fool, fat-dicked, whack narcissist on the website that they derail threads for, that's it,
Fucking hell I know I'm girly, flexible body made of elastic,
Shave all over, wear makeup, fag shit,
Sorry, I didn't mean fag as in homo, I mean fag as in a smoking hot cigarette in britain that's thrown off a ship in the Atlantic,
The fish chaser swallows me and chokes and that's the random, CRACKED WHIP
Round 3
fuck with it
you ain't random as me, just quit it
so much game with the stick that you thought it was quidditch
the fact is that you sus bitches don't eat ya spinach
you ain't equipped with the spittin' image of delicious dumb fishes

sashimi your testicles
pressed and rolled with vegetables
delectable, test it though
I'm technically a breast shitzu
when it folds
from the cut off, pocket rockets press your nose
into your sexual lobe
and make you smell deception hoe

the coffee was on sale for five bucks a pack
like when Mulan tried to pass as male and tucked her rack
run the track, you failed at the front attack
you should have come from the back
like your bitch when I'm humping that
I picked something black out of the fungus patch
while Daniel Negreanu dumped his jacks
cause' the fact my nuts were stacked with a flush, it's cracked

I cracked his jacks attacked he's flat like Mulan's rack
I jacked my sack while I go up on the pack in the trap


You can rhyme but can't you spit sublime? Can your mind confine itself to make grammatical sense like mine?
I'm divine, fuckin' hell I'm like a whore screaming on a performing mime,
I'm like a gangbang with that sorta woman as large cocks get in line,
I'm like your father with your mother when you were aged 9, before any chemistry was lost, I'm like ripping of some curtains by mistake in the middle of the night with people outside the window that we realise are all blind.
I'm the best narcissist on DA, no question bout it, I'm never gonna be out-egod by a user who doesn't get a ban for not toeing the line,
I'm the online version of a lime squeezed in your eye and while you're cryin' I start kissing your mother your father blasts his unloaded TEC-9,
I'm the tickytocky clock and it's instagramming time, you're the book with the face in my space swinging on vines,
I'm the chimp that you swing into, bestiality as I'm gaping what is mine,
3-rounds of anal rape and still it aint sunk in yet you're out of the asylum but memories are left behind.