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RM vs Devon rap battle.


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Only Devon can accept.

If you are not Devon and accept, you consent to me urinating on the love of your life.

Round 1
Post this rap last-second, I procrastinate,
Fuck his fiance once she's a wife already, way past the date,
I'm sorry to all onlookers that you had to wait,
I just struggle to come prematurely, I'm used to doin' this alone like when I masturbate,
This type1-wannabe meets king8 and they produce a new age Demon with v instead of m like I'm more magic and he's more vag, why hate?
I get this Diva shakin' her Devilish ass as I rap so passive it could fascinate,
Why attack before this pussy tells me how she wants me to go gentle so her back don't break?
I don't know what this punk thought's comin' but I'll spit this cunt's juices on the page after I masticate,
I aint here to just salivate and dribble, I'm here to break the head of my opponent open as the audience screams and I attack his brain in a way that scars the crowd as much it captivates,
I'm the OG round here this new bitch-ass account aint even half mine's age,
Type1, King8 both banned, Supadudz gone, anyone who fucks with me in the arena can't outmatch the fate.
Here we go again, Devon up against another dumb bitch
My hunger for these wins is the only reason for this dumb shit
But I've come with some tips to give all of y'all a little clarity
I hand out donations to the little people, I'm all about the charity

You better watch your back or it's off with your head today
Time to clean house get these frauds out, it's time to renovate
Put my kills heads on the wall, that's how I decorate
From here on you bout to get smoked into a veggie state

Whether you like me or not, you better act sincere
50 dudes jump on you like they smell Axe in here
Told em if they see Madman posted, let the bullets air
Got a gangster aura, wherever I'm at most fear

Lightest round
Round 2

Those dumb bitches you battled got 0 voters per battle,
I merely set this up and one of those very dumb bitches licks your boots after making it clear that me challenging you before him has him rattled,
He's a toxic little cretin type to lie as he tries tattles,
So kindly get your head in the zone here, I'm a tiger, they're cattle,
I'm at most the bull the impregnates them, I'm the breeder, you cucky cluck-cluck feathered-asshole,
This is charity, I'm letting you prove you're anything here, so thank me as each bar hits like a paddle.

You talk about decoration, I've got more medals on this account than you and your other combined,
Bronze-tier site member with a dirt-tier mind,
I'm the daddy you aint met yet, I don't mean because you're blind,
I'm the one your girlfriend cheats with as you eat out what's left behind,
You aint even in a league to say your wall of achievement's is a shrine,
Your wall has 1 achievement only, showing up for a beating that your own mother's not gonna cry but scold you for the bill of, but just remind her I'm your daddy so the expense is all mine.
0 votes per battle? Damn I guess that's how the game goes
Had there been any votes I bet you I would've won those
Dissing my homie Sir. Lancelot? Poor baby, I guess your ego is bruised
Your middle school bars put me to sleep. Like SZA, I'm about to snooze

This was my only account you need to know the difference
I'm bout to push you out the way, you're only a hinderance
You delusional and there's something you need to realize realize
I'm the real deal and you not so let me chop you down to size

Bragging about the wins you got? Good for you and your 500+ debates, nice try son
Guess what? I got a life outside this website, perhaps you should try getting one
We had words once and everything you say is predictable, even now. So transparent; see through
For all the people who seen our battle before, motherf*ckers that was just a preview

I'm bout to kill you, get ready to drug again, no relapsing 
I got so much shit I got to say, I'll have you collapsing 

I'm at your casa masked up, I got the steel under the poncho
Cheese stay on me bitch, my chips go nacho
If you want the beef I bring the shells no taco 
I'll give you a shot on the center stage, no bravo

My connect Mexican but I vibe with the cartel
Hustling is something that was handed when the cards dealt
Where your gun at? Wait, you aint never shot shit
Drama ding dong I'm at your door bout to pop shit

Big gun, long nose, elephant man
You gone get the message quick like a telegram ran
Get fly stay higher than a pelican can
But these metal cans blam, you the sleep sandman

Round 3

I aint got a clue what the fuck I read, scum,
One minute Lancelot's your best chum's called a bitch that's dumb,
You keep spitting how you'll fire some shit out of a gun,
Only reason you aint in prison for the threat is every cop know you's a punk and your shot's a cum-based pun,
You got more aim in the chode your ex told me 'bout, shit's shaped like a thumb,
Than in your index finger on the trigger, Devon, feel the salty sweat pellets run,
They lubricate your hand and I don't mean the way that's fun,
I'll walk right up to you shaking, break your face in, pour gasoline and you burn bright as a star, sun(son).

You gonna eat a ton of nachos 'cause you're fat and obese,
This is slippery flow here, I syllable-slide with such ease,
You aint on par with my lyrics, aint spat a bar this diseased,
I got covid on my fingertips, receive this metaphor-sneeze,
You're talkin' beef watch madman turn mad cow as a GOAT with rabies,
I barbequed you verse 1, son, let's give that ketchup a squeeze.
You facing me again Madman? You bout to be in some deep trouble
Lancelot about take my place to kill you next, that's a stunt double
The bullets from my pistol will have you broke up like a bad couple
You think you leaving with a W? Well sorry to burst your bubble

I'm laughing how this lame be acting I'm twice as real
If I ain't got it, I'll reach for your gun, like I like the steel (to steal)
Y'all like that ignorant shit, but I'm righteous still
The left keep the piece but b*tch I got a right to kill

I dig deep in his mind and drive him nuts, this is psychological
But I'm insane in my membrane, they ask "How is this psycho logical?"
The irony; how's your name Rational when you're illogical
Keep acting tough, I'll break you down to a particule

This dude is entertainment, I can knock off a unit and drop walls
My whole team strapped with the surround sound off
He gone push my buttons till I point, the release gone have my arm jerkin'
Like I'm tryna change the channel when the remote not workin'
Round 4

Understand me, Devon, aint nothin' here about you,
People who will vote your way wanna spite me like the Nazis do a proud Jew,
You can type a pathetic final Round now, the crowd'll let your bow too,
You're the one who's gotta tryhard every round, dude,
I'm the one that starts typin' 15 mins before deadline; I'm allowed to.

You talk about a gun every rap you've been in, who you kiddin'?
I'll do more with a knife in a kitchen, leave you bleedin, twitchin' and bitchin' 'bout how you were gonna win if I just didn't slice quite so precise; sore loser failed his mission,
You diss me for my username 'cause you know that if you diss deeper, I'll go fishin',
Dig deep into your trauma from age 7 when your uncle got to fiddlin',
You're a wannabe and honestly It's an abortion that I've written,
You aint even a baby to this site, D, can't diss a fetus for not defending itself against its riddance.
One thing about me is I'm not afraid to be myself
I put it all on the table, I just play the hand I was dealt
So f*ck a 16, this bout to be a crazy 8, I'm on the prowl smooth
Oh you scared? Well don't renig now, that's a foul move

What's the deal? Let's play poker I'll show you what I'll do
If you get crazy I'm no joker I get wild too
Play your cards right cause one wrong move, they gone be like "Oh sh*t!"
And this is like a game of spades and when I cut you, cause this is where the flow switch
Trying to expose the king with them tired angles? They won't jack that old sh*t
You gone try and pull a card I ain't got, go fish

My wordplay is out of this world, but yours is simply not
In this battle you need to prove yourself, this the shot clock
You can get the whole cartridge, this when the game stop
Switch blade through your mid-section, that's a crop top

You really think you can beat me? I'm aggravated
I'm undeniably authentic, and my G is validated
I swear to tell the whole truth like an affidavit
Another W for me, Ima get off like I masturbated