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These are signups for if you are interested in debating a celebrity. It is a long term commitment. Sign-ups will Close on April 10th. There will likely not be much room for negotiating the topic and these will likely be the toughest debates you have ever had. 

1. It will be your skill vs their superior knowledge. Kritics are highly discouraged. 

2. Topic selection will probably be whatever I can get the celebrity to agree to debate and they will mostly be experts in what they are debating.

3. You do not advance by defeating the celebrity, because most likely every single person will lose to their celebrity opponent as these are most likely going to be people who have written books on their topic that took years to research or who have a narrow focus and a large social media presence.  You advance based on your performance based on the performance of the other person in your bracket. 

There is no upper or lower limit to how many people can sign up. If it is an odd number will just advance a few losers who still performed well. 

Sign up

I would appreciate some competent judges. Not for writing RFDs in the debate but for being able to get in a discord chat and rate the performance of the non celebrity and compare it to the performance of the non celebrity in another debate. 

If anybody is aware of any celebrities in their circle willing to do this than hit me up. If you have experience in sales than PM me and I will show you how to contact these people and give some tips for quickly building rapport with celebrities. 
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The Finals have officially begun.

As it is the last stage of The Tournament and the other competitors have all went silent, they have officially dropped out of the competition.
Proceeding to the final round will be.: Bella3sp and jamgiller.

The resolution will be.:

  • (TRT) Having a national DNA database is a useful tool for scientists and law enforcement and poses no significant privacy issues for citizens.

Response time can be extended to however long both participants need.

Both participants will have 24 hours to discuss who will be Pro or Con. If a decision cannot be reached within that time, the sides will be automatically assigned.

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Welcome, competitors.

The end of June is approaching which means The Entry Stage has officially begun. 
Here are all those involved in The Round Table Tournament so far.:
  1. YouFound_Lxam
  2. jamgiller
  3. Bella3sp
  4. Devon
  5. Slainte
  6. SkepticalOne
  7. AustinL0926
  8. TheApprentice

Here are the Judges I have chosen.:
  1. whiteflame
  2. Mps1213
  3. Lemming

Here are the rules.:
  1. There will be Five Categories. There will be four topics listed per category. Each topic is worth a certain amount of points. The more points assigned to a topic, the harder it is. And the longer response time.
  2. To qualify for the Finals, debaters must obtain a minimum of 20 points.
  3. All debates must include parenthesis (TRT) at the beginning and you will be required to link your debate in this forum. They must also be Standard and set to Judicial Decision.
  4. Competitors in this tournament may not be judges. The standard judges are the ones mentioned above, but if you wish to go with a different choice for judges, consult with me first.
  5. Mention below which topic you’d like to choose. Only four people at a topic at a time. Opponents will therefore be randomized instead of chosen. 
  6. All topics are on-balance.
  7. All debates must be 3 or 4 rounds. Voting time is 1 week. Max character limit is 20,000.
  8. One topic at a time. No debating two topics at once.

Race & Ethnicity
  • Race-conscious admissions policies should be administered in higher education institutions to promote diversity and address historical inequalities. (20 points. Max Time - 2 weeks.)
  • Controversial historical monuments and statues that symbolize racism and oppression should be removed. (15 points. Max Time - 1 Week.)
  • Cultural appropriation is harmful and should be actively discouraged. (10 points. Max Time - 3 days.)
  • The implementation of reparations for historically marginalized racial and ethnic communities is necessary. (5 points. Max Time - 2 days.)
Religion & Politics
  • There must be a separation of religion and state in all aspects of governance. (20 points. Max Time - 2 weeks.)
  • Religious institutions should be taxed similarly to other organizations. (15 points. Max Time - 1 Week.)
  • The teaching of religious studies is necessary in public schools as part of a well-rounded education. (10 points. Max Time - 3 days.)
  • The government should oppose the use of religious exemptions in laws that infringe upon the rights of marginalized groups. (5 points. Max Time - 2 days.)

International Relations
  • There should be a global ban on the production and use of autonomous weapons systems. (20 points. Max Time - 2 weeks.)
  • Economic sanctions are an effective tool for promoting human rights and democracy in authoritarian regimes. (15 points. Max Time - 1 Week.)
  • Increased international cooperation is required to address the global climate crisis and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (10 points. Max Time - 3 days.)
  • The government should advocate for the establishment of a supranational governing body to oversee global financial markets and regulate multinational corporations. (5 points. Max Time - 2 days.) 

Gender Studies
  • The recognition of gender-neutral pronouns and the use of inclusive language is essential in all public and private institutions. (20 points. Max Time - 2 weeks.)
  • The implementation of gender quotas in political and corporate leadership positions will achieve gender equality. (15 points. Max Time - 1 Week.)
  • There must be implementation of affirmative action policies to address gender disparities in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). (10 points. Max Time - 3 days.)
  • Transgender individuals should have the right to self-identify their gender without requiring medical or legal interventions. (5 points. Max Time - 2 days.) 

Environmental Economy
  • Transitioning to a green economy is essential for long-term environmental sustainability and economic growth. (20 points. Max Time - 2 weeks.)
  • There must be implementation of a carbon pricing mechanism, such as a carbon tax or cap-and-trade system, to incentivize businesses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (15 points. Max Time - 1 Week.)
  • There should be a shift towards a circular economy, where resources are recycled, reused, and waste is minimized, to promote sustainable consumption and production. (10 points. Max Time - 3 days.)
  • Governments should provide financial incentives and subsidies to promote the development and adoption of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power. (5 points. Max Time - 2 days.)

Something very important. If you win or lose a topic, it becomes off-limits and you cannot debate it again. The Finals start August 10th.
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I, Sir.Lancelot, am hosting the 2023 Round Table Tournament.
It is my pleasure to be collaborating with whiteflame on this. 
As most tournaments will sometimes grow inactive because of people’s IRL schedule conflicting with their participation on the site or hosts becoming inactive. None of these will be a problem.

I am completely determined to see this tournament through to the finish. And I want the topics to be interesting and for the tournament to accommodate everyone’s schedule and availability. If availability is a problem, please disclose and me & whiteflame will work around this.

The Round Table tournament will be a system that gives a chance to test who the site’s best debaters are. The Round Table will be divided in two separate stages.

  1. The Entry
  2. The Finals
  • Within the Entry Stage, debaters will have the opportunity to accumulate as many points as they can. 
  • Those who meet the bare minimum amount of points will qualify for The Finals and from there, it will be strictly elimination. The last participant who remains will be nominated for the HoF. 

Default categories for this debate will be Politics, Science, History, Religion, Sociology, Fiction, Pop Culture. (Possibly more.) But where this tournament differs from the rest is that topics/subjects will be personalized to match each competitors’ strengths in order to ensure they are operating under the best circumstances possible. (Like an algorithm.)

If pitted against an opponent where both are out of their depth, the topic/subject will be altered to meet in the middle. 

The listed topics for The Entry will be assigned a certain amount of points, with the easiest topics being assigned the least and the hardest topics, the highest points.
But there’s a catch.: Once you debate a topic whether you win or lose, it is off-limits to you for the next debate.

Entry Stage may last anywhere from a month, with possible extension if required.

The tournament specifically tests on four things: Versatility, Knowledge, Persuasiveness, and Research Ability. 

10 slots remain available for participants. If you wish to sign up, type /in


For The Finals, only 5 official judges can be chosen to vote on the debate to avoid risk of voter tampering. (Judges cannot participate in the tournament.) If you wish to register as a judge instead, type /spectate.
For The Entry, judges can be the five official judges chosen or any of yours and your opponents’ choice.

Additionally, type which categories are your favorite (or you’re best at.) if you decide.
Sign-ups continue until we get 10 participants and will run until next Tuesday. Extended, if necessary.
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Hey Dartians! Welcome to the sign-ups for the February DART Tournament. This Tournament will be hosted by Lunatic, who will handle all Tournament details and assist with whatever participants may need.

February DART Debate Tournament

Basic Debate rules:

4 rounds, 1st round acceptance, one-week voting period, 3-day argument time

This tournament will be for the first 8 people that sign up.

However, if 8 people have signed up already, please express your interest anyway, and if enough people are interested we can increase the participant number to 16 and/or start an additional tournament to run alongside this one.

This tournament will not have any topic restrictions. A list of suggested topics may be supplied, but debaters can choose whatever topic they agree on. However, once the Tournament challenge period begins, debaters will have a limited time to begin their debate. If time expires, the Tournament host will choose a random topic for them.

This is a basic vanilla tournament, and mostly as a gauge of interest and proof of concept. I intend to utilize other ideas in future tournaments, but wanted this one to be as basic as possible.

I'm looking forward to seeing an entertaining tournament. Good luck to all participants.

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Please feel free to contribute but bear in mind that if your suggestion is too silly or unpopular, it's not going to be picked up, feel free to quote others' suggestions that you liked or disliked and say why you like or dislike the topic.

Please avoid any direct help other than to point out a severe flaw in wording of a resolution that rigs it for one side, in your eyes.
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I am back after a bit of a hiatus. The Fall semester is finally over so I will have more time to dedicate myself to DART! We are going to be hosting a live debate tournament utilizing the Lincoln-Douglas format. This will be a single-elimination tournament. 

LD Format

6min - Pro Constructive
3min - Con CX's Pro
7min - Con Constructive AND Rebuttal
3min - Pro CX's Con
4min - Pro Rebuttal and Defense
6min - Con Rebuttal and Defense
3min - Pro Rebuttal and Defense

Each debater has 4 minutes of prep time which they may use at their discretion, so long as it does not interrupt an ongoing speech or CX.

You are free to choose whatever topic you decide and the position you will take. Debates will take place when all parties are available. Once I generate the brackets, you have 48 hours to choose a topic and a side. Failure to do so will result in me picking for you. 

1. David 
2. MisterChris
3. Whiteflame 
4. seldiora
5. JamesW
6. Blamonkey 

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*puts on bear mask*

Hi all! BearMan here, and definitely not someone else pretending to be a Bear, because.... well, that would be weird. Thanks to my incredible Bear management, we've had a fantastic tournament with our very skilled roster of debaters. Unfortunately, though, as with all good things (including my presence on the site), the tournament must come to an end.

MisterChris and SupaDudz talked it out, and it seems that SupaDudz plans on taking a break from debating and has thus forfeited the final round of the tournament. This is unfortunate, but it's about hibernation time for me anyway so I'm ok with it. 

Given this decision, here are the final results from the tournament:

Papa Bear: MisterChris
Mama Bear: SupaDudz
Baby Bear: Nikunj_Sanghai
Slightly Deformed Bear: Speedrace, Dr. Franklin
Bear Hitler: Intelligence_06, Seldiora, Crocodile, & Lemming

Please make sure to congratulate each participant for their achievements! Thanks to all who participated!!


~ Totally Definitely BearMan.

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Each round will begin with a topic. It will be decided by the proctors. Every single round, one person is eliminated and ties are not allowed. It will be in a bracket style format.

1. BearMan

112 18