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Just trying to see both sides of the issue that's all 
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Haven't seen a lot of talk on the internet of whether or not Kira in death note was justified in his plan for ending crime. And am just hoping to see opinions from both sides on the matter. 

Cheers ;-)
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As it stands currently I'm on the fence on the whole impeachment issue and just want to hear arguments from both sides. 

Current events
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Pink Freuds Voting Manifesto:


I'd like to start off by thanking anyone reading this as I put some time into outlining my motives and how I critique arguments on this site. My goal when it comes to voting is to vote in a nonbias and logical manner. Free from any vote retaliations or insufficient votes. If you do happen to deem my vote as insufficient, I urge you to report it and let the mods handle it rather than CVB it.

If you want to see the fate of vigilante " justice " on this site and a dishonest voter, take a look at this users fate.

Now that I've outlined my goal when it comes to voting, I'll now give a summary of how I make my decisions.


I decide whether or not an argument is better not through how good the argument is itself but if it's better than the opponent's argument. When voting for arguments to me it's not a matter of how good your argument is, it only matters to me when one argument is better than another.

In the case of a tie when it comes to arguments, I only award a tie when neither argument is better nor worse than another. An example is in the case of a Full Forfeit on both sides as neither has an advantage over another.


Here I examine the validity of the sources themselves and how they impact/strengthen the argument.

An example of what I'd deem as a bad source would be something along the lines of this,

" I think cheeseburgers are gross, here is a statistic showing most cheeseburgers have ketchup "

This is what as known as a disconnect between proof and conclusion fallacy. The proof itself could be relevant, however, the debater failed to connect ketchup and gross together.

An example of a better use of a source would be,

" I think cheeseburgers are gross since they have ketchup. Here is a statistic/study done on how unhealthy and disgusting ketchup is and here is another statistic on most cheeseburgers having ketchup "

This sentence doesn't have a disconnection issue and is, therefore, a good use of a source.

Another way I weight sources is through the validity, is it done by a trustworthy source, was the study conducted correctly, and how recent is the study done.

Spelling and Grammar:

Self-explanatory, I don't normally vote for spelling and grammar unless the debater's organization is sloppy or if they made frequent spelling mistakes which made their argument hard to read.

I don't care how good your argument is, if I can't read it, how good it's is almost irrelevant.


My favorite, I award conduct points when one of the few things occur.

One of the debaters is insulting the other debater

One of the debaters has plagiarized their work

One of the debaters Forfeited the majority of the rounds.

I hope this manifesto has outlined my clear intentions when it comes to voting as well as an explanation of how I vote.

Cheers ;-)

- Pink Freud 12/27/19

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Figured I'd just keep it short and straightforward because I doubt anyone really cares too much 

Why I quit:

I requested my acc get banned a few months ago for many reasons however the main one was that the website kinda changed me. 

Long story short in a weird way I became obsessed with this website and became very paranoid about losing a debate. 

Not only this but this website kinda made me become very cynical of the world and very detached from it. 

However, I recognize that this isn't anyone's fault except my own for allowing DART to consume and transform me. 

Why I return

I'm primarily returning because in the last few months I really missed this community deeply in the past few months. 

And logging back in being met with some messages of people saying their goodbyes really reminded me of that. 

However I'd like to make one thing clear, I have zero interest in online debating. 

In a lot of ways, I've kinda become bored and disinterested in online debating. Add on to that school, scouts, and my social life, I really don't have a lot fo time to be debating anymore even if I had an interest. 

I'll primarily be using this website as a means of having discussions and voting on debates.

Life Update: 

For anyone interested in how my life's been going, it's been going perfectly as of now. 

After I broke up with my abusive ex in august my life has just been amazing in a lot of ways. I've found that ever since then I've been a lot less depressed and frustrated. Rather lately I've been very happy and content with my current situation. In fact, I've actually struck up a new romantic relationship recently and I'm going on a date with him today! 

I even made a lot of new friends and overall have had a lot more time to actually have meaningful relationships and do the things I want to do. 

In the end, I'm just happy I made it out of that debacle alive and well. 

Anyways I'm just really happy to be back in this community and I guess I'll see you all around!

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Looking for people who'd be interested in helping each other by peer editing. 
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I'll cut to the chase, basically, I need help improving my writing skills as generally it appears I am very vague on connecting my evidence and reasoning together. 

So my question would be whether or not anyone would be interested in seeing forums like this? Maybe not necessarily for my papers but for anyone else who needs constructive feedback? 
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omg omg people u need to stop bullying rm. 

Hes an intellectual genius in the art of strategy and his skills in the realm of debate are a gift from the FUCKING GODS! 

and u all are just jealous 

rm i love you and your a genius and i hope everyone else recognizes that

rational madman i love you and want you to overcome the internet bullys so im going to link you this site to help you cope 

best of wishes to you, and no homo but I LOVE u!
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hi, you're a genius and master of strategy who was born to be the best at debating. 

How is your day? 

How're you doing? 

Was your cunning strategic genius a gift from God? 

Just a big fan 
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My argument is a rather simple one so to make it clear and precise, Ill divide my reasons up.

1. There is NO document proving that Shakespeare had any level of education, Surely a person who used around 29, 000 different words in his plays would AT LEAST have a basic education if not a college degree. To put this into perspective, 29,000 words is considered to be one of the highest levels of vocabulary in all of history. And yet apparently we're supposed to believe a man without a college education and possibly not a grammar school education is this smart. 

2. Shakespeare's signatures are sloppy and inconsistent, I mean surely a man who wrote many plays and sonnets would at least have decent hand writing right?

3. Shakespeare's settings in his plays are normally centered around royal families or nobles however as we know Shakespeare was very poor and most likely knew little to nothing about royal life.

4. Shakespeare's will mentions nothing about his plays, Poems, Or sonnets. I mean surely a man wrote that many plays and poems would at least mention what he wanted to do with his 18 unfinished plays right? Guess not apparently.

I would also like to say for the record that I am not normally a conspiracy theorist believer in fact I despise many conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. However this is the first conspiracy theory ive seen that has sufficient evidence and shear facts to back it up.

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Interested in possibly starting a debate on this subject and want to see if anyone genuinely believes that homosexuality is harmful to society. 
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Trying to get into anime so I bought a subscription to crunchyroll and I want to hear if there are any good shows to watch.

For reference some animes I've already watched are,

1. Sword Art Online

2. Death Note

3. The Blue Exorcist

Show business
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As we all know Rational Madman quit the site around 2 weeks ago and proclaimed that he was quitting forever. 

However knowing Rational Madman I was a bit skeptical of him " quitting," as he's quit almost 50 times and eventually came back within a week. 

Now, this has happened again, however, this time is different since this time him "quitting" garnered the attention of the entire community to the point where we aided him in achieving his last medal, people changed their profile pictures, and several memorial forms were created. 

To put things bluntly, face it Rational Madman, you'll NEVER quit this site.

So stop pretending as if you are going to because at this point nobody is going to believe you and will just assume you'll return in a week. 

Also in case anyone didn't see this, Ramshutu in RM's "Goodbye" forum post recently posted an update of Rm's original goodbye message. 

On the forum, it reads, 

To those who wronged me, I forgive you. To those I wronged, I wish you well and understand your dislike for me.

For those, I didn't wrong but you still detest me, I couldn't care less. For those who do not detest me, want you to understand that my [LEAVING FOR TEN DAYS] is to do with seeking a more private life. One where I don't need to worry about bullies, authorities or any of that [for 1.5 weeks]. I am becoming a more cowardly person at a first glance but a happier, stronger one in the long run who actually will do things with my life.

I decided to not do the moon landing debate [even though I am now back before the first round expired], it may be so good or so bad and controversial, regardless, that I end up famous for it and that's not the kind of heat I want. Believe the Earth is round, that we landed on the moon, that everything is fine or that everything is not. Make your own mind up, I'm not your guardian or guide in this life.

I wish you all the best [from now until labour day], seriously, but I will never ever be returning to this website [this month]. This time it's real, this time I have truly and utterly decided to do it and not felt pressured into it by anyone other than myself [the rest of August can suck it]. I love the time I spent debating, I love that I'm quitting it now [for 240 whole hours], the two are not mutually exclusive.

If you feel like I trolled by accepting debates just to quit [and then come back with only forfeiting one single round], that's fine. I am whatever you say I am, to you as an individual at the very least.

I had an addiction to online debating, a real genuine addiction. It made me toxic, adversarial and a real cunt even to the admin and if I am to change into a person who cares for others and doesn't just 'fight against them to prove them wrong' I needed the losses, I needed the Ramshutus [who is smarter, more handsome and just plain all-round better than me], the bsh1's and everyone involved from the Castins to the bench's to show me along the way just how wrong it all was.

I was completely incorrect about my role in the world and in life and I have finally understood it all. I have issues, I am angry, unhappy and never really got over a depression that I thought I'd gotten over years ago. I need to finally seek a different path in life and this is the time to fully pursue it, no more 'on and off' I know for a fact what my life was and was not meant to be now. I really wish you all the best and hope this becomes one of the best online debating sites [in the 1/3rd of a month I will be gone]

I genuinely am sorry for what a cunt I've been even just yesterday on the website, I keep being passive-aggressive, aggressive and the cycle continues and it makes everything a lose-lose situations for me and the people I interact with over time as even those I grow close to want to distance themselves from me. I may end up seeking professional help but I doubt it, I think that finally fully dedicating myself to going on a path of agreement and healing will help me. This is not me denouncing debating itself as a bad thing but I do think once you get too into it, it can begin to alter you as a person and make you fight against everyone around you when all they wanted to do was help you.

I am not saying that I regret all my rivalries to be clear, I'm saying I should have been empathetic to my enemies and their victims instead of deciding my role was the one to 'prove them wrong' and 'bring them down'. I am a healer and lover, that was my role all along but what I've been doing in life so far is anything but that. I don't think I will ever fully change now, I've finished developing my personality pretty much and my core being antagonistic and avoidant will never truly change into being passive and agreeable but I do think I can channel it far, far better and become the best at whatever it is I do without needing to fight everyone while doing it.

I hope you all genuinely forget about me over [the 10 days I will be gone]  but given my place on the forum leaderboards and how much people talk about me, I'm sure it will take a few [days] to fully eradicate my relevance to the site as the rap battling 'raaaaaah I'm the best' guy who really clearly wasn't actually meant to be that great of a debater but I hope eventually you all fully forgive, forget and move on with your lives here and IRL never thinking twice about me [until I come back in less than two weeks{

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My argument for why girls should be allowed to join is pretty simple and straight forward, 

1. Girls get an opportunity to become an eagle scout which is rather useful for job applications. 

2. The troops aren't coed, so this means the girls and boys get to choose whether or not they want to do events with one another 

The reason why I bring this up is that one of the strongest arguments I've heard is that it's pushing girls into boy scouts, 

When in reality if anything it gives troops even more freedom of choice since now boys and girls can interact in a camp/meeting setting which in turn brings unity between the sexes. 

3. Girls get to learn useful skills in Boy scouts that they wouldn't otherwise learn in girl scouts. 

This includes, 

- Survival skills IE pocket knife safety and how to start a fire 

- Leadership through planning meetings and organizing campouts and hikes. Not to mention useful courses such as NYLT ( National Youth Leadership Training ) and getting inducted into the order of the arrow. 

- They also get to have lots of fun.

These are arguably the bulk of why I think it would be a good idea for girls to join the BSA, or now SOA. 

Science and Nature
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Aright hello everyone. 

I don't know how to word this properly so I'll just jump straight into it. 

I'm in an abusive relationship with my boyfriend. 

To dive into headfirst I'll list off abusive things he's done to me over the year our relationship has lasted. 

- Had punched me several times 

- Kicked me in the balls 

- Been hyper passive-aggressive with me on boy scout campouts and around mine/his friends 

- At summer camp he kicked a bucket of water outside our tent ( in case of a forest fire ) for no reason 

- Than when I told my dad who was the scoutmaster that he did so, he shunned me for an entire week at summer camp because he was " innocent " 

Even though he was the ONLY person outside of our tent at the time, was angry at me for the whole day just because I was spending time with another friend for a few hours, and was near our tent whispering me and my tent mates names 2 seconds before the water was kicked onto our tent. 

- Has talked shit about me for the entirety of summer camp to the younger scouts 

- Numerous instances of him flipping me off and cursing me out for no reason 

- Damaging several of my possessions on purpose 

- And grabbed me and slammed me onto the ground 

- Has sweared out a merit badge counselor at summer camp 

- Has threatened his little sister ( in front of me ) 

- Has sworn out his mom, dad, older sister ( whom by the way was giving him rides home from school ), and his younger sister 

- Was 20 minutes late when we were supposed to pick him up for summer camp, and than later on when my dad was discussing it with him tried to justify it. ( my dad called him out which was satisfying to watch ) 

I'm sorry if this seems very arbitrary or unorganized but I just needed to get this out there because I just need support right now 

Because I don't have many friends aside from a few close ones and I want to keep my sexuality a secret there are very few people I can talk to. 

I've talked to a few close friends about this, my parents, and my sister and they all clearly stated that I need to dump him. 

I've tried my damned hardest to be a good boyfriend to him. 

Me and my dad has given him rides to boy scout meetings, helped with his rank advancement, and payed for several of his meals on campouts or hikes. 

I've bought him numerous gifts 

6th month to the 10th month of our relationship I was very distant towards him. To the point where we have a 6th month period with no dates. 

So I tried my damned hardest to spend time with him at school and go on dates with him. 

He than called me clingy and that I was smothering him. 

Nothing made him happy, if I didn't spend enough time with him I was distant and if I did I was clingy. 

One time I was at his house playing smash brothers for 5 hours since people were looking at our house ( it was for sale ) 

He was angry because I wasn't spending time with him enough. 

When firstly before I got on I asked what he wanted to do like if he wanted to watch a movie or play a game together and he would just reply that he didn't know. And secondly, I invited him 5 times if he wanted to play with me. 

Essentially He wanted me to just be miserable for 5 hours simply because he didn't like to smash brothers. 

He is quite simply poor at communication. 

If he had just asked if I could get off and do something with him and named a specific activity I would've done it. Even then I still asked him several times what he wanted to do and he wouldn't give me a straight answer. 

And then one fucking time this little gem fucking happened. 

So like I stated earlier, he was HYPER passive aggressive with me for an entire camping week IN FRONT OF ADULTS AND OTHER SCOUTS. 

For example at one point during Uno, everyone was ganging up on me ( because I had the best card deck ) and he made fun of the fact I lost the entire night. 

Or another time on the trip when I was getting excited while playing smash brothers ( two kids on the trip brought their Nintendo switches and I'd charge them up in the mess hall during the day ) and he'd then say things like " oh what a nerd " or " no wonder you don't have many friends at school and this is why I don't want you to hang around my friends " 

Then when we get back I sent him a message over text that I loved him and all but I needed him to stop being hyper passive-aggressive with me. And that it was annoying and rude. 

Well, he was angry with me the entire week and unfollowed me on Instagram. 

Essentially because he completely took EVERYTHING out of context and fucking ignored EVERYTHING I laid out to him and ONLY took out the part where I called the behavior rude and annoying. 

It was right then and there, I realized he was never going to change. 

Overall I've recognized that my boyfriend is a piece of shit and I need to cut ties with him. So I've decided to break up with him sometime next week over the phone. 

You may say that I should do it in person however firstly, given how he's an abuser he quite frankly doesn't deserve it and secondly given his track record he'd probably punch me in the face if I broke up with him in person. 

Sorry, I ranted for too long, I just wanted to get this out there for anyone else who's in a relationship similar to this and also because I just need some support right now. 

All I want is to be happy. 

- Pinkfreud08 

P.S If I'm not online for over a month because I died, my boyfriend probably killed me. 

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Greetings I am Pink Freud, a relatively new user to DART. 

In the time I've been here I've experienced and learned about a very intriguing and wonderful community full of fellow intellectuals trying to understand the world just as I am. And believe the best way to advance is to debate about subjects in the hope of learning something new or sharpening their intelligence.

Earlier, I was looking at a top user on DDO ( Mikal ) and I discovered he had an entire wiki dedicated to him and several other DDO members. 

Quite frankly I was surprised what I thought to be a niche site actually had dedicated wiki entries to several key members. 

It was very enriching to read about events and the history of DDO ( a dead and broken site ) and shed new light of what the website once was

I take history very seriously and I believe that the community of DART should have a dedicated wiki that people actively edit to document the history of the site. 

Imagine in 7 years or so new moderators and debaters looking at the wiki and finding out enriching information and past events similar to the experience I had with the DDO wiki. Or old debaters and moderators returning to relive the golden age of the site. 

Link to wiki down below, I hope we can preserve as much history as we can so that the site can live forever and be preserved for future generations.

DISCLAIMER, I am new to editing wiki and don't exactly know a lot. 

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Greetings, pretty simple topic however I'd like to see which hand everyone uses.

I personally consider myself to be ambidextrous however a natural lefty

When I was younger, I went to a very christian pre-school and elementary school. 

And whenever I would write with my left hand, the teachers would yell at me and force me to write with my right hand instead.

This is exactly why my earlier writing was atrocious up until high-school until I did research and found being left handed isn't " evil " or dangerous as they made it out to seem.

Currently throughout my freshman and Sophomore year I started to use my left hand to write more and it felt a lot more natural.

That being said, I am able to use my right hand and left hand for writing. However I mostly use my left hand given I right more neatly then my right hand.

In terms of everything else, I've noticed I have more left hand tendencies, I can hold a gun with my left hand way better then with my right hand, however I aim better with my right eye.

While I am better at kicking with my right foot, I throw better with my left.

Daily tasks, I typically am better with my left hand which includes brushing my teeth, opening doors, and carrying things.

However in terms of using my PC, I am able to use both hands however I typically use my right hand just because I don't have to change the settings and because games are built for right handed people.

Anyways I hope we can all share our own personal experiences in the realm of handedness.

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Greetings before we start, keep in mind that these are my specs. 

Specs as of 5/30/19: 

Graphics Card: GTX 750 Ti 

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor 3.30 GHz

Resolution: 1920x1080p 

Installed RAM: 8.00 GB 

Something to note is I am well aware this rig isn't all that powerful and would likely have to run modern games in low settings. 

I purchased this PC from a friend of mine for 350 dollars since I was interested in trying out PC gaming. 

I expect in a few months once my birthday rolls around that I'll spend my birthday money on a new graphics card. 

Anyways I hope I can get some good recommendations!

Also for reference, this is my steam profile. PLEASE COMMENT WHY YOU'RE ADDING ME.

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