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Pick the topic, I pick the side, then we spit bars so hot Antarctica would evaporate.

Round 1
Okay pick a topic
Round 2
Beat to play/loop if you want to:

I will be Pro-Government, I already know that it is the dynamic that Athias wanted so I will allow it so that we can both fight properly.


It's easy to say fuck it to the esablishment,
Done with the past mishappenin's,
Fuck the Clintons and the Bushes, just cause the palm's on the other hand doesn't change the grip on power that these actors clinch,
I'm talking like an anarchist to show that I grasp the gist but the fact of the matter is that if your ass is whipped...
Only fool'd altogether the rule makers, movers and shakers, its doesn't mean the game's gone, you don't take a blood thinner as a coagulent.
Literally envision what a simplistic decision like abolishing the law makers and enforcers would be; to even be seen suggesting it's an embarassment.

We can sit here talking corruption, I get it it's been done,
It's not a symptom of governments, it's more of a societal syndrome,
If you got a group and they benefit from each other's greed, then do you expect getting rid of all rules they're disobeying to magically impede 'em,
You don't make saint out of heathens by letting them free, what's next? Curing logical fallacies by disenfranchising reason?
Get out of this ring, fool, this fighter here's seasoned, you're the type to feing angel while rolling with demons,
That kool-aid you've been drinking's a scam, get a refund, oh wait you can't 'cause in anarchy there's no law, if by luck they saw you buy it, better hope they're decent.

The government's not that different to a parent, they want what's best for the nation but no mother or father's immune to impairment,
D'you expect an inerrant bunch of politicians to position perfectly at all times on the political spectrum?
We live in the real world, flaws in systems is inherent, you can't just tell all to walk naked 'cause you dislike what some are wearin',
Rather than reform, refine and repair it, your so-called sound assessment's that rather than fight for the rights of the peasants,
You want pitchforks and anger, less-a-witch more-a-bear hunt? What do you think the bear-hunters become once the dust settles, Athias? They're angry and armed and believe me, they're still there, son.
I honestly thought that you'd compel me to rap on the side of pro-government. But conversely, that would compel you to rap against the government. I don't really know anything about rhymes, and meter, like anapestic tetrameter, or imambic pentameter. I don't know much about rap, either...:

Start at 0:21 mark MOBB DEEP SHOOK ONES

You know I don't have to copy "8 Mile" to ensure winning.
Coaxin', and goadin', gettin' you to live on your knees.
Coercing your labor,  leaving you in a state of unease.

Campaign pacs, and state tax, enumerated.
Loose facts, and flu vacc's, public's elated.
Government hacks with shiny plaques, don't get complacent.
With knick knacks and paddy whacks, I'm educatin'

Apologetic, phrenetic, I said it,
Using chimps as an example for human interaction is really pathetic.

When will you realize , governments tell real lies?.
Desensitized and hypnotized, it's time to open up your real eyes.
Demonized and trivialized, the call for rules to be privatized.
Otherwise, we'll compromise the values that we idealize.

Baptized in the search for truth,
I sleuth the uncooth acts of the government while I rhyme in the booth.
Armed to the tooth with brute lyrics like I'm an army recruit.
In Pursuit of a goal which no one refutes.
A society without a government's loot, or armed cronies who shoot,
Bombing unarmed people, while we salute.

Cut the beat, FUCK IT, I'll go off the cuff,
I'm tired of this Mobb Deep, 8 mile, and Eminem Stuff!
The Government's an impaired parent? Ni**a you better stop it!
What kind of impaired parents put their guns to their kids heads and make 'em run their pockets!
You're pro government, but you said nothing in its favor!
You thought that being unflattering about anarchy that this opponent of yours would waiver!
String a few rhymes together and you think you down with this shit.
Looking at homonyms and homophones all while searching the net.
Fuck it, let's see what you come up with next!
Will you appreciate what you've read or will continue to posture and flex!
Don't worry this coming at you in text, no need for special effects!
Next time produce an argument that's al least a little complex.

I may or may not upload an audio of my rapping these lyrics to the beat which I provided above. If I do so, I'll provide it in the comments section.
Round 3

So, you tell me the chimp-comparison's weak, where the fuck was the rebuttal, you inadequate freak?
Anarchists claim they are champions all up 'n' at 'em but meet 'em in a real situation where they need to take control and lead and watch the tear falls so fast you can't handle the leak,

Everyone's an anarchist when they're an angsty teen, most grow out of the 'don't tread on me' phase when they realise no snake's got fangs so clean,
AnCap, AnCom, smoke and mirrors; a semantic scheme, if everyone is free with no rules just how the fuck can you uphold any sense of society? Get a little pragmatic, please or is your brain nothing more than idealistic plasticine?
You think the government is lying? Go wave your hands and scream, protest about it, fight the leaders of your nation and what's next on your plan? you see,
This has all be done before, USSR was just the same to the Tsars, but replacing a Tsar with a Stalin's just a manic means of sedating the minds of the masses who can't tell that not a single one of their demands'll get seen,
I aint here panicking, Athias, I think you've ignored what I'm asking, fiend,
You just say the government's this or that and invent the idea I rap some 8 Mile, Mobb Deep shit, what do you actually mean?
'Cause the only person here using lines of either's you, punk, and I'm still left wondering what it is that anarchists passionately deem to be the endgame in the chess game they claim to be playing against 'the government' of which nation? What's the replacement? Fuck knows, they're just angry, unhappy, that's just about the only thing that allows to feign the act as a team.

You stand for absolutely nothing, only whine and moan, you bitch,
"Government did this one bad thing so let's behead or at least demote the rich!"
Who's gonna do the beheading? Who's got the right to the weapons? Who counts the votes in anarchy? What a hopeless wish.
You're like a sea creature who sees land animals and all you do is claim the new agenda's to become a floatless fish,
What will you do when you're the new leader? What will the leaderless society you say is all high and mighty do to you Athias when your ex-best friend blackmails to back the leader that he or she wants? You gonna go with it?
Every single bunch of humans were anarchists to begin with and instantly Pharaohs and Emperors sat on the throne and whipped,
The government be tappin' your phone homie, but in anarchy everyone can tap everybody else's everything, spy-drones at your window use x-ray vision to film your parents goin' at it,
There's nothing illegal anymore, violent pimps can sell their whores, if your own sister becomes one, what will you defend anarchy with when she's hung herself and the pyschopathic human traffickers sends you the rope with a smiley emoji as a gift?
Let me guess, you're gonna 'make 'em pay' right? Based on what rules? Oh you want justice? It's real? Well done, Padawan, your approach will shift,
Welcome to the light side, form a government and punish 'em, or justify how the hell you'll handle everyone cheating and beating one another 'cause you can't stop the tide that's in the ocean based on a romantic notion of your 'anarchy'-named bogus ship. 

Angsty teen:
Start at the 0:06 mark: LIZZO - Like a Girl (Instrumental).

Do you understand what you're even arguing?
Anarchy IS NOT the subject, man--
it's ALL ABOUT the government.
Hold up while I'm chewing on my double-mint.
I haven't build up enough hunger yet,
There's so much I'll be coverin'.
Like Eren, Imma 'bout to start the rumbling.
Coveted utterings leave no wondering
about the suffering ushered in
through the plundering by cronies governing.
Your lyrics are cluttered with buffers and
ad hominems that no one's fucking with.

(2x lyric speed)

Made one mistake?
Don't give me a bellyache
Gave you more than one case
where the govts had a stake.
As much as you embrace
the crimes they undertake
They don't make you all that safe.
They just make you a slave.
Cronies lie to your face
Who we then cyclically replace
With liberties disgraced
And government displays
Every few years "we" complain
Knowing nothing's gonna change-- HA!

(Regular lyric Speed)

The world stood by and watch them flee
lined up and then shot on their knees
while they go on their killing sprees
Committing their atrocities
in the guise of "democracy."

Your conjecture are just lectures of spectres
No measures of ventures of coming together
making life better, no use for State pressures
to them we are beggars, rather than their electors
Put that on the header, when you pen a letter,
to the tax collector.

End of Track.


Still noticed you haven't said anything good about of government.
Why are you shuddering?
Are you afraid to lift up the wool, and see what's under it?
You can try to shift the burden all you want, but that doesn't excuse the ones you've suppered with.
Yeah, that's the government.

Round 4

Fuck you sayin', fool? Palestine aint anarchism,
You aint thinking with your brain, dunce, sizzling in a prison,
Fresh meat like a beat that's illegal for me to spit on,
But I guess this hypocritical leader's gone wild with rhythm,
It's about time I took some rhymes and rebuked your pisstake with precision,
You aren't even in my league, but why'd I expect competition from a guy who wrote a one-word resolution and demands me to prove the 'good' that was never ever written,
The good of government is that if you're a little kitten and a sinister villain wants to rape you and to make you swallow semen, someone's gonna stop 'em, 'cause by law it is forbidden.
What part are you struggling with? I see with crystal-clarity tier vision that the resolution of this debate is 'government' I can defend an antihero the alternative's embracing all demons.

Do you know what happened to enable the invasion that the patient Jews who became Israelis committed to make their nation?
I'll let in on a secret, take this VIP invitation; at the time the nomads of what used be Palestine were essentially anarchic, and since no system was in place then the anarchic Jews sick of the Tyranny of Hitler rejoice and thanked the others for enabling their salvation.
Think of what I'm saying, just a second. What do weapons in the hands of some anarchists enable them to do other anarchists? Ding-ding, congratulations!
They win the ability to rule them, without an iota of hesitation this is the entire problem that enabled both the original Israeli government and Hamas to make Palestinians end up trapped in a paradox anarchy aint their salvation.

I repeat, what's an anarchist that is armed against one that is not?
What's a psychopath that's awake to an innocent toddler in a cot?
There is absolutely nothing stopping them unless you plot, organise, work together to form rules that get enforced an awful lot,
I'm not against rehabilitation either, but in anarchy it aint that hot, see why have mercy when the criminal's just as evil and capable as you to do horrific things, practise your aim and take a shot.
You either become the government, the gang that chases all others off or you let the vilest of us free with all chances of peace lost.
Start one second after reading: Masego: I Do Everything (Instrumental)

Must be filled with resentment
You didn't know I had a penchant
for reducing to remnants
lyrics that are prone to pretending
You thought you'd make this a segment
where you suggest I'm the defendant
instead of giving attention
to the matter discussed at the present
Every sentence was just a mention
of intentions, but no informed assessments
of inclement behavior or tension
in the absence of government presence.
The menace comes from the acceptance
of the endless obssession of fear within us.

It perplexes me: the intensity of one's cowardice.
In the face of the State, one assumes to be powerless.
Reduce us, Seduce us, Bemuse us, so they can gain our trust.
So one concedes to the decrees of those who'd devour us.
No one's safe putting their faith in the ones who prowl and lust.
Slick politic in the rhetoric of the guy whose vows adjust.
So you meet in the streets and spend a few hours fussed.
End of the day, nothing has changed, as I watch you bow in disgust.

Hold up, are you aware of the States' body count?
The amount is a number which would make any demon proud
If to the government the safety of its citizens were paramount,

If you're telling ghost stories, I can tell graphic gothic horrors
Except mine are not fiction and the content is far less broader.
Shifting the burden and strawmans is all you've had to offer.
While I shed light on the dead, right? By the ones who did the slaughter.

End Track.


This is a rap battle, so there isn't much at stake,
but if you think the government prevents rape, then you've made a mistake.
I know the voters are hungry to hear more, but no one "made him a steak."
The quake of this rumbling hopefully forced you awake,
to see that the villain in this story is really the State.