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Rap battle me bro. You have a lot to say but you won't step to me and get battled. Bring it .

Round 1
You are a bitch and a snitch and I am here to give you a motherfucking lesson.  
This nigga reported Badger for having a huge dick. If you reported my dick you'd get my Smith and Wesson.
You're a vine,  I'm a tree, you are a fucking leech on my dick  barely hanging to your sanity after the election. 
That's not the biggest problem. It's that you are a snitch reporting people for stupid shit,
just remember when you take your last breath it is natural selection,

You gotta be God with the miracles to chain me with limits;
I'm the best in this simul-a-tion, my digits are the greatest in the Matrix you're the motherfucking snitch not like in Quidditch,
Yeah you a snitch but I'm loyal I'm a presidentiall ally so don't dare imply I'm a rat like you Lil' midget,
Yeah why you joking that you have a hope in hell at knocking me over?
I played you like in a game of poker. 

Best in the game fuck you,
white hooded reaper to my Ku Klux Krew,
Pass through the barrier you stuck behind; make up your mind seven levels above whatever you're up to,
Push soft on the pedal barely tryin' with my gears
Spit a gentle sprinkle and next thing you're sheddin' tears,

Everyone can stand before me, but none on this site dare ignore me,
Fuck with me, shit's gon' get gory; Supervillain in this story,
Your pussy ass gon' dance to the sound of the unified traits of 'whack' and 'boring',
Cryptic mysteries in my head your empty mind aint gon' be solvin',
Biscuit eater; mouth be dry, you're chokin' on what your throat aint storin 
Which is obviously my dick, which your mouth be whorin

DUE to severe plagiarism I will clarify references first:

last 2 stanzas from Wylted are 100% plagiarised from me here:

He only added the last line himself. Those stanzas should be disqualified for voters to consider due to that.

suicidal (refers to a few posts he's made but esp this)
^ this also refers to that he's not walking away from this close to unscathed

"choke on spit," and "stutter firstly, he's stuttered in videos.
In this debate he links to a video which isn't available anymore. It used to show him stuttering and chubby, explaining a later reference, even that was post-diet.

He not only jacked my (and other's probably) lines but he has plagiarised debates which he admits during Round 1 here.

The 'wife leaving' him and/or him leaving her for being a cheat is something I am not sure if it's true or not and don't care. As for the subliminal between him and myself, that's something that's still witty considering he referenced rape in the comments here (he is known for a 'rape battle'

I reference BMDRocks with 'blow my dick', the references to other voters like Ilikepie5, Ramshutu, Bearman and wylted himself (wilted) should be obvious. My implication is he got the votes by cucking himself out, which adds to the hilarity of him reacting like this to something elsewhere:

The Keto diet thing is a reference to many situations that have arisen where he preaches he is doing keto diet to lose weight. If you just search 'keto' you'll find at least 2 solid reference. I have been a skeptic of it.

I used to be skinny and it was known on DDO, he used to be fat and that was known too.

Female lions are very dangerous, often more so than the male ones as their specialty is hunting not just child-rearing. That's part of the metaphor later as Wylted is a known sexist but he will deny it as trolling on his alts. He is extremely concerned with the 'feminisation' of men, which I'll reference more later anyway most likely.

He also could only clarify his campaign by saying he'd take the best from others, in case his plagiarism wasn't already pathetic enough he actually had to compete in the election that way:

Free Willy is a story about a 'killer whale' or orca. Whales are known to be metaphors for fat people.


You're suicidal... Looking to get your throat clean slit,
Watch you stutter so hard you discover one can choke on spit,
The rated debate here is if you plagiarised or remotely wrote that shit,
I'll show you a rhyme scheme with worn-out shoes you couldn't walk in and footsteps you shouldn't hope to fit,
Make your ghost-writer's corpse turn zombie just to roast them crisp,
Make you watch your cheating wife on her knees begging me to Blow My Dick,
But I turn down the vag for Badger with some added to give her 5 creampies as you grope your clit,
Let me make this very clear I'm witty as wit comes, you half-assed Spacey, there's a subliminal only you 'n' I couldn't hope to miss,
I'm not here for applause, I want the audience to need to hit pause and quit from so much second-hand cringe they pity-vote you, bitch.

You grew up traumatised and abused and to cope, you're clowning,
That kid that never learned how to swim, I'm a shark in these waters; you're out of your depth here, drowning,
Putting on the armbands and play it off comedic, the attention daddy didn't give you's here and counting,
Round 1's just me warming up, I'll break you piece by piece, leave the crowd astounded, too gobsmacked to cheer, dumbfounded,
You're cute when you fight me to run the pack but I'm still holding punches back, try to bite as you bark and I'll get to pounding,
Take that as an innuendo but you're too wilted from Rams and Bears gaping open what the GOAT could've been deflowering.

You had the energy to compete in an election and rap, oh wow what a winner,
Guess you're no more a keto freakshow, finally back as free Wylly with the carbs for dinner,
You're gonna tell them I was once a skinny cunt who couldn't get much thinner,
At least I wasn't an inbred hippo with a human suit on, damn tubby, chubby clown chock full of dumped cuck ex-hubby zingers,
You're quite evidently heaven-sent, true to your principles while me, I'm a sinner,
You're the newly elected president, I'm flying like a butterfly, noobsniping you, what a stinger.

I wasn't gonna bother replyin' to your cryin',
But when you're jacking campaign manifestos and then jack my own posts as lines,
There's a line in the sand you shouldn't cross, my guy 'n' leeches suck blood but vampires aint dyin',
I will snap your neck with ease with the rhymes that i'm 'writin',
You will copy, paste and without credit barely edit 'em, you're hyena, I'm lion,
You're a big scary being when your boys are round with their gun firin',
I know women, not just men that'd break your spine with legs like iron,
So you better kill me in Round 2 or you'll find endurance leave me shinin'.

Round 2
I stole your shit and called you a snitch. What did you do, you little bitch?

Nothing, you took it like a bitch. 

You respond by being a snitch, wasted half your round not rhyming, that's an auto win for me and poor timing. 

Just because you need the charity snitches, I won't even leave you in stitches just yet.

Instead you need my help. Here is a free round appreciate it, while I appreciate my wiping my dick because it is stained with your mom's shit. 


Let me get this straight, or kinda homo with a twist,
You could have fucked my mother in the pussy but she preferred some 4incher to a dildo or a fist,
So you got an ego trip 'cause she wouldn't let you dip into the hole where kids are risks,
No woman wants your sperm near her egg, aint talkin' whisk,
You're in that asshole uncleaned 'cause you're the douche so clean her, sissy bitch,
She needs to be loose 'n' clean for the father that raised this shark with her, clownfish,
You're a joke, people indeed roll on the floor, each with a stitch,
Had to jack my own work Round 1 and Round 2 he's about as creative as plain white dish,
Tell us more how you fucked the black dishes, been covered in shit as a genie grants a wish,
Guess he should ride his magic carpet, like literally grind it with that 3-inch clit.

I'm the man here, you talk about America with this trans-fear,
I'll carry you as you struggle every round, just put the plimsols on and keep your feet pointed, queer,
This is ballet and the judges don't want to feel they came here for two men going at it making love, my dear,
So, deep breath in you can suck the strapon on my mother later, for now pretend you really wanna win and hit me when I'm near,
Or we can keep dancing as you want, I lift you in the air as you say 'whore bitch snitch stitch ditch' and make clear you aint a peer,
I'm the alpha male and we both know it so when I say try in Round 3, be a good girl for daddy and quit like you do the website for months each year.

You thought I'd make this all about the presidency, let me get this through to you,
I'm the beast with masculinity, you're the one that's in the tutu,
I'm not sure what you intended, who you're intending to show this to, dude,
And it's okay to be feminine, it's not okay to be it and pretend you're less a fruit loop,
I think you want me to turn that last line and say I dipped my own dick in your poo poo,
I think we both know you'd be clean and ready for when this train moves through you.
You wanna know why you got away with offering genuine bribery via proxy on YouTube?
'Cause the mods don't take you serious enough to think there's anything to do,
They're happy with this cuck in your position, who obeys the fairy like foo-foo,
Train coming in like a koopa shell, Princess PeachCHOO CHOO!
Women you literally have the back of talk this way about you, douche,
Can't be bothered to find the 'proof' but Castin knows I'd stick up for her any time, that's the pure-blooded truth.

Round 3
I am gonna type this Round on my phone,
To hell with sources, people know I spit truth by now and take it at my word alone,
You ran in thinking it'd be funny to jack my moves as you give them your bone,
But the shit on your dick was dry bareback sodomy, your cock's a pebble, my rock's a bigger stone,
You can't mimic my tone, can't use your fingers as slick with some spit on the crowd's clitorises when we rap with no chorus, I can spit it acapella and still beat your ass high tempo by Coal after Oromagi has you disqualified as a top, and like any good bottom gets him blown.

You diss a lot of groups, Jews and blacks,
Effeminate men and truth is you can't take when I bruise you back,
You're a short-seeming plump joke with some boy-sounding voice. You never showed mercy or tact when stating misconstrued facts,
So trust me, Joker, you're getting whacked with the wrath of this bat,
You pose like a popular leader of some online frat,
You are a cheerleader confused thinking she's captain, the jocms that voted you let you take the spotlight so you, when in charge, cut them slack,
Those that voted me know, I'd run the show as a beast, even theods voted me in kmowing I'd always be there to defend against any attack,
You mock incels like you're proud settling for the fugly and fat,
I will make this clear to you, I see you as proof that the foster care system produces vermin that even squirm in the presence of a rat,
I am less of a rodent more a reptile or cat, 
I am a beast they can't tame, the one to keep them on track,
You're the misbehaving dog with psychological challenges that mean she cannot be miss goody goody bitch, they tolerate you out of pity for your baggage, why didn't they vote you in? You brat.
David knows you IRL and had to abstain, fuck, that's the saddest shit I've seen, hard record to crack.

Round 4
My doctor said I couldn't rap and needed to drink plenty of fluids. So I am forced to concede

You have no clue what to do now.

I will give you a good final thrashing in Round 5, hand me the paddle, sissy. This is your challenge, you are walking out with a bruised ego in a pretty dress if you are lucky.
Round 5
RM is basically a rigger. Trying to rig elections but he is going to be a victim of natural selection when I bend him over and take his ass with my erection. 

You might beat my ass in a rap battle, but I will just beat your ass with a rubber paddle.

You are my kinky little slut. Let me into your butt!!!!!

I am taking my concession back, this was a sneak attack like I always use to destroy you. Now open your mouth for my warm white sticky goo.

Oh yeah oh yeah, I am coming so hard, keep your tongue out I call this playing the gay card.

What kind of fag let's me bang them in the ass and then finish in their mouth. I just know this is how we treat riggers down south. 
If a woman saw this here and thought who she'd ask for sperm...
I mean, I said it already but I want to really make it burn,
I told you quit Round 3, you did it, but I learn,
I know you quit a job the moment it feels earned,
You've plastered it across the site, you're a serial quitter,
So what's up, have a go, get dysfunction in my shitter,
Try it out then I suck it off and grab your face and I'm a spitter,
You wanna lowblow, I aint a noshow, Ill save a woman's life as your fatass offers to facesit her,
The scummiest piece of trash on this website affectionately calls me a rigger,
You're pathetic, a waste of space and to your head you've held a trigger,
I understand your pain, I get that strain, I hope you remember me, your daddy figure,
Recall the beast I am, that madman with the flow spitting bars so killer,
And your finger loosens you get the courage and lust to win in life you suddenly gained Round 5 from me with vigour.