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Hi folks,

As many of you surely understand, websites like ours are extremely niche and therefore it's rather difficult to attract new people that share and appreciate the same qualities that we do. But nevertheless, it's not impossible. There are a few things that could definitely help us to extend our community:

  • Invite your friends that could be interested in having a good debate or an interesting discussion.
  • Share good quality debates or forum topics in your favorite social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. The latter has lots of active communities dedicated to debating and politics so there are definitely people there that would appreciate platforms like ours.
  • Donate as little as $3 to help us cover the hosting expenses and maybe do some minor advertising here and there. More details on how and why here.
  • Try out a new Brave browser using our referential link. It's a great privacy oriented web browser that works fast and looks great. And we get a bonus if you actually like it and use it :)
  • Please respect the moderation, even if you don't share their policy or the worldview. The guys are doing a good job and moreover, they are doing it free of chargeĀ and definitely deserve some gratitude from us.