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Self explanatory, what do you think about black-washing anime characters?

Personally I believe it's taking away the representation of Asian culture. It doesn't matter how much you want to see someone who is of color.

A common character I see that is black-washed is Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. He is a character from My Hero Academia and the protagonist.  'Everyone' seems to get offended when someone white-washes a character but not black-washing? They all tend to turn a blind eye. Funny.  You will most likely not see anyone make a part two of any movie from the main character going black to white. Everyone would go nuts. "Oh my god, they are racist, they made him white in movie two!"  

What's the difference? If you take away someones representation but get offended at the other you are a hypocrite. 

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Well, I recently got through NETFLIX's live action interpretation of the acclaimed 1998 series "Cowboy Bebop." Cowboy Bebop is my all-time favorite anime, and I'd been anticipating the live-action portrayal since it was announced several years ago. I have some mixed feelings about this now that I've seen it for myself, so I'll start off with some Pro's:

1. The setting, lighting, colors, and tone of the live action are gorgeous. If there was any justice done to this series, it would be to the aforementioned. Whether it was the Church that made its illustrious appearance at the end of the season, or New Tijuana in the beginning of the season, the theme park that served as setting for Spike and Mad Pierrot's showdown, or the inside of the Bebop, all were gorgeous. I even liked how they did the intro, the one accompanied by "Tank." I have absolutely no complaints.

2. The Music, Style, and Pacing were quite good. As I understand it, Yoko Kanno reprised her role as composer for this live-action adaptation which explains the reason the music was on point, and quite timely. Stylistically, I really liked it as well. I've loved the film-noir genre since I was a kid (e.g. "Detour," "the Killers," "Touch of Evil," etc.) And admittedly I have a bias for it. I also liked how the series was competent  in its capacity to alternate between comedic, dark, and poignant moods.

3. Mustafa Shakir. Now, I understand that as always, especially as it concerns live-action adaptations of beloved anime, there's an an issue of "-washing." Whether it was "Asian-washing" Spike Spiegel, or "Mexican-washing" Faye Valentine, or "white-washing" Edward, or even "Black-washing" Jet. (Thank goodness, Ein was spared.) And to some extent, I understand given that washing the characters come off more as pandering than anything integral or organic. With that said however, I never understood the online controversy with Jet's "Black-washing." Aficionados of the 1998 anime, especially the English Dub, with a bit of research would know that Jet was voiced by a so-called "Black" man. And Mustafa Shakir does a great job not only mimicking Jet's mannerisms, but his voice as well--even the inflections. Shakir's rendition of Jet's character is probably my favorite portrayal of the whole adaptation (second would be Edward in spite of her brief appearance.)

Now for the con's:

Vicious: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nononononononononononononononononononononononononono! NO! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! What the hell were they thinking with this? Rather than the stoic, enigmatic, soft-spoken, serpent-like character of his anime incarnation, the live-action decides to flip the script, and portray Vicious as an overly-talkative, overly emotional, Wal-Mart version of Hugh Grant who's preoccupied with his father's approval. No, NO! This is one of the most egregious faux-pas of the live-action. I wanted to laugh, but I was so annoyed with this portrayal, I couldn't.

To be continued... (and trust me there's more!)
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I feel like we haven’t really had a retrospective on recent anime on the site, really just an assorted set of picks that each of us likes.
So, I'm starting something new and ongoing - a series about each season of anime and manga as they're coming out. Rather than starting with the current season though, as I'd like to pace this out a bit, I'll be taking a step back a couple of years and focusing on the best of each season starting in 2016 and going through 2021, hopefully getting through a year of anime and manga each week. I’m up for doing earlier years and 2022 onward, but for now, my focus will be on the more recent past and present.
I’m not going to try to be exhaustive about what came out each season, but I will try to cover both what I saw and the basics of the series that I missed and either wish to return to at some point or just think warrant attention for one reason or another. I will provide a rating for each of the ones that I’ve seen/read (on a scale of 10, with a 5 being a weak but average series, a 10 being a basically perfect series, and a 0 having no redeeming qualities) and will include a best-of-year among the ones I watched at the bottom of each post.
If I didn’t cover something you liked from any of these seasons, you'd like to provide your own views on what I've covered, or if you just want to interject with something related to anime and manga, feel free to post. My hope is that we continue posting here as new anime come out to give thoughts, or, barring that, just have some further discussions of some recent favorites.
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During NP1, Bullish found his way to the graveyard.

Jabami Yumeko!
(Jabami is the family name)
Ayyyyyyyyyyy, what luck! Let's get gambling!
"Yuuumeekkoooo!" screams Ryota, one of the few to call you by your given name (as opposed to Jabami). You're at it again, gambing like the risk-lusting degenerate you r-... That people mistake you to be.

Or? Are you?

Who knows in the end? The point is... There is no point. You see that, all the other students think there's a point to the gambling.
Ryota thought there was a bad point to the gambling, Meari thought there's a good point to it... You showed both that neither was right.

Your role is the Cult Mentor!

You have the following active ability:
Each Night-Phase, you can opt to recruit someone as your Mentee. The Mentee is told who you are and will share a private chat with you.
You dying kills your Mentee but if the Mentee dies, you are free to recruit another (up to 1 at any time).
The Mentee's win-condition, once recruited, is you being alive at the end of the game (this isn't as simple as your win condition though), they cannot win with their old alignment anymore but maintain that role and power. They lose if you lose, their entire alignment changes to support you but their role power remains.
Your win-condition is to last to the final 2 of the game or, if alive and the game ends. It will not be easy but Yumeko never was one for easy gambles.
To be clear, you can joint-win with Mafia if there is one Mafia and you at the end.
Another thing to note is that I will be putting in the death-message of your mentee that they were corrupted somehow (so if they were vanilla, I would say "(corrupted) vanilla") and then when I say 'You win with the X!" I will put - instead of their old alignment (X) and end the sentence there.

This is done to balance things so that town are unsure if it's mafia doing it or a third party, while letting mafia be aware that the third-party role can do something to town players without using a mechanical term that reveals exactly what.
You act before the Mafia kill as well as any other night-phase kill goes through. Your mentee will be revealed as corrupted if they die the same night you recruit them.
Confirm by replying to this PM with a summary of your role. Also, as your role requires communication channels, please give me your Discord, I will add you as a friend and invite you to a server.
Town members who lack communication did not get asked to give me their Discord, in case you would slip that way.
You win with yourself (and your mentees, under the conditions described, they can win with you losing if you're alive in a minority at the end, I will not make this explicitly clear to them however)
Everyone else received 'You win with the Town/Mafia.' at the end there.
It is recommended to you to claim Cop. There is guaranteed no Town Cop and guaranteed a(or multiple) Town Role(s) that protect(s). This information is given to you in order to balance out the game. I will justify this after the game is over.

While most memebrs had a decebt sized (not super short) role and character PM, yours is significantly longer than any town members'. Do not slip by saying it was so long, it would be unfair for me to not tell you this.

For balancing reasons, if you mentor a member of the mafia, they will be ejected from the Mafia factional chat and the partner will be told nothing direct. they lose the ability to nightkill, that's how I'll balance it.
After outing a major hint about the theme-split, I gave this clue to Bullish:
I think my hint may be too powerful against your character btw, just a tip.
I will not out who he has mentored or if it succeeded. 

Good luck to any and all sides remaining.

Dead Mentees don't stay in the chat nor do dead Mentors, the same is not true for Mafia and their factional chat.
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The theme split is abstract, do not expect every character to stereotypically fit their alignment or even role (though some will/might).

The images you have been sent after your role PMs do not matter too much in the same way that specific sentences don't matter in a role PM.

You are 100% disallowed to link the URLs of images of the characters in-game other than the specific ones of the fandom wiki(s) as I haven't used them.

Treat the image you have like specific wording inside the role PM, you should feel free to describe it perhaps even more detailed than your PM but never show it directly, not even trying to draw it and showing that. There are one or two commonalities between the images Town members received vs what the scum did. This was calculated to be difficult but not impossible to solve, there are many misleading commonalities and differences. I incorporated this to give 4v1v2 Town a real chance at eliminating scum day one, this game is going to be cutthroat.

Lunatic is Yumemi (family name Yumemite, yes that similar) the Superstar/Celebrity. He is role-confirmed only, his alignment isn't revealed/naked.

This is what a superstar is:

The role (or flavouring of role) means he is essentially the role version of what alignment is to the Innocent Child.

Your thinking about the characters and setup can start now, let's use the time Whiteflame has requested as making it worth what I assure you is a complex/cryptic setup and theme-split.

This is officially my first ever hosted mafia game in history of debating sites, I am new and experimenting, please bear with me.

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It will have a theme but because the cast of the Anime is so small, the divide won't be strictly obvious. I will not give fake claims to Mafia.

I want to prove myself as a host, you can dislike my playstyle but I am a very fair host.

I will be lenient on banter but if you go too far or try to use Outside-Game Influence types of threats or doxxing (beyond revealing who a player was on Debate.Org) I must step in.

Do not paste my PMs to you, try not to copy more than three consecutive words I used in my PM to you when paraphrasing.

I realise Anime things are the hot thing here so I'll give it a try.

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Apparently Naruto, an anime has gotten a lot of attention recently. I’m not gonna boost my own horn but I was the first one with the pic *cough*

Well I’ll give my story on how I got into it. Friends were watching but and started the series Mid April. I finished the first part in May and finished Shippuden early July.

I’m watching Boruto right now, but I’m not a fan of it. I love this show. I genuinely enjoy the characters and the plot with some cool villains. I only have 1 character I genuinely dislike

I’ll go over my favorites. I’m excluding Naruto 

Rock Lee
I dislike Ino the most
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What are some cool Shonen you all like?

Here is a list of my favorites (they are pretty basic.)

- Naruto & Shippuden
- Bleach
- Black Clover
- Blue Exorcist 1 & 2
- SAO 1 & 2
- One Piece

Suggest me some other stuff. 

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